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Open Thread || October 19, 2014

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      1. ;o)
        I wonder if these could be the new mascots for the parties. The coyote for the dems: crafty and will take everything you own. And the sheepdog for the GOP: always doing the right thing but hopelessly blind.

        1. Great new symbols. Obama, after all, is our Coyote-in-Chief. Isn’t that what they call criminals who bring illegals over the border?

    1. LOL, I loved the old WB cartoons,especially,Kill the Wabbit.

      It makes me wonder If this cartoon was their only exposure to opera? I know it was mine,LOL.

      I recall when Cartoon Network stopped playing the Speedie Gonzalez because it was deemed racially offensive. Apparently, the drunks in the town square taking a siesta was racist in their PC department. I was chatting with a guy who worked for me of Mexican heritage and Tim really upset him when I mentioned that they took Speedie off the air and the reason was because of the town drunks. I will never forget him ranting about how accurate these cartoons actually were. He said you could visit any small town in Mexico and you would see this. Why would they stop playing a cartoon for telling the truth? It was a question that I could not answer.

      Of course, the first seasons of Sesame Street are deemed for “Adults Only”. LOL, I don’t recall any nudity, well, except for Big Bird.

      1. PBB. Thanks for the cartoon as well.
        As a kid on Sunday we sometimes got a box of donuts and choclate milk to gulp down, so we could run back in the living room to watch the rest of the cartoons. It is funny how the simple things in life, can put a smile on you.

      2. PBB, it seems all it takes is ONE offensible idiot to ruin the fun for the rest of us. I loved the “speecy, spicey meataball” commercial along with my Italian family. Butt nooo, offensive to the Italian’s!

  1. After the cruise ship was told not to dock in two countries, it is on its way Texas. Other Countries seemed to understand what a border means. Also they seem to understand the best for their citizens.
    Now Britian stopped flights weeks ago. I tried to look up, if they have had anyone slip in any other way. I didn’t not find anything.
    Someone made the point yesteday that 150 passengers from W. Africa arrive in the U.S. each day. They questioned how are we going to follow up on each and every person.

  2. Good morning.

    For those of you with strong constitution, Preibus and DWS and her hair are going to be on Fox News Sunday.

    The hair freaks me out — no matter — she will make it ugly. I’ll read about it.

        1. Leading off on Ebola. No matter the words. I hear an unfair and over abundance of confidence in government. Complete lack of understanding about fragile the human condition.

          Owch my ankle… I don’t think I can go on.

    1. Grace–and everyone else–I would be glad to hear what Judge Jeanine had to say about Enterovirus D68. Our local paper put out an article about it and a map of the US. In Central Oregon we have a scattered population of probably no more than 150,000. The hospital system has had 35 reported cases, 18 adults and 17 children. The map of the US showed that in Oregon it is decreasing as it is in Arizona where a few of you are. The states sandwiching Oregon, Washington and California, have an elevated status right now, and in four states it is just beginning to manifest itself: Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and South Carolina.

      The only thing I question is that if you look at a map of Oregon, I am living right in the center and it is not a heavily populated area. If there are only 800 cases across the US, 35 seems a high number for a place out in the boonies. What about the big cities?

      1. As I said in the previous threat, Dr Bob Arnot said the CDC was not testing for it–that figures are unreliable–maybe local health depts are testing, I am not sure. Those stats tell me it’s pretty contagious… I had polio when I was 4–very scary–this one is also scary. The one thing I am not convinced of is that this was dragged here by the crossers–it does not seem to be clustering like that…I could be wrong, who knows…Apparently their wonderful tracking has broken down on this, too.

      2. Julie — I just caught a snippet –I know there was a man interviewed about this. But know no details.

        I am hoping that with Sharyl Atkisson looking into it it will rise to the top as a credible issue to address. I personally suspect that the CA illegal crossers have a lot to do with it. But even if that proves not so — it has reached a point where it warrants serious attention. Children have died. It is a big deal.

