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Obama Appoints Political Operative to be Ebola Czar

Can you even believe the headline?

President Obama today named veteran Democratic political operative and former White House staffer Ron Klain to take over the federal response to Ebola.

Ron KlainKlain was chief of staff for both former Vice President Gore and current Vice President Biden. He served as a Democratic staffer in the Senate. He helped lead the Florida recount effort for Al Gore against George W. Bush. He helped Obama prep for the 2008 debates and did the same for John Kerry in 2004. He currently works for AOL-minted zillioniare Steve Case.

He knows as much as you do about Ebola. He doesn’t even know anything about medicine, except as it relates, I assume, to whatever procedures he’s had.

I get why they chose Klain. Everyone in Washington likes him, he has lots of White House experience, understands the government process, and he has the confidence of the president. People will know that when Klain speaks, he does so with the authority of the president. All of that is valuable.

The problem is, at a time when people wouldn’t trust this White House to babysit their pet hamster, Obama has decided to bring in someone Americans have no reason to believe.

Klain’s loyalties lie with Obama, Biden, and the Democratic Party. Whatever his potential for effectiveness, Klain long ago drank the Democratic Koolaid, and it’s dripping through his pores.

His chief assignment will be public relations for the White House, which is really what he’s proven himself at. That is the essential task of a Washington politicians’ chief of staff: making sure the boss looks really good.

Was there no CEO from the healthcare sector, someone who perhaps even had some prior service at a high level of government, who could have run this thing? Why choose someone who is bound to have one eye on Obama’s political standing, another on the midterms, and another on Biden’s presidential prospects. You know, assuming of course he has three eyes.

The Ebola czar needs to be maniacally focused on Ebola. He needs to be able to contradict his political bosses, do things that are not in their interests, and even resign out of principle if necessary. There’s nothing in Ron Klain’s resume to suggest that the needs of Obama and Biden won’t be coming first as he he hands down his edicts to us serfs.

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  1. Just posted this downthread, but it’s relevant:

    Via Betsy McCollough (FBN)

    Ron Klain, Ebola czar, will not be reporting to Obama; he will be reporting to Susan Rice and Jeh (Homeland Security).

    Incredibly, the WH announced that Klain was chosen because ‘he would not allow protecting the American people distract him from fighting ebola in Africa!’

    If this quote from Betsy is accurate, the WH has some ‘splainin to do.

    • Since when did fighting ebola in Africa become more important than protecting the American people?

      Obummer needs impeachment. Now, before we’re all sick.

    • from PBS on the appointment:

      ***Klain will report to the president’s homeland security adviser Lisa Monaco and National Security Adviser Susan Rice. Klain will be tasked with ensuring “that efforts to protect the American people by detecting, isolating and treating Ebola patients in this country are properly integrated but don’t distract from the aggressive commitment to stopping Ebola at the source in West Africa,” a White House official said in an e-mail.***

      So, in other words, we don’t want American’s safety to distract from the main goal of stopping Ebola in West Africa and Ron’s just the man to not get distracted!

    • “Reckless Endangerment Of The Republic.”
      An astute observation Martha.

      I would also add the decision to use the 101st Airborne Army to build hospital facilities in Africa.
      These are warriors trained to kill the enemy, why are they building hospitals ????
      The National Guard also should not be deployed in a foreign country while our borders are wide open.

      The state governors have the final say on that unless Obama once again overrides the will of the people with an EO.

      • Thanks for noting that. I pulled up a site about the National Guard yesterday. (Wikipedia). It did remind me of the National Guard in each state. I had asked WHD readers, if anyone had heard the number that they are sending. Is it some from each state? The Natil. Guard are needed for other things for our safety. I do not want anyone, in any state to not have enough Natl. Guard there.
        The Congress and the Reps, really need to start paying attention.
        I do not care what party they belong to.
        I agree with you on our fine military personal.
        If anyone sees a list stating what each Governer thinks about o sending our Natl. Guard, please let us know.

        • The Democrat-Socialists in the cesspool Congress & blue state commie Govenors have NO PROBLEM sending their state National Guard troops, under Obama orders, where ever Dear Leader Obama orders. Because if things go wrong Obama can lay the blame at the state Govenors…

          -or you can listen to that b#tch Shep Smith and know there is no concern over Ebola

          • Yes I had to turn him off.
            As far as the Governer’s I want them to state out loud, that they are for or against it. Than explain how many from their state is being sent.

      • I saw a letter from Congress Critters Ellison of MN, the Muslim, Sheila Jackson Lee and one other urging Obama not only to send the Army and National Guard to West Africa but to make sure they have face-to-face, hands-on experience with Ebola victims. They love our military.

        Not sure the military has to obey Obama on this one. Col. Ralph Peters suggested they do it on a voluntary basis if so inclined.

  2. Obama is more concerned with political fall out than he is with the safety of Americans. Otherwise he wouldn’t have appointed a political hack.

    Obama won’t ban flights from Ebola hot zones because he doesn’t want to destroy their economies. What does he think will happen to our economy while airliners take enormous liability risks flying passengers from there? It won’t be long before the ambulance chasing attorneys have a 1-800 number to call to join lawsuits if you’ve been exposed on a flight.

  3. You’re wrong on one count Keith, we do know more about Ebola (Enterovirus too) than the newest Czar. As citizens and parents, we are actively studying all information relating to these deadly plagues.

  4. What? do they hate this guy, did he go all turncoat on them?
    Being named “Czar of Ebola” isn’t exactly a resume enhancer, and there’s hardly any upside to this position.

    Maybe they have some comprimising video of him, or checked his IRS returns and found some disturbing figures.
    Why else agree to take this job?

  5. So “the president” goes with a party hack who was involved in the Solyndra mess and has no experience in any sort of healthcare. Why am I not surprised?

