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Lerner Lost Email Witness Held from Congress Until After Election

A Treasury official who may have knowledge of how IRS official Lois Lerner’s lost emails got lost won’t be available to testify to Congress until after the voting is done.

According to The Furnace blog over at the Blaze:

House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp, R-Mich., on Wednesday accused the Obama administration of preventing an official with information about the IRS scandal from testifying until after the November election.

Camp wrote to Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew to point out that his committee asked in mid-September to hear testimony from Hannah Stott-Bumstead, a lawyer who may have been the first person told about the lost emails of former IRS official Lois Lerner.

Camp said that while he had hoped to hear from the witness within two weeks, and Treasury seemed to have no objections to having her testify, Treasury later ignored their request.

“Treasury officials ignored this committee’s phone and email inquiries about Ms. Stott-Bumstead’s availability,” Camp wrote. “On the morning of October 14, a month from the initial request, the same Treasury officials told staff that Ms. Stott-Bumstead was not available until sometime in November.”

Camp also said he was told by Treasury that interviewing a Treasury lawyer poses “Constitutional and practical concerns.” But Camp said the committee has interviewed more than a dozen Treasury lawyers already.

“Why the sudden change in protocol?” he asked.

No change in protocol. She just didn’t get the “openness administration” memo.

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  1. Maybe this is what Obola does with all the time that is unaccounted for — trying to hold back so many things until after the election. It must be exhausting. Judicial Watch states that emails regarding Fast and Furious between Holder and his wife are subject to executive privilege. Gimme a break.

    • With the election fraud that could come into play, I think Obama is hesitant to do anything until he sees what the congress looks like.
      It’s all political.
      The other thing that I think is that he is behind the curtain trying to skew the vote again toward the dems.

  2. Why we don’t use all legal means possible to get these people to testify on time, and provide evidence, as requested is beyond me. As long as Congress continues to accept — sorry not convenient for me — not ready — not now — is will continue. Congress — a bunch of lawyers who cannot spell subpoena .

    These people are government employees — they work for us — .

  3. I was so upset after keeping up with the Terrorist Attack. I thought today would be a little slower with news breaking information. Get back home, find out this information regarding this lawyer not testifying. More than a dozen Treasury lawyers have been interviewed already, as Camp stated.
    Now since they are refusing to let this man out of the box to testify, Isn’t there a judge somewhere around that can overide this matter?

  4. OT: Just found out about the doctor now at Bellevue Hospital, who is being tested for Ebola. The preliminary test results are expected in the next 12 hours. I hope the Doctor does not have it.
    God Bless America.

  5. To use part of a quote once made by our ‘next’ President – at this point, what difference does it make?
    The oh-so concerned members of Congress knew this was going on well before the 2012 election and chose to sit quietly while the IRS effectively shut down the tea party PACs. To say they were complicit would be too strong, but the establishment members, both Rep and Dem, wanted the tea party radicals to go away, to shut up, and let things go as planned in the DC halls of government.
    The tea party and other like-minded voters upset the applecart of crony politics, of the way things have always been done and wanted to effectively redo the way business is conducted in Congress.

    There won’t be any legal reprisals over this affair, no one will be sent to the hoosegow for illegal moves or for not appearing when called before a congressional committee.
    Anyone with two brain cells knows, just knows, that the computers didn’t just crash, that e-mails weren’t deleted by some wicked internet genie, and that all the information needed to end this farce is hidden, never to see the lights of the public eye.

    • If a school child does not bring their homework into school. I would bet that they could come up with better excuses, stories, lies, than they did with this matter
      I have to admit, I believe I used the “I lost it” when I was in grade school. Difference: My teacher, nor my parents bought that excuse!

    • Nailed it. We should contact our reps and tell them to wrap it up. We know it’s not going anywhere. And we are aware of their part in it.

      • LMAO… I contact my “Rep” and “Sens” and they dont care what I have to say. Calls to office = voicemail, emails = never answered.

  6. The doctor in NYC, Craig Spencer tested positive with Ebola.
    He traveled from Manhattan to Brooklyn on the subway on Wednesday night, when he went to a bowling alley, and than took a taxi home.
    This morning he reported having temp. of 103 degrees raising questions about his health while he was out in public. There is a detailed article on
    I just saw it being scrolled on the Fox channel as well.

    • Hope he has his own bowling ball and didn’t use one of the public balls at the lanes. Lamentably, this is the type of stuff we have to think about now.

      • They tracked down everyone on the planed flights that nurse had flown.
        How are they going to back track everyone he came in contact with in N.Y.?

      • Not just bowling balls, but rental shoes also:

        Ebola panic is swarming New York City tonight as it emerged infected doctor Craig Spencer rode the subway, visited a crowded bowling hot spot and took an Uber cab just one day before he was rushed to the hospital with a 103F fever.

        Tonight, the Doctors Without Borders physician tested positive for the deadly virus after treated patients in west Africa.

        But it has emerged that instead of steering clear of crowds after his recent return from Guinea 10 days ago, the 33-year-old took the subway from Harlem to Williamsburg, where he is believed to have visited The Gutter, before taking an Uber cab home.

        The terrifying details mean that residents in at least two dense New York City neighborhoods could have been exposed: Williamsburg and Harlem, where Spencer lives.

        New Yorkers have flooded Twitter in panic revealing their fears after visiting the bowling alley and taking the subway at the same time.

        Spencer could have taken the red or orange line from his home near 147th St in Harlem, Manhattan, down to 14th St.

        From there, he almost certainly took the L train to either Bedford Avenue or Metropolitan before walking to The Gutter.

        Owners of the outlet will now be working to determine what Dr Spencer did at the bowling alley – whether he rented shoes, for instance, or shared a drink.

        Ebola can be contracted from contact with the bodily fluids including sweat of an infected person only when victims are symptomatic, with the infectiousness increasing as the victim’s condition worsens.

        While it initially remained unclear which bowling alley the potentially symptomatic doctor visited, Animal New York reported Thursday evening that Brooklyn Bowl would open for the night.

        The Gutter did not open its doors on Thursday and canceled a scheduled band showcase but staff made no mention of Ebola.

        The closure was blamed on ‘unforeseen circumstances’ as reporters began to flock to the establishment into Thursday night.

        Reporters had flocked to the shuttered doors of The Gutter by Thursday evening, but no one in hazmats suits had yet to appear.

  7. Governer and Mayor about to hold a Press Conference.

    Just heard this on Fox news…..

    Man with an AX attacked police officers. May be terroriest connection
    Arm sliced open, the other policeman hit in the head. Went after 4 cops total.

  8. Yep. They’re all in spin mode, as will be the White House and Klain the Ebola Czar tomorrow. The system worked, they were prepared for this, everything’s under control, nothing to worry about, and the implied “trust us”. Um, no, I don’t think so.