As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Takes Like Forever to Vote

What’s he doing? It took him six minutes. Looks like he got a little confused. Were there popup ads?

I mean, when you’re ruling by decree, voting doesn’t matter as much. So let’s move it along, please.

45 Responses to Obama Takes Like Forever to Vote

  1. Ruling by Decree here in America!
    Another T-Shirt idea.
    I am trying my best to watch this whole thing.
    Why aren’t these reporters speaking about this?
    Why didn’t they break to a commerical?
    Someone on the late night has to do a skit about this!!!

  2. OT Not only does it take him forever to vote but to arm the Kurds as well.
    Finally! WooHoo! Now we’ll see how long this lasts —guess those phone calls to Erdogan — big fail!

    • If only minorities weren’t so terrified of having I.D. It’s so unfair to ask someone to prove who they are in order do something as inconsequential as to vote. But it’s OK to ask or I.D. at the liquor store, the lottery, get on an airplane, (oh wait, if your’e an illegal alien, oops, I meant undocumented Democrat, not so much) or as I understand it, attend a speech by Eric Holder.

      • We voted early here in Georgia & showed driver’s licenses for ID. I asked (out of curiosity) if a concealed carry permit was an acceptable ID. Well, YES…if it’s a new one with a photo. Mine is, but my husband got his before they started taking photos. Woo hoo. I have not one, but two state issued photo IDs (plus my passport, which is also acceptable).

  3. Wouldn’t an absentee ballot have been more appropriate considering how much taxpayer fuel it took to fly to Chicago to vote? And with an absentee ballot sent to the White House, it would have allowed him time to review the ballot at his leisure instead of holding up others at the poll booth while he viewed the ballot for the first time because he was too lazy to take time to actually see beforehand what or who the heck he was voting for.

  4. He thought the voting machine was a TelePrompTer and kept rerpeating the candidates names.

    Dictator Obama only votes for himself and kept trying to find his name on the ballot.

    • There is a war/no war going on. I forgot the silly name of the operaton. Point he is playing: Let’s learn/relearn how to vote.
      Did he bother getting any updates give to him though out day?

      • Why would he? His intellect is so, well, grand, that he doesn’t need actual information. Whatever action/reaction “The One” decides upon will, ultimately, be the correct path. Ya know, sometimes, if I stand in one place for more than about 12 seconds, I tend to leave a puddle of sarcasm. Can’t help it, something to do with pores, according to the dermatologist.

  5. He flew in OUR shiny plane, on OUR dime, to cast his vote. How many hangers-on flew with him? I suppose he is put up in a 5-star suite overnight, on OUR dime also. WAPOS.

    • You made me think (damn you, not at THIS time of night). Democrat Presidents should demand to stay in hostels or homeless shelters when they travel, so as to be closer to their peeps!!

    • Some articles claim that Obummer was expected to stay in their Chicago home on Sunday night.

      As far as the trip back to DC on Monday evening, how nice for ValJar that it was all coordinated so Obummer could fly her back with him after her recent surgery in Chicago:

      Top presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett recently underwent surgery in Chicago for a degenerative spine condition and will return to Washington on Monday, according to a White House official.

      “Last Monday, Valerie Jarrett was treated for cervical spine stenosis and underwent surgery related to this condition in Chicago,” the official said. “She is thankful for the great care of her doctors and will return to Washington with the President Monday evening to continue her recovery.”

      Jarrett will travel with President Obama aboard Air Force One, the official added.

      She has been participating in some administration meetings by phone and is expected to return full time to work “in the near future.”

      “Valerie is making progress every day,” the official said.

      Cervical spine stenosis results from a compression of the nerves in the spinal column that can cause numbness, tingling or pain in the arms, hands, and legs, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.

      Jarrett, who oversees the White House offices of public engagement and intergovernmental affairs, is among the president’s closest confidants and best friends. Her ties to the Obamas date back to when she hired first lady Michelle Obama to join the administration of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.

      “She’s someone I trust completely,” Obama once told the New York Times.