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DWS Won’t Say Voting for Dems is a Vote for Obama Policies

It’s terrible. Joe Scarborough this morning decided to torture DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. He kept asking her if voting for Democrats in the election was a vote for the policies of the president of the United States and LEADER OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY Barck Obama. Such an unfair question.

She kept trying not to answer. It’s painful to watch. I don’t recommend it.

Here’s Sen. Jeane Shaheen, D-N.H., getting laughed at last night during a debate for ducking a question about whether she approves of Obama.

She won’t even say whether she supports Harry Reid as Democratic leader.

I think she admits to being a Democrat.

36 Responses to DWS Won’t Say Voting for Dems is a Vote for Obama Policies

  1. …when you can’t answer the question default to “racist tea party agenda”.

    Those curls are wrapping tighter and tighter around any remaining brain cells, soon …

  2. Dems have your back. I won’t say the dirty thing I thought of.
    She said Dems: Jobs.
    She said Dems: Succeed
    She insulted the Tea Party
    Look at the economy.
    I just mentioned people layed off from ocare a few mins ago.
    They need to leave the Tea Party alone. Enough is enough.
    Butter has almost doubled in price, since just last week when I went to the store.

      I did not see this information anytime yesteday.
      Canada had railed their terrorism alert after the soldier was killed.

  3. Did Shaheen miss the part when Barack told the world that: “Now, I’m not on the ballot this fall. Michelle’s pretty happy about that. But make no mistake: these policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them.”

  4. One of my sons lives in NH, where he says conservatives have a saying about Shaheen– “Jeanne, Jeanne, the taxing machine”. She all but destroyed NH’s economy when she was governor.

      • She has a pretty solid constituency — even among wealthy Democrat Jews. I will never understand the appeal of the Democrat party to wealthy Jewish voters.

        • DWS represents the district next to mine. For the last election, the R candidate was a woman who is a small business owner. She was a great candidate and many Republicans/conservatives rallied behind her (even from other districts). The Republican party however made her jump through hoops before they would support her and they were late to the party providing money, etc.

          This time the candidate is a man who has run before but I don’t think he has near the support from the community that the previous candidate did.

          DWS doesn’t do much for the community here in FL. Not all of the Jewish community supports her.

          I’ve often wondered why there isn’t national support for getting her out of office. She is a nasty woman.

    • Obama’s policies have put them in a corner.
      The bloom is off the rose and the facade is becoming more and more visible to the sycophants and the hangers on that we saw years ago.
      I hope it is not too late.

      • Hagen is also involved in a personal scandal which she doesn’t want to take any questions on. As soon as she arrived in DC, she obtained a $400 thousand stimulus loan for her husband. He was going to renovate his business and gave the job to their son. Then, when there was over $100 thousand leftover from the loan, they did not return it to the feds but pocketed it for themselves. She’s done: stick a fork in her.

  5. The current political mess and Dem polling numbers have partly been caused by MrO’s penchant for lying about everything. The people don’t trust him, don’t believe him.i

    Most of what the President and the Dem agenda have done or didn’t do has been opposed by most of America. There’s no way they can justify these programs if the people don’t want them.
    This isn’t “governing”, this isn’t following the will of the people, and no spin or lies will change that.
    They’re not leading anything or anyone, not even from behind.

    • You are correct, they are not governing, they are dictating.
      Prop 8 in California was supported by the voters as a marriage is to be between 1 man and 1 woman.
      Liberal federal judges overturned the voice of the voters.
      You and I can go on and on srdem.
      We can rant to our heart’s content, and the politicians smile and say that we have the freedom of speech.
      Voter fraud is going to raise it’s ugly head yet again in this election, no doubt about it.
      The dems are on the ropes and in order to win,…they have to cheat.
      Get ready for another contested mass of election results.