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One More Transmission From Africa and There Will Be a Travel Ban

President Obama is opposed to a travel ban. But his opinion is likely to change.

That’s because if one more person comes here from West Africa and infects someone, the demand for a travel ban, already pegged at about two thirds of the population, will be overwhelming. Democrats will join with Republicans calling for a ban, because their constituents will be having none of it when lawmakers try to explain to them why we should continue importing the virus.

I believe Obama is sincere in trying to do the right thing here. No doubt political correctness may somewhat inform his opinion on stopping people from poor countries from entering the United States. But I think he’s mainly relying on advice from his liberal health policy experts.

These people, as you might expect, lack common sense.

There is no acceptable reason not to ban flights coming in from West Africa. The only one I’ve heard that comes close is that sending aid workers over there to try to combat Ebola is a chaotic, sporadic process that requires them being able to jump onto airliners at a moment’s notice.

The answer is charter flights. While the problem won’t be completely solved by charter flights, there should be a way to organize charters effectively enough to get aid workers into West Africa. I mean, we’ve chartered people to the moon several times.

This whole business about needing to “track” people and so forth makes little sense. If they can’t come here, we don’t need to track them. And those who sneak in will be relatively few and far between,

No matter. One more transmission and there will be a travel ban. Another example of Obama racing to catch up to a crisis. Maybe, given the gravity of the situation – an incurable virus that kills 70 percent of its victims – he will come to his senses sooner.

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  1. “I believe Obama is sincere in trying to do the right thing here.”

    That’s mighty charitable, Keith. I, on the other hand, believe that Preezy Obola is a malignant tumor on the nation’s backside. He can’t fundamentally transform the country without a crisis, which Hellary and Rahm are on record as saying they won’t let go to waste. No, the evidence demands that sentient Americans recognize that Ozero is putting us in mortal danger on purpose. He and his fellow travelers have nothing but contempt for Americans and they’re working feverishly to kill as many of us as possible.

  2. Ebola has been Obamacized!

    New Ebola Czar — no one can find the old Ebola Czar — and there are so bureaucrats and agencies involved in this. More bodies. And a Democrat insider as well! Top Men

    Nurse #1 at NIH — arriving in the “middle of the night” and now pressers, cameras, and lots of white coats.

    God bless this nurse and all the Ebola patients. I hope she doesn’t have to relocated again.

  3. What you are proposing would require a Presidential Decision. When he was in kollege, at Oxi and Kolumbia, the only decisions BarryZerO studied were BAD Presidential Decisions. Therefore, my unfailing Logic 101 studies lead me to conclude, using the Square of Opposition, that BarryZerO will never make a Presidential Decision.

  4. Americans always give Obama a pass because he is the President. He is the President, they say, not an epidemiologist. He has to rely on experts. But when a large majority of people see the lack of logic coming from his experts on the travel ban, for one example, the people have to wonder about Obama’s basic intelligence. Star used an expression the other day, mother wit, which we all seem to have and he doesn’t. My personal opinion is contrary to Keith’s: I can’t believe the experts Frieden, Fauci, et al. really think not having a travel ban is a wonderful solution though completely illogical. They have been pressured by Obama and his closest advisors to advocate for a politically correct position. I am not exonerating them: they’ve chosen politics over science. But Obama once more will skate and take no blame or responsibility for a major scandal.

      • Thursday: NY Post
        A passenger died on a Nigeria-to-JFK flight after a vomiting fit Thursday — and a top lawmaker said officials gave the corpse only a “cursory” exam before declaring that the victim did not have Ebola. The unnamed passenger, age 63, had boarded an Arik Air plane Wednesday night out of Lagos, Nigeria.

        The CDC declined to comment on the passenger.

        WTF! This on top of the NYPD declaring that the ‘e’ word EBOLA cannot be used over the radios for first responders and must use the code F/T (fever/traveler). Can we still use the the ‘p’ word – PANIC?

        • Not to worry, Sadie. We can all rest assured in the knowledge that Ron Klain will provide us with complete transparency. He was, after all, chief of staff to Biden, Gore, and worked in the Clinton administration with Janet Reno, Cheers!

      • In Montgomery County, MD, the head spokesperson for the county has said no info will be given about anyone who might be showing symptoms (and arrives at a hospital) until a firm Ebola diagnosis has been. Hospitals in the county are not allowed to speak on the matter, either.

        You have to love the sounds of transparency in the administration!

    • Really? Well then they should get rid of Evil Obama for population control. I love these people who want to get rid of people and babies for population control, the wrong ones are being killed thats for sure.

      • About the new Ebola Czar who may or may not be replacing the old Ebola Czar — here is a comment I borrowed from another site which seems to cover his professional qualifications:
        “This guy is a rhetorical bomb thrower. He crafted the attacks on Clarence Thomas. He coordinated the attacks on Bush during the recount with Gore. He is the father of Bush derangement syndrome. ”

        So you’re saying he’s highly qualified for this job.
        A professional with a proven track record.
        From the administrations point of view.
        Not steeped in health care.

