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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, October 21, 2014

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:55 am || Meets with Treasury Secretary Lew
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden
4:30 pm || Meets with Secretary of Defense Hagel

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

33 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, October 21, 2014”

  1. Why does he have lunch with Joe? Does he enjoy the stupid grin? Is he trying to count the hairplugs? Or is he just an ordinary masochist who enjoys spending time with the biggest fool in the universe?

      1. Oh Lord, can you imagine a scenario where BIDEN is the smartest person in the room? Maybe this should be a WHD contest on next Sunday’s open thread?

    1. Too bad the “media”…and 99% of the “WH press corps”…NEVER reports his empty, pathetic ‘daily schedule’ to the public.

  2. Sorry if this has been noted already but I see Barry picked up his mommy prez ValJar on our dime after her back surgery, just so happens to be in the Ol hood Chigago to bring her home after his big campaign tour.

    1. It had not been noted, but it sure explains a lot more. I had read the valjar had surgery, alas the article did not indicate in what state.

    2. Sorry, Island Girl, I didn’t see your comment when I posted about it in an older thread.

      How nice for ValJar that Obummer’s overnight trip to Chicago was coordinated so he could fly her back with him after her recent surgery:

      Top presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett recently underwent surgery in Chicago for a degenerative spine condition and will return to Washington on Monday, according to a White House official.

      “Last Monday, Valerie Jarrett was treated for cervical spine stenosis and underwent surgery related to this condition in Chicago,” the official said. “She is thankful for the great care of her doctors and will return to Washington with the President Monday evening to continue her recovery.”

      Jarrett will travel with President Obama aboard Air Force One, the official added.

      She has been participating in some administration meetings by phone and is expected to return full time to work “in the near future.”

      “Valerie is making progress every day,” the official said.

      Cervical spine stenosis results from a compression of the nerves in the spinal column that can cause numbness, tingling or pain in the arms, hands, and legs, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.

      Jarrett, who oversees the White House offices of public engagement and intergovernmental affairs, is among the president’s closest confidants and best friends. Her ties to the Obamas date back to when she hired first lady Michelle Obama to join the administration of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.

      “She’s someone I trust completely,” Obama once told the New York Times.

      “She’s family — she combines the closeness of a family member with the savvy and objectivity of a professional businesswoman and public-policy expert. And that’s a rare combination to have,” he added.

      News of Jarrett’s surgery was first reported by Politico.

    3. Good catch Island Girl and SnarkEsq. I wonder if we really know just how seriously he is tied to Mommy Val’s apron strings! He isl after all, strictly a creation of MO and Val.
      Did he have any friends before these two svengalis? Beside Bobby Titcomb? Still waiting for someone to come out of the closet. Anyone?

  3. The clashes began when ISIS launched an offensive “on all fronts” against Kurdish fighters on Monday, activist said.
    Meanwhile, the US-led anti ISIS coalition said it carried out six air strikes around Kobane on Sunday and Monday.
    The new fighting came as Turkey said it would allow Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters to cross into Syria to fight ISIS
    I usually check this (operation) in the morning. I noted it here to make a point.
    He is meeting with Hagel in the LATE part of the day, while I checked what was going on before dawn.
    Yes I understand he is having his little briefing later this morning. I would
    think he would have a meeting with Hagel early this morning as well.

    1. 6 “airstrikes”… (number of aircraft?)
      by USN F/A-18s, USAF & ‘allies’ F-16, F-15s. (Notice NO heavy B-52, B-1 or B-2 bombers)

      They can carry max weapons load of say…4 smart weapons (?)
      So that means ‘we’ dropped “24 bombs” on ISIS…?

      Im just playing wannabe Intel Officer here.

          1. :)
            I had forgotten the tough title, I had to look it up in my notes. I just wanted to see if anyone had remembered it.
            The enemy is shaking in their boots, sandels over that title.

  4. Isn’t today the day Klain starts….and the Pres is not meeting with him to bring him up to speed on the Ebola meetings that convened over the weekend, the ones that Klain did not attend because ” he was not yet on the job”?

    What is this, a union job, punch the clock?


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