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The Obama Morning News || October 24, 2014

Obama uses executive privilege to shield Holder . . . President Obama used executive privilege to withhold the contents of more than 20 emails sent between Attorney General Eric Holder, his wife and his mother that a conservative watchdog group sought in connection with the federal government’s botched “Fast and Furious” gun-running operation. Examiner

IRS notches victory in Tea Party case . . . The IRS may have inadvertently figured out how to win its legal battles against aggrieved tea party groups: Give them what they wanted in the first place — tax-exempt status. That was a major reason a Republican-appointed federal judge on Thursday threw out two lawsuits brought by more than 40 conservative groups seeking remedies for being singled out in the tea party targeting scandal, a victory for the IRS. Politico

Barack Obama, bystander . . . He’s president. Has been for almost six years. Yet Barack Obama reflexively insists on playing the shocked outsider when something goes wrong within his own administration. Charles Krauthammer

Et tu, Axe? . . . Former senior White House adviser David Axelrod in a Thursday report said President Barack Obama is sometimes “negligent” in the more symbolic elements of the presidency. Politico

Obama: If Nunn wins, we keep the Senate . . . Said Obama, “… if Michelle Nunn Wins, that means that Democrats keep control of the senate…,” going on to make it clear he sees control of the senate as critical in terms of continuing to advance his own agenda. Breitbart

Obama administration to transfer Afghan detainee . . . The Obama administration is preparing to transfer a military detainee in Afghanistan for criminal trial in Virginia, U.S. officials said Thursday. The move would mark the first time a military detainee from Afghanistan was brought to the U.S. for trial, and it represents the Obama administration’s latest attempt to show that it can use the criminal court system to deal with terror suspects. Fox News

Iranian: Obama the weakest of presidents . . . The Iranian president’s senior advisor has called President Barack Obama “the weakest of U.S. presidents” and described the U.S. leader’s tenure in office as “humiliating.” Free Beacon

CNN anchor apologizes for mocking Palin family . . . Carol Costello played a police recording of the Palin party brawl, saying it was ”quite possibly the best minute and a half of audio we’ve ever come across.” Costello also notes after the audio finishes that “I think that long bleep was my favorite part” and finishes by adding “you can thank me later.”Daily Caller

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21 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || October 24, 2014”

    1. I thought as I read through the articles that this was a particularly downer day for us conservatives. Unless the rest of the American people wake up, it looks hopeless.

  1. Once Holder spoke to the wife, bus driver, neighbor, it’s to late. However that Exec. O will cover their tracks.
    I agree with Rep. Jim Jordan (R) “You get targeted and harassed for 3 years but, oh, because you finally get (tax exempt status) the 3 yrs of harassment doesn’t mean anything.

  2. re: e-mails from DOJ Holder
    “Mom, thanks for the snickerdoodles. You know how much I love them. I ordered more AK-47s be dropped into drug cartels in Mexico. Wifey and I are hoping to see you at Thanksgiving,”
    “Darling, I told Mom we’re hoping for a Thanksgiving dinner at her place, don’t tell her about the assault rifles that we gave to the Speedy Gonzales drug cartel last month, You know she’s not a fan of Speedy.”

    DrKrauthammer, MrAxelrod, and the Iranian spoxperson:
    All agree that MrO is a weak, unprinicipled, foolish, and unwilling leader of the free world. ’nuff said.

    MsCostello of CNN:
    Yes, the Palin family is there for you to ridicule, so have at it. If one of them should use profanity or act in a way you deem foolish, it’s your job to demean them.

    1. I do not respect the Iranian comment. He can take his comment and stick in a sock. We have a heavy load to deal with, however I do not need that backward man picking who is the weakest.
      The Iranian is weak as far as I am concerned, when they are to afraid to listen to a woman.

  3. Axelrod: “Sometimes he can be negligent in the symbolism.”

    Not even close. He’s negligent in every aspect of the job. BUTT..he’ll get on top of everything when the time comes to draw up the “pardon list”. No matter that it will look like the FBI’s Most Wanted.

      1. Julie, thanks so much for the follow up. I hope the Met loses every cent they poured into the spectacle. They already lost credibility and their soul.

    1. Sometimes! Negligent! Symbolic! Elements!
      o has even caught on how to start most of his days before 10:00 & actually read the morning briefs. I will stop there, otherwise the I could go on and on with examples.

  4. Obama administration to transfer Afghan detainee . . .

    Using an Ebola analogy, , we should not be bringing infected/accused people to the United States to treat/prosecute them. All this does is run up the tab and open up the possibility of infecting others/riling up our enemies andmaking a mockery of the US.

    1. We can only hope that the next time he takes questions, someone on purpose or by accident addresses him as:
      Mr. Bystander.
      Maybe comedy show can at least do a small skit.

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