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Report: Obama to Send National Guard to Liberia

Updated 6:14 pm ET

President Obama is expected to sign an executive order today that would permit deployment of National Guard troops to Liberia to fight the Ebola plague.

According to NBC News:

President Barack Obama is expected to issue an executive order Thursday paving the way for the deployment of National Guard forces to Liberia to help contain the Ebola outbreak there, sources told NBC News.

The sources said that eight engineers and logistical specialists from the Guard, both active-duty and reservists, would probably be included in the first deployment. They are expected to help build 17 Ebola treatment centers, with 100 beds apiece. The sources said that no decision had been made.

Defense Department officials said that the executive order was necessary to speed the deployments, and would allow the president to send additional forces as needed.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today declined to either confirm or deny the report.

UPDATE: Obama issued the order this afternoon.

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  1. This is beyond the pale. He won’t use the Guard to secure our own southern border but he’ll put them in Ebola’s way for political correctness?
    The man has crossed the line from bad to treason. Take the Senate in November and impeach his sorry A$$ in January. That seems to be the only hope America has left.

      • I was telling my friend today the same thing. The military, National Guard, they should all refuse. Jail would be better for them than death. This Obama so-called “president” is clearly biased and racist and is favoring Africa over the United States by not protecting us which is his JOB, hello. Obama is obviously sick with power like Hitler. This maniac must be stopped. We should not have Ebola in America. There is absolutely no reason not to have a travel ban to protect us. This “president” is obviously a racist and more concerned about other countries than the U.S. which is his job to protect the U.S. first.

          • They should all refuse to go to Africa and die from Ebola! Let them put 4000 in jail, that would be better than death! Let Obama take his sorry ass there to Africa now. He never would, he’s a coward who wants to kill all of us. Its obvious he’s a sicko.

          • They have to follow LAWFUL orders, and that’s a critical distinction.

            Perhaps someone with a commission, past or present, can better explain what constitutes a lawful order under the UCMJ.

            But I would HAVE to think that deliberately ordering your troops into a death trap isn’t exactly the most lawful order in the annals of military history.

  2. There is no vaccine or cure and unlike AIDS, it is highly contagious and non-selective. It appears the virsus can live outside the body and on surfaces for up to seven days. The death rate appears to be around 70%. You catch it from ANY exposure to ANY bodily fluids. This means droplets from sneezing and sweat. Containment is the only way to prevent its spread.

    It was found to be spreading fast in Liberia due to contact with the sweat left on the seats in Taxi’s.

    In the US, cases have been reported by the news in four States (Florida, Nebraska, Texas and Georgia) as of last week. Now News rumors say Michigan, New York, California and Washington DC also have cases but the CDC is not reporting. Per the CDC one has died in the US. According to the UN, EIGHT are reported dead in the US.

      • I hate to put a damper on this….
        However has anyone thought of the safety of our food.
        One person who is sick, who sneezes and catchs the yuk with his hand, than picks up the apple, puts it down. Next person picks up the apple, than wipes their eye, mouth, babies mouth, etc.
        I am not a doctor, but I feel it just might be to late to worry about the flights at this point. If this would have been nipped in the bud, maybe we would have had a better handle on the whole issue.
        Has anyone found heard if Britian has had any fall out from this, since they cancelled flights. Has anyone snuck in by flying from W. Africa to other Countries before arriving in Britian?

        • All good cautionary examples, Lee. You’ve nailed it. Ebola is roaming around the country now, we all know that. It’s looking for good hosts to live in. It’s going to be everywhere. This will not end well, I’m afraid. Not sure what’s happening in the UK, but there we have the National Health Service, a disaster of a health system, though people can go to a private physician or clinic if they have the money.

    • In the US, cases have been reported by the news in four States (Florida, Nebraska, Texas and Georgia) as of last week. Now News rumors say Michigan, New York, California and Washington DC also have cases but the CDC is not reporting. Per the CDC one has died in the US. According to the UN, EIGHT are reported dead in the US. SNIP


  3. I am worn out, I am watching the WH P. Conf., the Ebola hearing, now I find out National guards are being shipped to Africa.
    He does not know how to send them to our border when THOUSANDS were walking over, like we invited them to dinner.
    By the way a moment ago at the hearing. They testified that no U.S. troops (men/woman) will be working with Ebola patients.

  4. Isn’t he sending 3,000 to 4,000 troops. Now on top of that, the National Guard? Too bad he refused to use the Guard to secure our southern border.