      3. Thanks for the info, Julie. I find it curious that in the past 35 years there were only 26 reported cases but since this past August there have been 800 cases. It will be interesting to discover the cause of this uptick.

      4. We can all thank Obama for the children getting so terribly sick. And he can’t wait to let in more uncivilized people. So all these Haitians will be getting welfare and food stamps? And us taxpayers will be paying for it? You can’t make this stuff up. Don’t we owe trillions of dollars already, like he gives a damn, its not his money so he squanders everyone’s money for his pleasure. Why do we have to let them in to OUR country that we built? Because Obama says so, because he’s a mother-f – er? who has no absolutely no understanding, empathy or sympathy for the country that he is supposed to be leading, that he is supposed to be working for. He is using the Office of the President to break laws and solely for the purpose of his twisted ideology. Why isn’t he being impeached for not following the law and not doing the job as President the way he is supposed to? He could care less if we go down, in fact, he wants America to go down, otherwise he would have a travel ban to protect us and not invite the whole world in to our country. Children are dying from new diseases and illnesses now. He’s not doing a damn thing about the children, doesn’t ever talk about the new virus that children are getting because of his crazy new immigration policy. He must be stopped, he’s definitely cucoo and has no shame to do the things he does every day a new stupidity on the news.

    1. Thanks for mentioning that Gracepmc, I had just pulled that up on
      The Kurds have been fighting around the clock. Hardly sleeping. Fighting with lack of equip. and or ammo, etc. being sent to them.
      The details that they list as well as pictures on the bbc have not been placed the same on MSM. That includes Fox. I know we have had a busy week because of Ebola, etc.
      By the way. My thanks to Keith. You always do a fine job here at WHD. You did so this week, when the news and different Press conferences were going on at the same time, and left and right.

      1. Canada has sent weapons and ordnance to the Kurds, as well as humanitarian aid. It seems they have put some of the supplies to good use!

        1. Isn’t he supposed to be the President of all Americans? Was there ever another President who was so extremely and openly partial to just one demographic?

    2. I’ve read that biker gangs from the Netherlands and Germany are going to fight along side of the Kurds. If American bikers did that, the government a) would probably not allow them to come back or b) it would charge them with something if they did.

      1. Why not? Didn’t Bill OReilly or someone suggest sending American mercenary force instead of military? And sort of hard to deny them re entry given that all manner of disease ridden poverty stricken person is free to enter and walk this land point to point should they desire. Plus we allow the Americans who went train and confab with ISIS back in. Bikers should be the very least concern.

        That said,

    1. If it were any other Administration I would feel sympathy for the personnel who had to wait until after the President played golf to have this meeting. But this crew — not so much. Actually not at all. This is Obama’s one issue right now and we will hear endlessly from him.

      I don’t want one other person to contract this disease much less die from it. But if someone does — bad news for the Bear.

    2. Thanks for the clip. I scrolled down where it list what o and his advisors discussed. I wrote the short… paragraph down.
      monitor, measue, acting together, diagnose, increase preparedness of health sector nationwide. I just noted the highlights of that short… paragraph released by the WH.
      No, the word border or air flights were not listed.

    3. Once again the newly appointed Ebola Czar was absent and won’t start work for 5-6 months. Obama and his advisors have no sense of urgency. Thank goodness they’re not first responders. Houses would burn to the ground and patients that code would expire.

  3. As linked on Drudge:
    “WASHINGTON — The confidential memo from a former pollster for President Obama contained a blunt warning for Democrats. Written this month with an eye toward Election Day, it predicted “crushing Democratic losses across the country” if the party did not do more to get black voters to the polls.”
    Didn’t they use this tactic during the previous presidential campaign – supposedly to get the Repubs to lessen their campaigning efforts?

      1. Blacks are not happy with Obama for failing to issue a travel ban. Dollars to donuts he comes out Monday morning with a ‘temporary’ ban until after the election. Why else would he call a mtg with the lawyers and speech writers on a Saturday night? It’s all political.

