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Jill Biden Barnstorming the Country for Money

Yes, the Second Lady is fundraising too.

I wonder, how much would a Democrat really pay to break bread with Jill Biden and absorb her wisdom? They can’t be reaping that much cash. I guess it must at least cover the cost of trotting her around on Air Force 3 or whatever she rides.

Jill BidenAnyhow, you’re helping out with the costs, and that’s nice of you. Even if you’re a Republican. That’s because Jill has thrown in some “official” events, meaning that taxpayers must foot some of the bill. Like half of it.

Dr. Biden attended a DNC fundraiser in San Antonio, Texas last night at someone’s home. This morning, still in San Antonio, she is delivering “remarks at Women in the World Texas on the strength of America’s service members, veterans, and their families,” according to the White House, as part of her and Mrs. Obama’s Joining Forces initiative.

But, uh oh, at 12:30 pm CT its another fundraiser at some wealthy person’s house for the DNC. And then at 2 its over to theBrooke Army Medical Center at Fort Sam Houston to visit with wounded warriors. And then back to Washington.

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  1. OT: Parliment, schools, stores all in lockdown in Ottawa, Canada.
    One gunman dead involved in the shooting of the soldier that was near the memorial.
    This started at 10:00.
    Police are searching for one or two other people still.

  2. OT: Ottawa Police will be making a statement in a few mins.
    I am watching Fox and I pulled up, earlier I pulled up Global News on the internet.
    Hopefully this is not a terrorist issue, like the other day.
    However police did state earlier their were mulitiple shootings at the mall, near parliment as well.

    • Pretty sure it is terrorist. It was done almost with military precision. The Canadian police performed admirably.

      The ultimate irony would be if these are terrorists who got to Canada through the US via our southern border. And even if not, the Canadians should be concerned about the terrorist conduit running through our country.

          • He didn’t have anything planned till late this afternoon.
            He was probably in his office hitting the ball around the room, and got irritated when he was interuppted with the terrible news of Canada.

          • Even if the man was not related to any established group.
            What he did was a terrorist attack, locked down an entire city. The reporters should have walked out on him this afternoon at his mellow talk.

        • From what I have been reading, it was well executed.

          And sadly the Canadian soldier guarding the Tomb of the Unknown has died. RIP.

          Obama would call this workplace violence.

        • I don’t know who is behind this issue that has the whole city on lockdown. All I know is that o needs to make a big turn around, and protect the citizens of the U.S.
          Fox just stated:
          Our Homeland Security is tracking and keeping an eye on it,
          tracking as a terrorist insodent as of now.

          • I don’t know if they’re the kind of sleeper cells I useta’ read about during the Cold War. I think the ones we need to be concerned about are the newly minted fans of ISIS.

          • I’ve read on various sites that there are between 35-50 jihadist sleepers cells in the US. I think there are many more. We know that Venezuela, under Chavez, had at least two jihadist training camps. The “graduates” of the programs traveled up through Mexico and entered the country via our southern border. So they are here, no doubt.

            Thanks to Obama’s Open Borders program, there will be more coming through to join the sleeper cells..

            Here’s a serious study on jihadist cells you might find interesting.


          • One is located between 29 Palms and Palm Springs here in California. Conveniently close to the border. Good thing there is a Marine Base at 29 Palms.

        • The video was released on 10/3.

          “A message to all of the brothers who cannot do Hijrah, I advise you to respond to the call of the sheik, the mujahid (Holy Warrior) Mohammed al-Adnani, to cause terror in the hearts of the kuffar (unbelievers),” the unidentified Islamic State spokesman said. “You are living in the West, you can cause terror in the hearts of the kuffar, right in the center of the kuffar in the center of all that shirk (polytheism), you can cause terror right from within. SNIP

          Canada joined the coalition that same week.

  3. Jill Biden could care less about our military.

    Michelle Obama cares little about african americans (except at election time and they are in need of their vote) evident by the high unemployment within the black community and now, the immigration policies of the Obama administration which will have a devastating effect on the black youth and young people.

    All they want is your vote….giving nothing in return to the american people.

    • The Obama agenda makes no sense; why would they want to destroy the very system that made the Os wealthy and allowed them to sit in the seat of power, and why flood the country with Hispanics, legal or not, when their own kind will be further down the ladder.
      Any way you look or count, Hispanics are White people, Adding another 30million Whites to the American pot will not bode well with the Black community.

      • why flood the country with Hispanics, legal or not, when their own kind will be further down the ladder. SNIP

        This has Jesse Jackson hot under the collar.

        • 145! When you have as moment Julie, please place that on the latest thread. I have not heard a word of this anywhere today.
          By the way, Did they have a current amount of people who are no longer alive on that voting roster?

        • There ya go…145 illegals voting in OUR elections…and we all know how they are voting, don’t we? Illegals and dead people and people who threw away their ballots and people who registered at many different addresses.

      • I have asked this question many times. Yea we hear it’s about more dem voters but when you look at those that support it, Chamber of Commerce, Facebook dude, industry bigwigs, it’s clear there’s more to it. Regardless, it does push the blacks down and I guess they don’t care enough to risk voting against dems and free stuff.

  4. OT Musing. In a hit and run in Canada a “radicalized” man ran into two soldiers, one died. The driver was killed as he fled. Canada has identified this as terrorism.

    It occurs to me that should illegals be “radicalized” here in the US — hit and runs could become more prevalent. Many illegals undocumented and without licenses are often unchecked by our authorities. Nothing would appear out of the ordinary. /sarc

  5. Did you notice how moochelle’s fingertips are raised a little? Can’t even stand to really put her hand over her heart for the pledge of allegiance. Don’t you wish we could hear what she’s thinking?