As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – October 24, 2014

The briefing has concluded.

19 Responses to Live Stream || White House Briefing – October 24, 2014

  1. SO… what crap about the Obama regime does this creep Josh Earnest have to spew today…?

    (and the weak sycophants in the “WH press corps” just sit there and nod their heads…)

    • Reporter Bill (I believe was his name) asked a good question yesterday. To the point, but kind of smart alec at the same time.
      I noted it on a thread yesteday.
      Just now gentleman in the back with white hair asked issue of the fear of a crazy person getting though with Ebola (from Africa).
      Josh rambled about our security.

  2. I didn’t think it was possible to be more of a hack than Jay Carney but pretty boy Josh at the top of the hack game. The whole “green paper” thing the other day did it for me.

    These WH briefings are nothing but a joke. Every institutional aspect of our Executive under Obama is sullied. And people like Josh Earnest are nothing more than collaborators.

    • I would like to know what is the rule on attitudes within that room?
      In other words if you asked a regular person a direct question, and that person sat there and rambled on, and on, and on. You would ask the person to get to the point.
      I suggested weeks back, that if Josh or Jay, etc. don’t answer a question the reporters should team up, meaning the next reporter called on, should ask the same question. If Josh or whoever refuses to answer, they should all walk out.
      There is a war no war/ operation going on in Iraq. There are lone wolves (lone maniacs) attacking us hear, Canada, and beheading people. We also have Ebola to deal with. So this Country does not have time for the disrepect Josh is given to the reporters and citizens of the U.S.

      • ~as a kid in the 1980s (I was news junkie back then) I kinda remember the “WH press corps” during the Reagan years would jump all over the ‘WH press sec.’ if they didnt answer a question or rambled on…

      • We lowly readers of WhiteHouseDossier can ask 100+ better questions EVERYDAY… and DEMAND answers at this ‘WH daily briefing’ than any of these so-called professional “journalists” that make up this weak and useless “WH press corps”

        • You can’t really DEMAND answers–they are well schooled in answering what they want and substituting a subject they want to talk about it. They hold the cards. The only way the press can excel is to get sources to talk (not leaks) and report outside the official channels. This takes guts and most of them are in the tank for the Dems…so they don’t rip into it.

          • You are correct Star, they cannot demand. That leads me back to the hero, I have been hoping for. The one person to come out with the truth. The one reporter to get the scoop!

          • New rules:
            1.) submit questions before the ‘briefing’ so Josh will empty answers he can read.
            2.) ask a real question or talk to “sources” = you will have criminal charges brought against you (James Rosen…)