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Luntz: Collapse in Confidence in Government, Media

GOP polling guru Frank Luntz says the American people have lost confidence in all government institutions, including those designed to keep us healthy, as well as the media who report what those institutions are doing.

Ironically, he finds that confidence in government was at its highest under a president who was trying to get government to do less: Ronald Reagan.

Reagan was also a strong and decisive leader, of course.

No doubt some in Washington will find all this mysterious, but it’s not very complicated. The government has lied to us repeatedly, and the mainstream media are biased toward the left and too cozy with the people they cover.

And, the American people aren’t stupid, to the surprise of those who govern them and inform them from Washington, and they’ve figured all this out.

7 Responses to Luntz: Collapse in Confidence in Government, Media

  1. Reading backwards from MrO’s credit card refusal to this piece:
    Our first impression is that MrO is lying about his card being refused, because he has lied so much in the past we obviously don’t believe anything he says is factual.
    Which kinda proves that the people have lost trust in the government. If most of us see “the government” as the President, or the political leaders, then the lost trust is their fault.

    Who trusts that the IRS is fair and just, that it imposes it’s big foot to tax scofflaws without political or personal considerations now- answer- no one. The DOJ has lost their mission of fairness to chase after alleged racists who wish to harm anyone of AF-Am descent and no one else.
    ICE and HHS only exist to make life easy for illegal aliens while ignoring our laws against , well, being illegal aliens.
    The heads of departments have mysterious computer crashes, they lie, they spend our money then lie about it, give our money to their political friends, and no one is ever responsible for anything.

  2. What amazes me is the fact that we no longer only have 3 prime TV channels to get the news. As far as newspapers years ago, most people only read the local newspaper. This mess was not going on.
    Now everyone has access to news from all over the world, and they are blind sheep. I am still trying, praying that people will wake up, or at least
    BAA about it.