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Sharpton Battling His Teleprompter Again

Activist/unbiased news host/Obama advisor Al Sharpton last night was once again engaged in a life-or-death struggle with his teleprompter. The results were not good for Sharpton.

Also this . . .

30 Responses to Sharpton Battling His Teleprompter Again

  1. Just for fun, how about we let Obama and Sharpton switch Teleprompters and podiums for a day…

    What’s the worst that could happen?

    Bonus points: The POTUS podium speaker might even be on time.

  2. It’s not nice to make fun of people who don’t have a command of English or know the difference between same sounding cities. It’s the letter “O”, and the ending of “A (ah) that confused him.

    Makes one wonder; is MSNBC using this fool to showcase their distain and disgust with certain members of the Af-Am community and their lack of speaking skills?
    Of all the prominent Af-Ams in the news or well-known personalities, Rev (of no church) Sharpton is probably the worst choice to be allowed to have a national podium.

    • Ordinarily, I’d agree with your point on dissing others. But Sharpton has long held himself out as a spokesperson for the masses and demands respect, earned or not. I’m also pretty sure he got his job at MSNBC after complaining about the lack of diversity there. It looks like he’s stewing in a concoction of his own making. (And it’s not like he’s above criticizing others…)

  3. There he goes again… The Rev Al just has problems pronouncing any words with more than two syllables… Just incredible MSNBC keeps this idiot on the air…

  4. My daughter lives in Ottowa and I just got off the phone with her. She works for the Canadian government in the building behind the Parliament Buillding. She was not at work yesterday as she is on sick leave through this month.

    She said every government building was immediately put on lock-down and all schools were on lock-down also. The school texted her and all parents hourly to let them know that their children were safe, that the school doors were locked, that all the shades were drawn and the parents would be called or texted when it was safe for the children to go home.

    Every military person was instructed NOT to wear their uniforms to work and to wear street clothes only. They will be told when they can return to wearing their uniforms in public.

    The roads were also blocked off by the military and the police from anyone coming into Ottowa from any direction. A friend of hers was going to visit from a neighboring community and was turned away as no one that does not live in Ottawa was not allowed in until they are sure it is safe.

    She said military vehicles came out of nowhere and were everywhere blocking roads, checking buildings, she said it was scary but interesting at the same time.

  5. I can’t get either video clip to play. The circle of death hangs and hangs. I’ll take your word for it that it’s pure Al “Why Talk About Canada When We can Still Discuss Ferguson” Sharpton!