  6. His first comment will be – “I do not need to be a doctor since I will be advised by doctors and other professionals”. My response would be – “well gee, your boss is not a doctor and was advised by them and “other professionals”, and look at the situation they have put us in now!!”

    Can you say.. he’s there just in case someone has to be thrown under the bus?

  7. This is like when a school district has a bad principal and they remove them from the job, appoint some flunky, and whoooosh…the principal ends up somewhere else where they still collect their big paycheck, despite their ineptitude….. typical response from lefty union folks.


  8. The NYT original story said about Klain that “he is known for his ability to handle high-stakes & fast-moving political crises.“.

    The copy has been revised. The word now is challenges.

    Who called the NYT? Obama himself? SOMEONE called and asked for that to be changed.

  9. Klain was a contender to take Rahm’s job back in 2010.
    Also, Klain was a lobbyist for Fannie Mae while his wife worked for it (with Tom Donilon). It’s always a family affair with the Dems, isn’t it?

    His wife has a rather stunning background. She was special assistant to Secretary of Defense (Panetta, then only briefly to Hagel) before becoming Executive Director of the Wharton Public Policy Initiative. Her bio at WPPI sez: “….During her tenure at the U.S. Department of Defense, Ms. Medina has been a principal advisor on all defense policy matters involving personnel, energy and environmental issues, including veterans’ employment and transition to civilian life, military health care and health care IT, women in the military, the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” as well as energy policy, real estate matters, installation management, response to natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy, and adaptation to climate change. She has travelled with the Secretary on diplomatic visits to Japan, China, New Zealand, and Afghanistan. Previously, Ms. Medina was the Principal Deputy Undersecretary for Oceans and Atmosphere and Principal Deputy Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration at the Department of Commerce. In that position, she advised Secretary Gary Locke and Acting Secretary Rebecca Blank on issues such as climate change, satellite procurement, ports and infrastructure modernization, oil and gas development, cleanup of the Gulf of Mexico following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, development in the Arctic, and tourism. Prior to joining the Obama Administration, Ms. Medina served as a Senior Officer in the Pew Environment Group and she opened the U.S. office of the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Ms. Medina also served as a Deputy General Counsel at Fannie Mae…”

  10. OT: ISIS flying three jets in Syria
    Iraqi pilots who have joined ISIS are training members of the group to fly in three captured fighter jets.
    Reuters was not immediately able to verify the report and the U.S. Central Command said: It was not aware of ISIS jets in Syria.
    (Listed under latest headline)
    There is an article as well on
    (Listed in the World division of the sight)

      • If I remember right some old MiG-21’s or 23’s from another article. F-22 sitting back 25 miles and Fox-1…… and done. However, how were they missed in the “Air Shock and Awwwwww Crap” ordered by BO?

      • Did you hear Lt. Col. Tony Schaffer (Ret) Army speak on Fox just now? He said the military personal only given 2 week training.
        The hotels they are staying in, do not have proper protection.
        He said as well they are building Hospices for the dead.
        Bottom line, he said the troops don’t belong there.
        If this interview, I just saw is on the web now or later on, and you are able to read it. Please let me know what your thoughts are.

  11. This needs an military person in charge. When the UK had the Foot and Mouth outbreak in 2001 the civil service fudged it and it got out of hand. A soon to retire Brigadier was brought in and he got on top of things and got things under control. We still had to slaughter over 10 million livestock animals. Bureaucracy is the friend of a virus such as Ebola, as nothing will happen quick when government numpties make the decisions.

    • I just caught a minute of her on Special Report — only grabbed that she would assist the new Czar. But it appears she maintains her Czarina status. I am not sure what the how the Czarist system works in tandem with the US political system.

      About time to abolish the Czars for all future Administrations. Obama’s czars tend to hang around forever. Some disappear like the formerly MIA Ebola Czarina. Obama is not the first to appoint Czars, but he should be the last.

      Unless of course we will be ruled by Czars and not Presidents in the future. Kind of touch and on that one.

  12. Listening to Mark Levin right now. He is in the process of fileting Klain’s background, reputation and experience. Klain turns out to be one of the most vicious, spiteful, malicious political operatives in Washington.

    It’s obvious to all but the dimmest that his job is to protect Obama from all criticism, attack those who question Obama’s handling of the Ebola phenomenon and bark like a puppy when Obama tells him to “speak”.

  13. Just a musing. If one followed a trail I would suspect Kain “gave an assist” to Hunter Biden in the investment community. Makes sense to me.

  14. Here is one of the puzzling aspects of Obama’s continuous mishandling of the Ebola situation: why hasn’t he called upon the two UN Navy hospital ships to assist in identifying and treating potential and active Ebola patients? These ships are 1,000 bed hospitals, can be easily set offshore the affected areas (US and West Africa), have full diagnostic and treatment capabilities, One of their missions, in fact, is to respond to exactly these kinds of medical emergencies. Perhaps Obama doesn’t know we have these hospital ships?

  15. Obama will capitalize on the fears of Americans and money will be squandered like Solyndra….money spent and nothing achieved. The newly assigned Ebola Czar was involved in doling out money to Solyndra and responsible for the disbursement of funds for the “shovel ready” jobs that did little to sustain the economy.

    It is now evident by who Obama selected as Ebola Czar – Obama hates the American people and could care less about our health and welfare. This selection is, sadly, an intentional move by Obama to cause us harm.

    Zuckerberg should have given the $25 million to a research laboratory working on a vaccination – giving it to the CDC is ludicrous given that they continuously waste taxpayer money on many inconsequential studies.

  16. Don’t we have a Surgeon General any longer? What about the Public Health Service?

    Or are they too busy teaching children to put condoms on cucumbers?