  5. Think like they do: Part 5,349
    While they’re defending a ridiculous explanation of why we can’t stop people from W.African countries from zipping over here to Paradise on Earth, the real reason is the defense of immigration of illegal aliens over our southern border. And, of course, RACISM is a consideration, since all of the inhabitants of WAfrica seem to be Black people.

    Are the illegals responsible for the illness that has killed several American children, put hundreds into hospital care, upped the chances of contracting TB or other pathogens, and if so, the call will be to close the border once and for all.
    They’re not telling us the truth (as if they ever did), but we need to know these things.

      • This administration probably thinks if they can cloud cover and survive Ebola, the virus and all things immigration will be a piece of cake — after the election, of course.

      • D68 has been here for 30 yrs and so far I have seen NO evidence it is clustered where recent crossers are. But since these people cannot keep balloons in the air or counter several threats at once, it is not front and center.

        • Star, while it is true that D68 has been here 30 years, not many cases were reported. I think I read only 26 cases were documented. Now we have about 800 cases reported and 7 deaths in less than two months. CDC confirmation is pending in several other cases. It’s curious that the first reported cases of D68 were in Kansas City, MO and Chicago, IL, and both places took in a large amount of illegal kids from Central America. Perhaps it’s coincidence, perhaps not.

          • From AZ Granny link below:

            “A Phoenix couple reportedly says doctors have confirmed that enterovirus killed their infant son, Lancen Kendall, without warning. They told a local news station, 3TV, that CDC is testing to see if the D68 strain is to blame. The couple says their child showed no symptoms but simply did not wake up from a nap earlier this month.”

            Also, tests are being performed from the 2nd grader that died this week He, too, was from AZ. His name was Lucas.

          • I personally was told by the Public Health Dept no confirmed cases…yes, samples have been sent for testing… Are these kids in contact with illegal crossers–has anyone said? I think it is so wrong to go to any lengths to pin this on those kids just bec we didn’t think they should come here…

          • I’m not pinning it on the illegal kids because I don’t support illegal immigration. I’m just connecting the dots with facts being presented by Sharyl Attkisson and the Virology study which was linked in her article. As time passes and more data is available we will be able to ascertain the cause and connection, if any, related to the illegal kids brought here this summer.

          • It can’t be a coincidence that all these children, 800 cases, are getting sick and dying! when Obama has let in anyone and everyone without a physical exam or any checking whatsoever. Free rein, let all the filth in from Obama. This stuff shouldn’t be happening — and now Ebola? No coincidences, its because of an evil dictator, the likes of which we have never seen before. We must get rid of this horror of a “president”. Common sense will tell you that the flooding of illegals is causing a lot of this sh…. C’mon, we never had this virus crap before like this. People have to start to wake up and protest or we’re all dead and I’m not being dramatic. Stuff could hit our food supply, thank Obama for all this, he has caused so much trouble, he should be run out on a rail tonight! Not later.

          • Public health told you that? They could be lying too, Obama could have gotten to them too. Far fetched? Not the way this Administration operates.

  6. “trying to do the right thing..” ???? I haven’t seen one bit of evidence that Obama knows what the right thing is. You have to be raised with a good basis of being able to gauge right and wrong, and we all know that he doesn’t have a handle on that. I am just this close to thinking that he’s trying to kill us all.

  7. What I am about to say would not normally be a factor in anything. But Barack Obama and his ilk have made it a major factor in all things political and that is race.

    How soon before we hear of special treatment for this nurse #1 as opposed to nurse #2 because of “color”. The rabble will not let this go unnoticed.

    And because we are are in age of conspiracy — another little gift from an Administration that lies regularly that we are all looking behind the curtain — is it possible nurse#1 has a better chance of survival and got transported to emerge a miracle and a testament and nurse #2 not so much. I pray that this is not so.

    But there should be a central treatment center for all who contact Ebola. Everybody going to NIH — I think not. Why this person.

    It’s sad to be discussing the circumstances of this rather than the recovery of these sick people. I don’t want to lose sight of them.

    • Both women have been targeted for the “mistakes made”, unfairly it looks like. Nurses are on the front lines of fighting disease just as the privates are in a real war. When “mistakes get made”, the higher ups try to stop the fall out with the front line people. So much for the war on women.

      But, having shot my wad about the nurses, I agree with you racism is already a big hue and cry on the left (Jesse Jackson, MSNBC).

  8. O’Reilly said one more case, too… Cut off flights. Workers exposed should not jump on commercial flights anyway. What did I read about someone exposed going on a cruise–don’t have details…that sounded completely dumb. Let’s do more than one thing–let’s throw the kitchen sink and see if in 2-3 mos, we are in the clear… I heard we only have 9 beds in the country perfectly set up to deal. If they need more money, appropriate it, although the facts on the money seem to make this a bogus argument. As to why Obama is foot dragging–AGAIN–he doesn’t want to be mean to black countries…Well, sometimes we need to be realistic.