          1. I do agree. I would expect him to be a man, and explain he had put his foot in his mouth, but will move forward to keep Americans safe. As he swore to do. He did not take office to be Doctor o for everyone on the planet.

  4. The O-Bola Ebola Dream Act!

    In August, during the midst of the raging ebola crisis in W. Africa, Obama started streamlining/expediting visas for the three affected countries – Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone. Patient Zero was one of the beneficiaries. He received his visa in August – the same month that he applied.

    In addition to fee waivers, the new law allows visa holders to obtain visa extensions and extended work permits. Illegal entrants will be allowed to apply for legal status. It even offers ‘forgiveness’ for those who fail to show up for interviews.

    What a coincidence that all of this occurred right around the time of Obama’s big WH bash with his 70 African dictators/thugs.

    We now have Obama re-populating America with his peeps from Africa and Haiti; and Mexico paying the fees to keep their peeps in the U.S. And not a PEEP out of the worthless Congress! Oh yeah – they’re still on vacation until after the election.

    It’s still October – is there another surprise on the horizon? Wall Street? We shall see!

    BTW, the new ebola spin doctor, Klain, does not start his job for another 5-6 months!

    1. E Dream Act!
      This will not be listed on a big board on the the evening news.
      I mentioned the 150 passengers a day already, and how difficult it would be to keep track of them all.
      How are they doing that? How many people per person has been assigned to keep track of them? If they don’t check in, how many people will try to find them? If God forbid one is sick, how much money, resources time, threat, etc. will that cause?
      I still think that stopping flights weeks ago would have been better.

      1. Julie, From our own history you might read about the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act and Canada’s Chinese Immigration Act of 1923. I’d image if the House passed a similar bill Reid would let it die in the Senate and even if the Senate passed it Obama would not sign it but at least he would be on record.

    2. If there is no need for a travel ban, there is no reason that these people should not return home as originally planned.

      Send them packing or SHUT THE BORDERS.

  5. Party at the Vatican! As some of you may know — lots of comings and goings at the Vatican — liberals vs conservatives in the RC.

    One conservative bishop exiled to Malta — and one liberal archbishop — Immmigration now — sent to Chicago. Just too weird. The RC makes moves like these difficult to support.

    Anyhoo back to Party at the Vatican. The Pope has decided that the Sistine Chapel is an appropriate venue for corporate events — renting the chapel out — for a corporate evening of food and drink and music — to Porsche Tours. Proceeds will go to charitable organizations of the Pope’s choosing. So it looks like Francis deems the proceeds from hawking out the chapel are his to do with as he sees fit.

    What’s next — selling indulgences and relics?

      1. I am so jaded — Barack and Mooch under the chapel ceiling, serenaded by Beyonce and Jayz, funded by Friends of Obama would not surprise me. God only knows where Francis would distribute those funds probably to the Dreamers of the CA illegals. Or what’s left of it after the feted couple take their cut.

  6. I tried… I tried to make it through Chuck Todd this morning. I just can’t… Looks like Joe Scarborough has already bailed. I hope I can keep me breakfast down…

    1. MOTUS is good stuff. I there earlier. There was a discussion about presidential fund raising and other when the person is not running again. Discussion about what happens to the funds Obama is raising — how much goes in this pocket — and how much does Mooch grab? Waiting for srdem65 to visit here to ask because she was part of the thread.

      Anybody how the monies are allocated from these endless Obama fundraisers?

    1. Verrrrry interrrrresting! Speaking of SL, I just read an article which quoted the head of the EU warning Cameron that he cannot impose immigration restrictions in the UK. There have to be open borders people can cross at will. I wish some of these countries start leaving the EU. I guess what the EU is to Europe, the UN is to the United States, some international body which thinks it controls sovereign states.

  7. Any memories from the ’50s out there.
    This thread started with cartoons that were far better than the ones that they show now.
    We watched them on a black and white TV along with shows like Roy Rogers, Captain Kangaroo, Sherry and Lambchop.

