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Obama on the Fairways

President Obama is playing golf today at Fort Belvoir in Virginia. His partners are two of the usual junior White House aides, Joe Paulsen and Marvin Nicholson, and sportswriter Tony Kornheiser.

It’s the 44th time the 44th president has played this year and outing #201 of his presidency.

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    1. Yes, he did. After spending years leading our country, and others into a victory over the Axis machines, freeing millions from tyranny and death, all in the service of his country, he spent another 8 years leading us to prospertiy.

      we weren’t dropping bombs on other nations then, hundreds of Americans weren’t under quarantine, the real unemployment rate was about 5%, the economy was booming, industry was promising, and only the very worst of us were collecting welfare and food stamps.
      So, yes, he golfed.

        1. Who cares about his marriage? We really don’t know the truth about him and her and who wants to know? His marriage will be there long after Ebola kills more people and the new viruses kill more children, unless there is some divine intervention by Congress? Never! Republicans, they are in shock, just praying for the Senate win, while Rome burns. All the selfish fatcats in Washington caring only about themselves. There should be millions protesting this King Rat who breaks laws, killing people, advocates killing babies, has no character, no mature attitude, hostile, low-class, no empathy, no sympathy, no human feelings, no loyalty. All he does is take, take, take. He is laughing at all of us, I just know it!

        1. Internet search is my friend and great memories of the 50’s as a kid. Eisenhower and I shared a birth date so I sent him a birthday card every year and he sent one back! Of course, his wonderful staff did …. and never asked me for money!

          1. You mentioned Ike socializing….a necessary activity for a man or woman to succeed in crossing aisles in politics and government.
            Obama plays golfs with underlings who do not require to think…just fist bump.

          2. Well Denise,….you may well have just set the theme for tomorrow’s Open Thread, courtesy of our host Mr. Koffler.
            We need some lighter topics, and that one fills the bill.

          3. My second cousin and myself spend hours over the phone pining for the 50’s several times a year. I even ran with scissors and survived. School lunch was $.25 and Shepard’s pie was on the menu. Once a month, a group of us ran towards the closest Chinese restaurant for lunch. For $.35 we ate; chop suey, rice, egg roll and dessert!

          4. And you had to clean your plate before being excused to the playground. I once made the mistake of buying lunch on the day stewed tomatoes were on the menu. Sat in the empty cafeteria until the bell rang to go back to class. Checked menu carefully after that.

          1. I miss the 70’s and the 80’s –I had lots of fun disco dancing and going out more. I miss the good old days, I think about it often and wish I could turn the clock back. Never thought I would get older, but I did just like everyone else.

          2. Yeah, the 70’s and 80’s what eras! Hell, everybody had a job, serial killers were just getting started in their jobs…..Nixon screwed up, Carter…then Reagan…OMG!

            I liked the year 1968, I stayed drunk.

          3. Okay– what? Sorry, but I had fun in the 70’s and 80’s. Come to think of it, There were 100 people to every job in the 80’s, I think it was the 80’s that jobs weren’t easy to get, but I got one! Serial killer just started? I don’t understand, I think there were always serial killers, scary isn’t it?

        1. I think our President is fabulous. By the time he leaves office in 2030, the White House will be known as Bammy Courts, and all of DC will be one long green.

          And Michelle….will be a pillar of salt.

          1. My uncle was 17 years or so older than I. He had a 1950’s jukebox that still looked brandnew.
            Inside were all types of fine music from the 50’s.
            He lost it in Katrina. However I do have the memories of it being played at all the family gatherings at his home.

    2. If your loved one was one of the two nurses, now sick with Ebola, how would you feel seeing Obama playing golf? Put yourself in place as a parent whose child is sick with Enterovirus, how would you feel? Obama hates you as much as he hates the rest of us.

      1. Another point. All of the teachers that work so very hard. Now are being bombarded with kids from S. America. Now they will also be Haitian children to cram into the school classes.
        If o wants to help these people, he should suggest fund raisers for those Countries, to build schools, etc.
        We cannot afford to take care of everyone around the world,
        much less invite them in.

      2. Dozens of Canadian kids are sick with the imported enterovirus, and one young man with asthma has died of it. I suppose Ebola will be next. Thanks, Barry.

      3. How about the children that died from that virus. What those poor parents must be feeling. Did we ever hear one word about the dead children from Obama’s mouth? Never, you know why? Because its his fault and he knows he is guilty, letting in sick children, thousands of them and giving other children sickness and death. How could these immigrant children not be tested and quarantined when they arrived? Like in the old days when we had a normal President, everyone was tested before they could be let in. Not with this POS, he could care less about common sense or a sense of loyalty to protect the American people of which he was elected President. Boggles the mind that we could have such an uncaring person in the White House no less?

