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Klain in Line to be White House Consigliere

Ebola Czar Ron Klain might not be too long for the job, eying a more senior position that would put him right next to the president.

According to Politico’s Mike Allen:

Administration insiders say Ron Klain, who starts Wednesday as the White House Ebola czar, will be in line to succeed John Podesta as counselor to President Barack Obama when Podesta leaves, likely to chair Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

“The president has been talking to Ron about different roles for a long time, and he wouldn’t accept the Ebola job unless there was a promise of something bigger,” said a longtime Klain colleague. A senior Democrat who works closely with the White House said: “He’s very good at seeing around corners. And they know they need someone who can do that.”

Klain also would be a candidate to succeed chief of staff Denis McDonough, although McDonough seems to love his job and may stay, the insiders said.

Now that’s telling. He’s very good at seeing around corners. Suggests what people suspect: that Klain, a veteran senior White House staffer and Democratic operative, was put in the Ebola job to protect the president. Surely, if he’s angling for a promotion, political damage control will be job one.

I suppose Klain will have to first avoid screwing up the non-political side of the Ebola job, although in this White House that might not necessarily be a disqualification.

The “counselor to the president” post is in some ways the most powerful, or at least most influential, in the White House. It gives one complete access to the president’s ear without the burdens of an official portfolio or management responsibilities.

16 thoughts on “Klain in Line to be White House Consigliere”

    1. The “main stream Media” is always protecting Obama…
      Thats why you never see any of the stories here on WhiteHouseDossier ever mentioned by ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/MSNBC…

      1. On the Press Conference Thread, I just looked at a graph that was made showing who watches and listens to certain news sources. I do not believe the figures stated on the Graph.

  1. At least it’s official–making the pres look good is first, keeping Americans alive is second. Got it. And will he really be next to the president? Won’t Ms Jarrettt be shoehorned between them somehow…wonder how that will go.

  2. Klain replacing Podesta as consigliere who is going over to HRC’s 2016 campaign. Hmm, who will end up with the horse’s head in bed?

      1. I wonder if she will be able to play the feminist card because in THIS election it is not a factor. Senator Udall of CO who is losing is being called Senator Uterus because he’s a Johnny One Note on the topic.

    1. Klain must know what happened to Rahm Emanuel.when he got into a rasslin’ contest with Valerie Jarrett. He never knew what hit him. Here’s a little account of the Emanuel/Jarrett relationship when Rahm got on her wrong side. Note: Jarrett is still in the WH, and Rahm is in Chicago. I also remember a story about Axelrod tangling with Jarrett and POOF, he was gone from the WH. Can’t find that story at the moment.

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