    Then we went out and played.
    The boys fired up the bikes with the baseball cards contacting the spokes with clothespins to make it sound like a motorcycle.
    No telling how many classic cards we destroyed.

    Cowboys and Indians, Army.
    Actual toy guns used in these games,….can you believe it ?
    And they fired caps.
    Wasn’t long until we figured out that you could take a whole roll, hit it with a hammer and make a loud bang.

    Skinned knees, bandaids hanging on us, patched jeans, converse tennis shoes,….it was a great time to be a kid.

    Sled riding in the winter.
    Back then,…we would get some great snow.
    I lived at the base of a hill that was about a block long and emptied onto a street.
    Sled races were prevalent.

    It was a simpler time, at least for us.

    1. Snow…zzzzz then “It’s Howdy Doody Time!”
      My dear Father sticking a multi-colored piece of plastic over the 10in oval TV screen and calling it “color tv”
      Friday night fights.
      Football games with tiny ball players and you really couldn’t see the football at all.
      Pickup ball games in the empty field with flat rocks for bases, one ball, one bat, maybe no gloves at all.
      Boxes stuck on roller skates.
      Playing hide and seek under the streetlights while the grownups sat on the porch.

      1. That’s right srdem.
        It wasn’t wall to wall coverage then.
        Also the ‘patterns’ they displayed that would come on before the show.

    2. Oh well, heck. We had a children’s show in the Chicago area with a hand puppet (arm puppet really) called Garfield Goose. I adored that show. Hosted by Frazier Thomas and sponsored by Kramel Milk. I hated milk but that sounded like CARAMEL milk. And going into Chicago by train to spend the day and eat lunch at Marshall Fields with my mom. Sigh . . .

      1. OMG, I remember Garfield Goose! And Romper Room. We never had lunch at Marshall Field’s because my grandmother was a buyer for Carson, Pirie, Scott and wouldn’t set foot in Field’s (right across the street). For lunch on weekends we went to Trader Vic’s at the Palmer House. Fun times!

        I’m “vintage” from 1948 ;)

    3. I adored the scent of a cap gun going off. I ran through the strips of red ‘ammo’ like there was no tomorrow.

      There was a hill in my childhood as well used for sled rides. We called it “suicide hill’. Hmm, come to think of it – an excellent name for one in DC. ☺

      Summertime, it was roller skating in the street. No one told us not to roller skate in the streets – it was the only place to do it.
      I still have a skate key. I was in the Girl Scouts at seven, still have my Brownie pin and a couple of clusters hanging from it. Can we still say “brownie” or is that racist now?

    4. And we walked about six blocks to school without adult supervision, walked home for lunch, too.

      We played Head On in our neighbors yard–boys and girls. We stayed outside until our parents called us home at dark.

      We walked a couple of blocks to the nearby park without our parents and played on the swings. In the summer, we paid $.10 to ride the city bus to the state park swimming pool.

      And one of my favorite memories: sneaking into the greenhouse of the local florist and picking carnations to bring home to mom. I still can’t believe we did that!

    5. We listened to The Lone Ranger and Wild Bill Hickok on the radio! I must be older (not only than dirt but than AfVet). We had cap guns–and pounded the caps with hammers on the driveway for variety. We had huge collections of “jacks” of all sizes and colors and played constantly, raking our little hands across rough cement to round up tensies, etc. We were horrid brats out of the control of our mothers for 6-8 hours, throwing cherry bombs in a nearby pond, climbing spindly trees, and letting way older kids play on our tennis court (yes, we had one, those days are gone as I work my way downward out of the middle class). I fell for “sea monkeys.” We had a mail subscription to Donald Duck comics. I sold garden seeds door to door. I babysat every weekend–boy did they have better food than at our house. Our allowance was 25 cents a week. We did not even get to say “snot” or “shut up”, much less the low-rent things you see on this site sometimes. My dad, a shrink, was also a few screws short of Ace Hardware and used to make us climb water towers, walk over teetery trestles used by trains, and would test our car on the Salt Flats of Utah at over 100 MPH, kids inside. It was a different time all right. You can’t even get a teenager today to weedeat for you.