  5. “We’re going to bring in construction engineers and equipment to build Ebola treatment units quickly… Our medical professionals will train 500 local health care workers a week to educate the local population on Ebola… We will also provide the capability to resupply critical infrastructure to continue Ebola treatment and prevention programs until the host nation or other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can take responsibility for these sustainment efforts. SNIP

    Fort Campbell is contributing 700 troops to a force that will number 3,000-4,000 personnel for the estimated 12 month long mission.


      • I’m sorry. My comment at 8:42 might seem snarky, but it was earnest.

        This is the force that kicked Nazi ass all over Europe. They are highly trained, extremely disciplined and represent the best this nation has to offer when it comes to arriving in the worst possible environments and bringing order to chaos.

  6. An Executive-Order for the National Guard?!?… I think I see where the administration got confused; when they needed somebody to “FIGHT” Ebola, they thought “Military!.. those guys can ‘fight’… Let’s send them…” Either that or for some reason they just want to let the military snort some Ebola at ground-zero…
    …This is ACTUALLY more of a job for the nice liberals in organizations like “AmeriCorps”, “US State Dept”, the “American Red Cross”, “Doctors Without Borders”, and “Engineers Without Borders”… Not sure that sending a bunch of Soldiers trained to use rifles and clear minefields & IEDs [Army Engineers] will be the most efficient approach at something like this…
    …and only 8 guys to build 17 one-hundred-bed facilities?!?… Those guys are going to be BUSY!!!! Either they are ‘high speed’ individuals, or somebody wants to punish them with some HARD LABOR…

    • Horrible, you are so right. Punishment by hard labor! Its the military, not construction workers or medical personnel! I only hope that someone jumps the fence at the White House with you know what! for putting our troops in danger like this. And no one can stop this maniac? This Obama is seriously sick and dangerous. He should be removed.

  7. Not to our border to protect Americans but to Liberia???

    Obama’s desire is to stick it to the military and weaken this country. First he sends the 101st and now the National Guard.

  8. Why? Why? Why? Is there no evil this Dictator and his communist henchmen and women will not stoop to? Seal off Liberia and the rest of West Africa from the rest of the world and let the virus burn itself out. Dictator Obama is clinically insane. How he hates this country and our military.

    • I just read an article on Drudge, that they were closing borders along certain Countries, being able to contain it.
      Hello. Border!
      We are sending National Guard. Now the article above states 8 engineers and logistical specialists will be included in the first deployment and will send more as needed.
      Will there be some from each state, that will be sent, leaving a proper amount here at home for each state?

    • The airlines should refuse to go to Liberia or wherever and keep these sick people off their airplanes and away from the USA. Hope they do. Why would an airline let Ebola people on their planes because after that, they can’t use the planes anymore, I would think that airplanes filled with Ebola would have to be put out of commission?

  9. Cancel all visas and keep casual travelers from affected countries from entering the U.S.

    What’s so difficult about that? As a bonus the government can stop the “screening” nonsense at U.S. airports.

    Win win, especially if the National Guard could be called up to close OUR southern border.

  10. Ed Henry said calling up the National Guard is WH “trying to show action”– in addition to deployment of 3900 which is slower — logistics etc.

    No one on the Hill or media appears overly concerned about the NG call up. Not like we are. Bizarre.

    • About 100 Screaming Eagles already are there, with many more about to deploy very soon. (I posted a link about that last bit at 2:13 this afternoon).

      • They should refuse. Its a death sentence. These guys are crazy to go there, go to jail, its safer for them, their families, friends, because that could spread here if they bring it back home, like wildfire.

  11. This is beyond outrageous -proof positive that this quisling hates America and it’s people. He’s playing Russian roulette with the lives of every American who steps foot into the hot zone. He is trading American lives to save his peeps in W.Africa. He refuses to let the Guard protect our borders and now we have millions of third worlders invading the country.

    Patient Zero had no trouble getting to the U.S. He waited the two weeks required to obtain a visa, quit his job the next day, and was on the next flight enroute to the US. How many others are following in his footsteps as we speak? Worst case scenario if ebola spreads in the U.S – our hospitals will be filled with Obama’s peeps and there will be no room for Americans! Far-fetched? Maybe. Impeach him or just throw him to the curb. We can’t wait two more years.

  12. This is hard to countenance: 17 facilities w/100 beds each!
    And this while our borders are wide open and the entire US has 11 beds!! Moreover, soldiers will be exposed to the disease.
    Think about it. How does a person feel about this country to issue
    such an order?