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Tina Brown: Obama Makes Women Feel Unsafe

Veteran liberal editor Tina Brown explains Obama’s declining fortune with women, which threatens to sink Democrats on Election Day.

Women, she said this morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, don’t feel safe with Obama at the helm. A sense among of insecurity is a big political problem, because it strikes at a visceral need for women.

The politically correct would be offended by the suggestion women in particular need to feel secure, but it happens to be true, and no Democratic political operative worth their pay would ignore the issue of safety and women – though of course they might attack Republicans for bringing it up.

Fortunately, Tina Brown brought it up. She said:

For women, I don’t think he makes them feel unsafe. They feel unsafe economically, they’re feeling unsafe with regard to ISIS, they’re feeling unsafe about Ebola . . .

I think they’re beginning to feel a bit like Obama’s that guy in the corner office who’s too cool for school, calls a meeting, says “This has to change,” doesn’t put anything in place to make sure it does change. Then it goes wrong, and he’s blaming everybody.

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  1. Wow! This is huge. I wonder if her disenfranchisement is more because she’s a Hillary supporter and she wants to be known as distancing herself from O?

    Too bad only three people watch Morning Joe. Me, Star, and Mika’s father. Let’s hope posting the clip here gets a lot of traction.

    1. TinaB had better watch out who she supports—–Hillary certainly won’t make women feel safe. Look how she threw all the women that Billy had played with under the bus! And Hillary hates being a woman!

        1. That’s good to hear Star. I hope many libs wake up in these next two trying, painful years. 0 is holding so much back prior to this upcoming election.

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  3. What nonsense, insulting and demeaning, and a pathetic excuse for why “women” don’t feel safe as a reason why MrO has lost the support of these voters.
    How about he lost their support with his mulitude of lies about almost everything, especially the Obamacare that was to be so, so special, but has morphed into a lack of care, and a huge expense to them. They don’t trust that he is securing our borders to keep out illegal aliens of the worst sort, that any crisis seems to paralyze the WhiteHouse, and he spends more time having a good time than working.
    MsBrown isn’t the best judge of why MrO has lost support of anyone if she thinks that women just need to feel that some man is making them safe.

      1. I agree the lies etc have women riled, but I also think there is an atavistic feeling of wanting to be protected. My ex and I were the victims of a terrible crime–and I still feel he should have protected me somehow…I know it’s not logical, but it’s there. We sure can’t depend on my prissy little poseur to look out for us. We need to man up about this, I guess.

  4. Et tu Brute? Where were all of the women in 2012? Too little, too late.

    In her ‘Dear Hillary’ masterpiece earlier this year, Brown pleaded with HRC not to run. That letter should be required reading for every American….just in case HRC is thinking of running again, lol.

    So just who is Brown supporting – Elizabeth Warren? And who cares? Is she even a citizen of the US?

  5. Looking for excuses. I’m not going to repeat myself from the morning news thread, but every issue I can think of affects both men and women. And this is not a year where “reproductive rights” are on the front burner.

    1. Despite his best efforts to divide US, America is beginning to realize what this man is.
      Campaigning for a black man in front of a black audience and the people walk out !
      Gotta tell you something.

  6. Yes, he certainly is a creepy guy, Drudge Report has a very unflattering Obama-photo on the cover today. I feel uncomfortable with him at the US helm because I realize that he is just a parrot , he is a fake president willing to do and say whatever.
    Off topic, we have been chasing submarines in the Stockholm archipelago for a couple of days now.Have you heard about it ? Some politicians and some journalists claim it must be a Russian sub, some say that this is a western sub , some say it is the Loch Ness monster and so on. Well , the navy is at it with full force. The Russians laugh and say, go ask the Dutch. The Baltic Sea is a sea with many naval manouevers. We, the ordinary people, mostly joke about it, we have been through many, many “submarine” chases during the decades. But once, 1981, there really was a Soviet submarine that got stuck in the archipelago. That captain probably had too much vodka. However, if the captain is skilled and sober it is probably like trying to find a needle in a haystack to track the submarine.

    1. Yes, we have discussed the mysterious submarine in Swedish waters and were hoping you’d comment. BTW, Drudge has replaced that photo with another, the angry baboon Obama.

      A story I found interesting was that Cameron was told by the EU he could not impose limits on immigration. Members of the EU have to have open borders. Interesting because the Ukip party is seen as the only one speaking out on behalf of border control and is becoming more and more popular.

  7. I think they’re beginning to feel a bit like Obama’s that guy in the corner office who’s too cool for school, calls a meeting, says “This has to change,” doesn’t put anything in place to make sure it does change. Then it goes wrong, and he’s blaming everybody.

    Winner! This describes perfectly what we are dealing with here.

  8. Obama makes everybody feel unsafe. Look at the polls. No confidence, no trust. I view Obama as the one who has unleashed the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse.

    1.The White Horse–pestilence
    2. The Red Horse–war
    3. The Black Horse–famine
    4. The Pale Horse–death

    Damian Thorne in the White House. That’s how I see it.

      1. There’s a perfect storm brewing. A madcap Obama administration, a spineless Republican leadership, an inert Congress, enemies all around the world, growing Russian, Chinese and jihadist threats. There’s a long list. I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel yet.

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