        1. We played mumble-t-peg? Player, using a real jackknife has to flip it into the dirt from: the back of your wrist; a bent elbow; top of the shoulder and finally off the top of your head.. No one ever got so much as a scratch.

      1. Army brat here. For all intents and purposes out of the country from age 3-17. I have some of this but not as much as you guys — especially since my neighborhood changed every three years and friends whenever their Dad or mine was reassigned.

        I never really felt the real impact until I came back at 17 and couldn’t answer a basic Trivial Pursuit question — something about Kelloggs maybe. And other things — yep, misfit. I adapted.

        But the cap guns and that smell — yeah! And roller skates! I failed or got kicked out of Brownies — later got revenge when I was employed in PR for the GSUSA. Life. hmmm

        1. Kicked out of Brownies. I’m aghast! You of course realize that trashes your hopes for the Presidency! But makes you a hero here at WHD!!

        1. I for the life of me cannot remember where we got those at our tender age. Dad had a little cannon his dad liberated during the Sp-Am war and on July 4th, he would load it with black powder and set it off, rattling windows. The police always came–but this was Dr Lawrence–so they stayed to help. A great time was had by all.

        1. I remember Mom saying she thought the sir/ma’am thing was sarcastic–so we didn’t have to do that. But she was a worse pecksniff than I am. Also–my parents were DEATH on lying–maybe why it offends me so in this admin. Dad tired to get us to call him Father Sir, but it never caught on.

          1. We were instructed in the Air Force to refer to all civilians as sir or ma’am.
            We were told that they were paying our paycheck so show them respect.

          2. My parents did not request that we say no ma’am and no sir. However anyone else the respected words were used. I am 53, and I will catch myself at a cash register saying yes ma’am to the cashier, who may be in highschool as well. Now the unfortunate issue is that most of them do no have the same consideration. The Corp owners and small owners do not tell them how to show respect to the customer.

      2. Star, remember the Johnson Smith catalog? It had every gadget, device, toy, odd “had to have” thing any boy or girl could ever want. It’s still in business, but it’s called (something like) “All The Stuff You Never Knew Existed”. I still get it, somehow, and really enjoy going through it. I remember when I was 10-11 years old, I saved my money and paid $2.00 for a “telescope”. In a week or two I got a small package in the mail containing two lenses, and instructions on how to build a telescope LOL. You needed a 54 inch drain pipe and a few other things. My grandfather and I built the telescope and, lo and behold, it worked! Very powerful, in fact, enough so that I could see the craters in the moon!

    6. Yes, we did all that stuff. Except for the sledding. Kinda hard on the California Coast. I spent years 7-14 living in a tiny town north of San Francisco. Point Reyes Station, Population 300, Elevation 60. This was so long ago there was only one liberal in the entire town! We had a horse named Bini. She was 1/2 draft horse and ENORMOUS!

      1. The best sledding hill in the nabes was alongside our house on Clark Street. After we were in bed, we would hear the “grownups” out there sledding and laughing–no doubt with an adult bev or two. I remember thinking why are THEY having fun–they are grownups…

        1. We lived in a center hall colonial neighborhood but Dad brought home a horse one day. He built a stall in the garage–the thing (Streak by name) got out and grazed in the neighbors’ yards (which they did not like). It also was mean and tried to rub us off his back on thorn trees and would run down the middle of the tracks with a kid clinging. Finally he had to live someplace else. Good old Streak.

        2. Come to think of it, we DID go sledding. Late summer, steep hill, dry grass, and a piece of cardboard. Unfortunately, I was ALWAYS the one who discovered the BIG DANG ROCK!!

          1. A.J., that’s how our kids experienced sledding too. And in the winter a light coat of ice made the grass even more slick. We had no such places where I grew up although many of the kids water skied in the canal. No boat, somebody drove a truck along the canal road and the kids had a long rope to hold onto.

