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Barack Cracks a Michelle Joke

President Obama this morning early-voted in Chicago, Illinois – where Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn is running for reelection – and then headed over a Quinn campaign office carrying three boxes of donuts and pastries.

“Michelle sent these. We got broccoli, carrots.”

Uh oh. Trouble when he gets home. But well played . . .

Obama, in a politically incorrect mood, also made a comment when voting about the machines being made for short people as he bent over to make his selection. Okay, his exact words were, “folks who are a little short.”

Obama refused to say whom he voted for, citing his role representing all the people. “I can’t say that . . . this is the most important office of democracy, the office of citizenry.”

Not sure if this was some kind of shout out to Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Grimes, the Democratic Senate candidate who has refused to say if she voted for Obama, citing her duties as an officer of the state.

I doubt it, though. I think they’re nauseated by her at the White House. Just my feeling.

Over at campaign headquarters, Obama, whose commitment to his job has been questioned of late, seemed rejuvenated.

“This is me 30 years ago. All energetic. That’s great,” he told volunteers as he worked his way around the room. “Nothing like campaign fever,” he said.

46 Responses to Barack Cracks a Michelle Joke

  1. Total detachment from reality.

    The world is coming apart both at home and abroad (to a large degree because of him), and his party is looking like it will get creamed in two weeks (again, largely because of him), and he sounds like he’s having the time of his life.

    I m beginning to really fear for this country.

  2. His true calling will be realized in 2016.

    Think of how different our country and the world would be today if Obama only served one term.

    He will do just fine professing and making $100k speeches.


  3. “Obama refused to say whom he voted for, citing his role representing all the people.”
    I’ve never felt represented by him. I don’t fit his ideal of what a human should think, feel or look like.

  4. “The office of the citizenry” Sounds like something straight out of the old Soviet Union propaganda machine and no surprise coming out of the rancid pie hole of our first communist dictator.

    “This is me 30 years ago.” Is Dictator Obola referring to his drug addled, salad tossing days when he was faking teaching at a school and community organizing in Chicago?

  5. I am a high school teacher. The most popular phrase among students this year? “Thanks Michelle!” (insert every possible piece of sarcasm you can think of here). I never thought the First Lady of the US could honk teenagers off so much they all chant a war cry like that but somehow Michelle imagine to do just that. Guess it’s another first for the Obama White House.

    Oh and Keith to say the Obama White House is nauseated by Grimes is a understatement. Talk about being a total coward. I am just happy she graduated high school in 1997. She give us 96’ers a bad name!

  6. What an evil man.
    He knows that MrsO will be steaming when she hears what he said, plus he wanted to see the look of disgust on the poll workers faces before he saved the day with his sweets.
    This isn’t a tender jibe at the wifey, this is a stinging barb meant to ridicule her, while allowing him to be the good guy.
    Repeat- what an evil man.

  7. Pretty scary. A bad case of arrested development. Funnily enough, arrested development is one of the danger signs when diagnosing the malignant narcissist personality, according to reports I have read recently.

    Obama just loves, loves, loves to be around young campaign types – even hires them to run the WH communications office etc. MO represents the mean old ugly step-mother. Always good for a joke.

    In reality, Obama is still President-Elect. The boy who wanted to be King but never wanted to get off his ‘throne’…or whatever.

  8. If he was simply trying to make get our minds off of the issue of “what they are not feeding the kids”. it didn’t work.
    Slab of THIN luncheon meat, a very small piece of cauliflower is not enough to fill a growing child or teen. Instead of telling us what our children are going to eat. Why don’t they discuss how fun playing outside is?

  9. The Surgeon General has the right by law to stop flights?
    Is that correct?
    If so I assume somehow, someway O and or Congress can block that?
    Is that correct?
    Now from what I understand the Reps. blocked the last person picked for Surgeon General.
    Is that correct?
    If so, How long can the Dems and or O himself, put off picking another person?
    Under the issue of Ebola, Shouldn’t the all everyone in Congress and the Reps, speak their mind LOUDLY, making it clear to the citizens, that this needs to be done?
    I hate to bother everyone with a class in Surgeon General issues.
    I have searched for the break down of what can be, should be done.
    I would assume the Surgeon General is not important anymore, because the MSM and everyone else has just sucked up this Czar, like our Country does not have it’s books together. sarc.
    Our Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves.

  10. / Thanks, WHD. Great stuff. Here’s a little scream that popped up on my computer screen! /

    Zany Obama-Inspired Quips

    (1) Barack-coli: a vegetable or a national virus!

    (2) Obama’s favorite candy: Mecca Wafers!

    (3) Obama Coffee: grounds for impeachment!

    (4) Prov. 17:7 (NIV): “Arrogant lips are unsuited to a fool – how much worse lying lips to a ruler!”

    (5) When Obama says we’re on the cutting edge of history, he must be thinking about beheadings!

    (6) New nursery un-rhyme: Obaba Black Sheep keeps pulling the wool over our eyes!

    (7) The southwest is running out of water, but Obama is helping with his surplus of wet*****!

    (8) Prov. 19:10 (NIV): “It is not fitting for a fool to live in luxury – how much worse for a slave to rule over princes!”

    (9) Obama is an expert on beheading. After lunch he tells his secretary: “I’ll be heading back to the golf course!”

    (10) The border fence isn’t high enough to keep out un-American criminals. I repeat, the White House fence isn’t high enough to keep out un-American criminals – and now they’re inside the White House!

    (11) Prov. 30:21, 22 (NIV): “the earth…cannot bear up [under] a servant who becomes king.”

    (12) We’ve gone from America’s Declaration of “unalienable rights” to Obama’s Proclamation of ALIENable rights!

    (13) The nicest words Obama could repeat while golfing: “I’m having a stroke, I’m having a stroke”!

    (14) Obama is so Islamically-correct he hosts MOSQUErade parties in the White House!

    (For more kicks Google “Michelle Obama’s Allah-day” and “The Background Obama Can’t Cover Up.”)