As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Friday, October 24, 2014

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
2:15 pm || Meets with members of his National Security Council; State Department

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:45 pm

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    • Plenty of fundraising for Big O next week in Milwaukee. He’ll be visiting to make a campaign appearance for the anti-Scott Walker, Unionista-shill gubernatorial candidate, Mary Burke, at one of the most under-performing high schools in the Milwaukee Public School System. North Division High School has a 50% 4-year graduation rate, and a 119.2% truancy rate. This is where Obama chooses to work his peeps. Then, in a city with a 52.7% African-American male unemployment rate, Obama will attend a private sushi dinner fundraiser, limited to 25 people, $16,000.00 per head, at Umami Moto. (The spicy tuna handrolls are to die for.)

  1. Early start to weekend — there must be a fundraiser somewhere. And golf is a given.

    Looks like there might be some time to call over to DHS and see how many cards they have managed to assemble from all that green paper Josh was talking about.

    Assume all the illegal criminal aliens released under the direction of Barack Obama and Erica Holder have nestled into the fabric of America.

    Hope nobody else gets Ebola, or no work place violence is committed.

    It’s good to be Barack Hussein Obama in Amerika.

  2. Um, did the poor Secret Service dogs eat the rest of his schedule? One freaking meeting and that’s it all day? Is he busy making his Halloween costume for next week or something? Resting in advance of Saturday’s golf game? Waiting on ValJar as she recuperates from her back surgery at the White House?

  3. Another light Friday schedule. Why am I not surprised? His work day is shameful. Toddlers work harder at play than Obama does at his job.

  4. The sub-marinechase over here is called off. Well, I guess it was unlucky from start , to search for such a thing in an archipelago must be almost impossible. If there ever was anyone. It seems like the military acted on very little information ( even if I don´t have the entire picture of course ) and the media over-reacted of course. The message was that it was a Russian threat but there is now a debate going on about this. It could just as well be Western as Russian. They both have good reasons. Russia, to send a warning about joining NATO and NATO to scare to get this country to join NATO. I remember an interview with former defense minister Caspar Weinberger were he said that Western subs now and then “tested” the waters. Former British marine minister Keith Speed confirmed this. My opinion is that we should heavily rearm our defense. I believe it is important for the peace to keep this country, and Finland, out of any alliances. I want the Russian bear nice and calm. As I have written many times before, Europes troubles started with the Western intervention in Ukraina.

    • You guys need to get your ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare) helicopters back.
      How can a costal nation like Sweden, being close to Russia, not have a strong ASW capability?
      ASW is perhaps the most complicated form of naval warfare to learn and master, and sadly the US Navy has let it fall behind for the past 20+ years.

    • Great word.
      I just saw (Video) on Fox, two policeman taking off their gloves and mask after leaving the doctors apartment. Where did they put them? In an open garbage can on the corner of a N.Y. street.
      Yes I understand they may have not touched anything, no one was around, no one spit on them, etc. However, common sense.
      That is my (two words) of the day: COMMON SENSE.

  5. The actual Ebola czar finally speaks:

    WASHINGTON (AP) The likelihood of a significant outbreak of Ebola in the U.S. is remote, in the view of a top Health and Human Services official who is assuring lawmakers that government agencies are preparing for any contingency.

    The comments on Ebola from Dr. Nicole Lurie, assistant HHS secretary for preparedness and response, came in prepared testimony for a hearing Friday by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

    Lurie’s statement was written before news broke late Thursday of a fourth Ebola case diagnosed in the U.S. a doctor in New York City who had treated patients in Guinea.

    That was certain to prompt renewed fears over Ebola and more questions from lawmakers. Republicans in particular have questioned the Obama administration’s response to Ebola, and the hearing, taking place less than two weeks before the midterm elections, was likely to feature more criticism.

    Republicans have called for a travel ban and quarantines of travelers arriving here from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, the hot spots for the epidemic that has killed thousands in Africa. The Obama administration has resisted such steps even while increasing screening of travelers arriving here and ensuring that they are monitored for 21 days, the incubation period for the deadly disease.

    “Ebola is a dangerous disease, but there is hardly a reason for panic,” Lurie said. “There is an epidemic of fear, but not of Ebola, in the United States.”

    Feel better now?

    • I’d like to tell that moron the outcry here is geared toward stopping any outbreak.

      Maybe she’d be on top of this if she had been doing her job instead of awarding a no-bid contract t worth $433,000,000.00 to an Obama donor for a useless drug in 2010. Siga’s majority shareholder is a long-time donor to the Democrats. In June of 2010, Siga put Andrew Stern of the SEIU on its board. In October of that year, the contract was increased to $2,800,000,000.00.

  6. I am back to questioning the sense of the medical “professionals”–why go on a subway or bowling? Scarborough took it one further–putting younr fingers in a lot of bowling balls..who knows what those fingers have been doing.