        3. No sledding in So Cal. We did live in a small town, no bus service. Dairy farm near our house, & I loved the smell! (Eventually my HS was built there & the vegetation grew profusely).
          We rode bikes down dirt hills, fell, kept riding. And those old steel wheeled roller skates were worn down on the asphalt streets. Parents stayed married & could scold any neighbor kid who got out of line. . .without being sued for all they own.

          1. All we ever had were hand me down bikes from our uncles.
            The first “big bike” that I got I could barely ride.
            It was a beast, heavy, with balloon tires, baskets on the back.
            Three blocks away was a corner market and it was my job as the oldest to run the errands for mom.

          2. The skates with the key–Mom would come in our rooms and pat the end of the bed to be sure we didn’t have our skates on–we wanted to hit the streets early so we sometimes tried to wear them to bed!

        4. We had some friends that lived in a circular neighborhood.
          Their dad took us out one night and towed our sleds around the circle with his car.
          I remember that I was so cold that I couldn’t bend my knees.
          Next was a warm house and hot chocolate to thaw us out.

      2. Oops, how’d I send that? Anyhoo, frequently a bunch of kids would be at our place and we’d all ride Bini, AT THE SAME TIME! She was very patient and gentle. When she’d finally had enough of us, she’d just sit down and we’d all slide off in a heap. Now THAT was fun!!!

        1. Wow, a real horse. I was an inner-city kid, so no horses, but my dad brought home a couple of chicks one Spring, they were so cute until …. they started to get bigger and bigger until one morning they started to crow early in the morning. The last I heard in 1952, they were going to live on a farm. Wonder how they’re doing? LOL

          1. No, no. That can’t be true. Because when I got a little older my parents bought a smaller horse I could actually put a saddle on and Bini went to “that” farm. So I’m sure all the critters are just fine, even the pardoned White House Turkeys. Ooh, about that time of year again. Save me a drumstick!

          2. One of my friends lived on a big ranch. They had friends visiting from the city with kids my friends age. He got them up early so they could help, wait for it, milk the chickens!!! No wonder he was my friend!!

          3. I was born in 61′. I appreciate everyone thinking back of their childhood. I have a big family and I listened to all their stories of their childhood growing up.
            In the late 60’s I was still able to ride by bike to the mall with my friends. Lived near the lake could do the same, ride our bikes to the lake, to go swimming, fishing, crabing.
            There was a lot going on in the 60’s, so I listened to the news, and listened to my dad, grandfather and uncles while they discussed it, and asked a lot of questions.
            Back in the 60’s, 20 or 30 family members would all meet for Mardi Gras at dawn. Loaded ice chest, blankets, years of fun doing that.

          4. My dad was born in 1944. Here is a wonderful story of many he told me when I was growing up.
            He had done something wrong, and did not want to have Grandpa fuss and punish him. He ran away from home. Under the porch. He drew a line 1 inch deep around him, and filled it with water. That was to keep the doodle bugs away. For two meals, in one day, he had my Aunt keep whatever she could on her plate, than bring to him.
            My other grandpa was just as strick, so therefore my mom said she never did anything wrong!
            My grandparents generation were the best!

          5. No don’t be, and don’t shut me out :). I have shared before, that I sat around the table, with parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and listened to all of them. I do the same with my kids, I share all the memories and stories, I can remember with them to pass on to their kids.

          6. LOL 1941 here. I have a very clear memory of those early years. My father was drafted in March, 1944, and I remember him, after basic training and airborne school, going off to Europe. He had to take a bus to Boston, and then onto a ship (Liberty ship, I suppose). He got on the bus in his Ike jacket, duffel bag in tow and his rifle! They carried the rifle from basic training to Europe, in those days. He went airborne (101st) because he got $50 more per month, which was a lot of money then.

          7. I’ll keep you company. My nickname at Jiu Jitsu class is “El Antiguo”. Literally, “The Ancient One”. The next oldest person is 10 years younger at 54 and HE”S called “El Viejo”, “The Old One” and If anybody older than me signs up we’ve already decided the only thing we can call him is “El Muerto”! You guessed it, “The Dead One”.