  9. I find it ironic that the US government was so anxious to implement a travel ban to Ben Gurion airport during the most recent Israel/Palestinian conflict even though irondomes effectiveness- but they will not institute a travel ban out of West Africa- as we all know how effective our border control is. Ask yourself why…….

  10. Maybe he should ask Geraldo. For 2 weeks he has been adament that there be no travel restrictions. Making as much sense as all the other clowns that are taking that stand. Apparently he has had an epiphany. According to him,since other African nations are now banning travel its ok for the US to do it. Not sure of his rationale,but that’s it.
    So there Mr. President,Geraldo’s opinion is as good as anyone else that has advised you.

  11. The Dems laugh their heads off at what they perceive the GOP politicizing Ebola. Look how the NYT describes Czar Klain:

    Mr. Klain is known for his ability to handle high-stakes and fast-moving political crises.

  12. While the media is serving up round-the-clock coverage of the two nurses who seemingly are recovering from ebola, Obama is gloating! Even though polls are showing that 67% of Americans are more worried about ISIS than ebola (25%), the ebola drumbeat continues.

    I don’t see how we can re-gain the momentum that has been building for the last 2-3 years! ObamaCare, Benghasi, ISIS, Syria, Central American invasion/diseases, Ukraine …out the window. It wouldn’t surprise me if the ebola scare reaches new heights over the next 18 days – causing would-be voters to stay home. A diabolical plot, to be sure.

  13. WOW! New Ebola Czar reports to Susan Rice and DHS. Appointed to be concerned about Ebola in West Africa.

    Removed from Obama, no blame Obama.

    This is weird. Heard on Stuart Varney FBN discussion.

  14. I do not disagree with my friend Keith very often but I don’t buy the idea that “Obama is trying to do the right thing”.
    As we published just a few hours ago, his refusal to restrict travel from the three nations in Africa suffering from Ebola is based on the political optics of race, his base and turnout for the midterm elections. After the votes are cast he will impose the travel ban and he will do it earlier if enough Democratic candidates holler at him for help.
    Bill Low,

  15. Watching a bit of CNN at lunchtime. They cut away to the president at noon, expecting him to announce his new ebola csar. Instead, he gave a rambling speech about the economy and how the middle class and other americans have been saved from shady mortgages and auto loans and he got us out of the “worst economic crisis since the depression”. WTF? It was surreal – he even lost his spot on the teleprompter with a long awkward pause. CNN cut him off and went back to their ebola coverage, then cut to Gov. Rick Perry, who was actually talking about steps to contain the outbreak.

    I am now under the impression that Obama has some sort of out of control drug problem, and his handlers are losing control.

  16. “I believe Obama is sincere in trying to do the right thing here.”

    Sure and begorrah he is Keith…he is trying to do the right thing for Obama. Just like always. Some things never change. Ain’t that a comfort?

  17. Via Betsy McCollough
    Ron Klain, Ebola czar, will not be reporting to Obama; he will be reporting to Susan Rice and Jeh (Homeland Security).

    Incredibly, the WH announced that Klain was chosen because ‘he would not allow protecting the American people distract him from fighting ebola in Africa!’

    Obama STILL doesn’t get it! Or does he?

  18. Keith, I enjoy reading your opinions, but I think someone knocked you over the head with the rose-colored glasses re: “I believe Obama is trying to do the right thing.”
    Obama sees this as a political problem, not the health crisis that Ebola is. I wonder if Obama doesn’t want to restrict flights because he would then also have to close our southern border to really make the flight restrictions effective.
    Plus the other political considerations listed below, including try to ignore the problem because of the midterm elections.

  19. i prefer to call Klain & Rice (Klains new boss; yes Susan “the riot was caused by a video)” Rice) the Shyster & the Shill. What a load of crap we as Americans are being handed.

  20. One more transmission? This POS will wait until 9 million more people are put at risk before he CONSIDERS the travel ban? I say who needs Obama? Put the travel ban in effect now. What do we pay taxes for? That we have to wait until some mentally challenged POS decides we need a ban about four months from now? After more people are being hurt for no reason? This whole Ebola thing is Obama’s fault, this never should have happened in America. He did nothing and is continuing to do nothing to keep this crap disease out of here, he knew it was coming here. Impeach, get rid of the POS now! Not later after everyone is dead. So many fools in government today, cowards, evil, no one protecting us. A traitor for a “president” and still no one does nothing about it.

  21. You think Obama’s being sincere? How could you think that when he is writing the script for all his puppets to repeat to us? He’s evil, never sincere, never has been and never will be, hates us. We know that now.