          1. Canadians? I didn’t comment about Canadians. Can’t be a coincidence that all these immigrant children came in and now American children are getting ill, like at least 800 of them, maybe more and some died from this virus. Thats what I said. Canadians? Maybe you were referring to another post, not mine? If so, sorry for the reply.

      4. And cable TV news robots praise this little bastard to the skies! Will he continue golfing when Ebola stricken and dead peeps from Oborder illnesses are collected in wooden carts and dumped in front of the Capitol?

        1. Jane, Jane, what a post! I don’t know what to say. How about that Obama is so obvious, so greedy, so without any common decency or common sense. Not to have a travel ban now? He is only afraid that he would have to close the border too, thats why no travel ban. The little bastard could care less if we all got sick, just wants his way. Hope he gets it. Duncan should never have been allowed to come here. If we had had a travel ban, those two nurses, young lovely women, wouldn’t have Ebola and may die. It’s all because of Obama’s disregard for human American life.

          1. And he still plays golf while those two nurses have Ebola and may die because of him and him not performing his duties as President to keep Ebola out of here.

  1. What a putz. He couldn’t wait one or two more weeks to indulge himself. When Americans are panicking, hundreds are under quarantines, some are fighting for their lives, so he can’t act Presidental for just this once?

    I don’t begrudge him his day off, his relaxations, but in two years he will have at least 20 more years to do whatever he wants.
    While he sits in the Oval Office, we want him to be there, to be serious.

    1. I do. I begrudge him everything now. He doesn’t deserve all the finer things in life, he deserves nothing for the way he conducts himself, arrogant and all that while people are sick and dying. Playing golf, while he should be impeached and thrown out on the street at our expense. They say what goes around comes around, I can only hope, if only to teach this less than human a lesson.

      1. It’s a one party system, sport. Ain’t nothin’ being done about the arrogant lil’ pisser because them’s can do something about him are as BAD.

  2. And as gracepmc pointed out yesterday, tomorrow is “inning” # 201 for Sgt. Tahmooressi, whose hole in one for Obama is just another bogey to overlook.

    The good sergeant looks to have found a border fence that Obama actually supports.

    1. Thanks for remembering. I repeated myself again today. I find that so abhorrent especially when you put the numbers side by side. I do wish some brave person from the media or influential blogger would just emblazon a headline with that fact.

  3. This wind is doing a great job drying the laundryI have on my clothesline in central Maryland. I hope it’s also ruining every one of his golf shots and raises his handicap! Lord knows he has done enough to handicap the rest of us in the country.

    1. ……….come on, Marini. Do you think he plays legitimate golf with a real handicap? Do you think he does not take a lot of mulligans? Do you think the flunkies actually report his score correctly? Do you think he even observes course etiquette?

          1. I looked it up Star we still have SeeBee’s. I understand the point of, even then…
            Why are the Army men and woman building hospitals, intead of the SeeBee’s?
            Another point, Is it at all possible to build big portions of the hospita,l and deliver them? Than have a very small amount of people stay to direct local people on how to put them together.

  4. My husband and I bet that he would be golfing today…after all he has passed the buck to R.Klain and S.Rice….otherwise known as the The Shyster and the Shill.

  5. Perhaps President Obama should demonstrate his compassion for and commitment to Africa by finding a golf course in the hotzones of Liberia? He might even demonstrate how difficult it is for Ebola to be communicated by finding some caddies or even golf partners who are infected and symptomatic?

      1. Or they could turn the WH into an Ebola wartime infirmary.

        Kinda’ like the Greenbrier on WVA during WWII .Or perhaps the old mansions during the Civil War. Now that’s a nice look.

        Maybe this is where all the Ebola diseased Africans that Obama wants to let in should be transported and given the first class treatment. Mr. Frieden could oversee.

        1. And the new political operative Ebola Czar could arrange the logistics and fundraising for — from his Dem cronies who think that not instituting a travel ban or bringing the suffering to America are good ideas.

        2. I would agree with that, as long as Friedan would be stationed there throughout his tenure as the new Czar.
          After all, he is Obama’s eyes,…no ?

        3. Gracepmc, you mentioned the big house. I started to make a comment yesterday, but changed my mind. I was going to mentioned if I had a huge house, with hundreds of people cooking my meals, cleaning my toilets, I would consider laying them all off and keeping my house clean all by myself.

      2. They’re upgrading two hospitals in Philly now. U of P and CHOP (Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia).

        Any chance of upgrading 1600 other than slim to none.

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