    7. Steeplechase Park, Coney Island
      Jones and Rockaway beaches
      Brooklyn Dodgers with my grandpa
      I Love Lucy
      Howdy Doody (I wanted to grow up and be Princess SummerFallWinterSpring)
      Sat in the Peanut Gallery on Howdy Doody show !
      My forty or so best friends “from the block”.
      Crowds of relatives at Sunday dinners.
      Same relatives arguing in Italian….and loud!
      The “real” Santa at Macy’s.
      Playing outside til the street lights came on.

      …..great memories, no wonder I’m always nostalgic of that childhood in the city. :)

      1. Dad loaded us in the car, (station wagon) and took us “out west” one year.
        ’62 Dodge Dart, no air, six people in the car.
        We went to Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, climbed Pikes Peak, saw Mt Rushmore and the badlands of South Dakota.
        In order to get there we saw Kansas and Nebraska.
        I married my wife, and she said that she had never been out of Ohio.
        I took her to see Mt Vernon, Gettysburg, WDC, the Smithsonian and Williamsburg, Va.
        Also the northeast, Niagra Falls, and up along the coast of Mass.
        We saw the Plymouth Rock, and a replica of the Mayflower.
        We have been to the very northern point of Michigan where there is a Viking Fort established long before Columbus discovered America.

        To see where we have been is essential to realize where we want to go.
        The direction we are headed in now is the wrong one.

        1. Travel — domestic and international. One of the best ways to help you dream, appreciate where you live, and love America.

          I taught a world history class in a local college here — and over half the kids had never been out of the state. Tough to get them to even think about the world. Not there fault. Intellectual understanding and electronic exposure just isn’t the same.

          I had all the intellectual equipment to work in Russia — but I was gobsmacked by so many things. The same thing here — my first Mesa when I was driving cross country. Amazing.

          So good for you that you and your wife that you got to make those trips.

          My family is from Slovakia and when they would come to visit my dad would pack them up and drive them all over the US — had one of those national park passes — see the highpoints and relatives. Heck they saw more of America than the American family.

          God bless this country and save us from what is happening today.

          1. :) thanks. Having lived and worked abroad I’ve seen more of the world than my own country — despite driving cross country 3 times — alone. With time to explore. Just somethin’ about America!

            But not the America of Obama.

        2. When you went to the tip of Michigan you almost had to have passed through the Town of Calumet. That’s where I Was born. No monument there yet.

        3. I think you make a good pt about how in the 40s and 50s people did “see the USA” as Dinah Shore sang. They got a proprietary feel for the place–felt close to the country, could visualize it, had met people from many sectors of it.

  8. Caught a quick glimpse of DWS on Fox as I was changing channels — to her credit someone finally did something with her hair! Smooth waves. But big black racoon eyeliner stays! An ok effort.

    Actually this was probably a bigger deal than let on. No doubt she would have been skewered relentlessly on her hair.

    But it’s not so much the hair as the internal person who is truly ugly.
    Can’t change that.

    1. You didn’t miss anything important – she’s like a robot programmed with Dem talking points. Oh, and they’re going to keep the majority in the Senate because the Repubs are bad people or something. ….. Want to take away people’s healthcare, make them sleep in the streets, starve, die, gak gak gak.

      1. Shouldn’t it be relatively easy to defeat these morons ?
        Well, of course it would be if we had an honest election system in place.
        But I digress.

      2. srdem65 Saw the commentary on Motus about fundraising and what happens to the “funds” — was there resolution regarding what President Obola gets to keep from all his gigs?

  9. Thank you Mr. Koffler for giving us this forum.
    The people that come here are extremely well informed on the political issues of the day.
    From time to time however, a bit of relaxation is called for.
    Something away from the insidious montage we are being deluged with.
    You provide us with that and I commend you for it.
    I think that many others that use this site will agree.
    Well done Keith !

