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Michelle Messes Up Again

On the campaign trail Thursday in Colorado, First Lady Michelle Obama touted the credentials of Democratic Sen. Mark Udall, calling him a “fifth generation Coloradan,” who, as such, “understands what makes this state special.”

Well, Udall may or may not understand what makes Colorado special.

Wait a second, isn’t every state special?? Doesn’t everyone get a prize?

But to the extent Udall is acquainted with Colorado’s particular specialness, it can’t be because he’s a fifth generation Colorado, since HE WAS BORN IN ARIZONA.

The only one who on this basis can perceive the specialness of Colorado is in fact his opponent, Republican Rep. Cory Gardner, who is a fifth generation Coloradan.

How’d they get that one wrong?

This follows another Michelle gaffe a few days ago in which she repeatedly urged voters to support Rep. Bruce Bailey, D-Iowa, in his quest for Senate, which was perhaps confusing for people since his name is Bruce Braley.

36 Responses to Michelle Messes Up Again

  1. A confused Michelle Obama — the tattered remains of Hope and Change.

    What I find objectively — almost clinically — interesting is that Mooch has no shame about her mistakes and slights — just like Barack.

  2. The Udalls, another political dynasty family that made their fortunes while serving the public. CO can have him.
    Arizona will disown him, so then he can claim he was born in CO if that helps.

    IMO, the Dems and fans who come to hear her talk about anything don’t really care what she says, if she’s wrong, or if she just stands there. She is their star.

  3. If being a 5th generation Coloradan is a reason for endorsement, then I guess she endorses the Republican candidate.

    I’m sure that could be edited appropriately for a Republican campaign ad.

  4. Senator Uterus also screwed up again: he misquoted MLK Jr when introducing the Mooch, “We judge people by the content of their color.”

    • The ACLU is just like a spoiled little kid breaking another’s toy because it is special to the other kid. I didn’t use the term ‘friend’ cuz they have no understanding of that word.

  5. Two weeks ago, she said something to the effect that she wasn’t going to do any campaigning b/c Barack wasn’t getting enough support from the Dems.
    It looks like her husband gave her an ultimatum to get out there…or else. These glaring gaffes might not be accidental. She couldn’t care less.

  6. Now wait, we really can’t blame the dear FLOTUS, can we??? (violins) She’s merely reading what some Dem flunkie wrote for her. It’s not as if she does her homework before stumping, or Googles the candidate, or even knows what state she’s speaking in. She’s there for only one reason. make the check payable to…..

  7. Speaking of the election and re that story on the morning news that Obama says if Michelle Nunn wins, the Dems keep the Senate: there just happens to be an outlier poll on RealClearPolitics which has Nunn up by four. Looks fishily coordinated to me.

  8. Incredible. How can these folks continue making these obvious errors and not correcting themselves later. It’s just arrogant of her to walk way and ignore it.

  9. “Udall delivered an abbreviated version of his campaign pitch, urging the crowd to vote early and reminding them that Colorado law allows voters to register on Election Day itself. No problems there. But then it came time to introduce the First lady. “In 2008 and 2012, we showed that Dr. Martin Luther King had it right,” Udall began, “which is that in America, at our best, we judge people by the content of their color — “”

    He is right…In America we judge people by the content of their color….that’s how Obama got elected twice. And look what they are doing to that police officer in Ferguson.

  10. She’s had a lot of facial surgery — wonder how much taxpayers bought.

    Her foolishness is passed off as, “Oh, that’s just Michelle. I love her!”