    1. Very good comment AFVet. I mentioned my thanks as well, with such a busy week with the news. Keith must have been writing/typing non-stop. So my thanks to Keith as well. Great job!

      1. Lee, Keith must have been reading the comment section yesterday. I believe it was you who suggested a TBT for a Sunday.

        Kudos to Keith for the forum and to Lee for the delightful suggestion.

  10. Yikes, AFVet, you started something with the nostalgia question, but you throw good questions out there. If I remember correctly, didn’t you throw out the one about where all of us White House Dossier-ers come from?

  11. For what it’s worth – I was reading elsewhere and there were comments that now that we have a new Ebola Czar — there is almost no information about how the patients are doing — who is throwing up where — odd behaviour — etc. Possible info lockdown.

    Not saying it is. Just saying it’s possible. You get your news from the government. Seen that around the world too.

    1. Interesting observation, and it seems to be the case–there’s been a shift in emphasis from current patients to, I dunno, other stuff about Ebola. I note Drudge has a story about a new twist in the Ebola saga: military “quick strike teams” sent to Ebola patients in the US. Sounds like a band-aid approach because thee patients already HAVE Ebola. Whatever happened to prevention?

      No talk yet of stopping the influx of travelers from affected West African countries, of course. Obama knows that conversation opens up the topic of his Open Borders policy, and the whole discussion of who do we permit to enter the country. He sho’ nuff don’t want THAT topic on the table just before he rams his insane immigration fatwa on us.

      1. I just read that on Drudge. I believe it states the quick strike team will be under orders to depoly at any time within 72 hours.
        Now just one example. People in tornado areas are given lessons on what to do when the alarm goes off.
        Would it be to much to have a quick lesson on how to stay away from liquid stuff of a sick person, while the Quick team is on there way?
        Does anyone think that the suggestion I gave was brought up in the little meeting they had yesterday?

          1. Thanks for the clip Marcus.
            Gen. David Rodriquez from the Pentagon said they will not be in contact with people. Therefore they will only need gloves and mask. No suits, needed.
            I believe i asked yesterday if large parts of a small hospital could be made here? Than have the parts delivered there, and have a smaller number of Americans put it together, or just leave instructions.

          2. They probably could do that, The US Navy Sea Beas would be the ones to do it. They are the best at doing stuff like this. Quick, efficient and they do the job right.

          3. Star mentioned the Sea Beas yesterday. I looked them up on the internet. I must have overlooked the history of them delivering big things.

    2. All I’ve seen is when they transferred Nina Pham to MD, she was downgraded from good to fair. It seems the trip exhausted her.

  12. OT: whispering, shhhh
    The Arizona Cardinals are 5-1 now and if they stay healthy and don’t go beserk, they might, (might, shhh) be the first football team to play the Superbowl in their own home town! shhhhhh, don’t say it too loud.

          1. Actually I think It was my 1st experience on a horse. I was thrown head first THROUGH a 2X6 fence rail. I was 6 and that was my 2nd concussion. Hmm, can I sue the NFL?

          1. As I was saying; No problem really. Same as I’d feel if I had to crawl across 300 yards of broken glass to get to the razor wire fence I needed to climb over to get to the raging oil fire I had to walk through to see to it that the GIANTS WIN THE SERIES!!!!!!!!! Cripes man, I wanted to BE Willie Mays!!!!!!

  13. Thank you, Keith, for giving us this open thread on Sundays. I really enjoyed reading all the comments this evening, it was a nice trip down memory lane. :)

  14. Meanwhile, Obama was at a fundraiser in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, and the crowd was walking out.

    If they’re walking out on Obama in Prince George’s County, Maryland, of all places, the Democrats are well and truly sunk in 2014.

    1. Yep, it is. As Billy Shakespeare noted:

      “All the world’s a stage,
      And all the men and women merely players;
      They have their exits and their entrances,
      And one man in his time plays many parts,…..”

      Tome to get the hook out and haul Obama off the stage.

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