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The Obama Morning News || October 16, 2014

CDC permitted health worker to fly . . . 
Washington Post: “Before she boarded her flight, the second worker who would later be diagnosed with Ebola reported her fever to the CDC, but she was still allowed to travel to Ohio.”

Obama vows “more aggresive” Ebola response . . . 
The Hill: Obama pledged that the federal government would step up its monitoring and supervision. Ebola “SWAT Team” to be at the ready.

Administration was warned . . . 
Washington Times: “The Centers for Disease Control told the incoming Obama administration in 2008 that it should establish 18 regional disease detection centers around the world to adequately safeguard the U.S. from emerging health threats like Ebola, according to an agency memo.”

Are you hiding something? . . .
This is when the White House’s lost credibility comes back to haunt them. Americans not only don’t trust the government to protect them, they simply don’t trust the government at all.

Nearly half of U.S. voters think the government is hiding information about Ebola, according to a new Fox News poll. They also “are concerned the Ebola virus will spread throughout the United States, support banning flights from countries where the virus has broken out, and think media coverage on Ebola has been appropriate rather than sensationalized.” Fox News

Boehner demands travel ban . . .
Examiner: “House Speaker John Boehner said President Obama should “absolutely consider” a travel ban from West African nations stricken with the Ebola virus.” White House says no.

CDC Bus Logic . . .
We still haven’t figured out if you can get it on a bus. CNS News: “Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said during a telephone press briefing Wednesday that you cannot get Ebola by sitting next to someone on a bus, but that infected or exposed persons should not ride public transportation because they could transmit the disease to someone else.”

CDC Director Frieden to face Congress . . . 
Daily Mail: Dr Daniel Varga, the operator of the Texan hospital in which two nurses contracted Ebola, and Dr Thomas Frieden, the director of the Centers for Disease Control, will testify before a congressional committee. The hearing starts at noon ET and will investigate why so many failings are being made dealing with Ebola in Dallas, Texas. I will live stream it if I can pick it up.

Poll: We’re going to hell in a handbasket . . . 
The new Fox News poll finds 58 percent of voters feel things in the world are “going to hell in a handbasket,” including 48 percent of Democrats. ​”Meanwhile, by a 61-36 percent margin, voters say they don’t feel hopeful about the direction of the country.

“Plus, by a 10 percentage-point margin, more voters think the country is “worse off” today than before Obama was elected (49 worse off vs. 39 better off). The president’s job rating is only slightly better: 40 percent approve and 52 percent disapprove.

“And then there’s this: voters not only think his signature legislation ObamaCare is “mostly a bad thing” for the country (52 percent), they also believe the administration misrepresented the law to get it passed (55 percent). By a 57-34 percent margin, voters say Obama “waited too long” to take action against ISIS.” Fox News

Obama won’t stop naming national monuments . . . 
Republicans charge it’s a backdoor federal land grab and an abuse of power. Abuse of power? Obama?The Hill: “The president has named 13 national monuments so far using the century-old Antiquities Act, putting tight restrictions on more than 1 million acres of public land.

The most recent designation came last week, when the president designated more than 350,000 acres of the San Gabriel Mountains in California as a monument near Los Angeles.”​

54 Responses to The Obama Morning News || October 16, 2014

  1. Flight from Paris to Spain

    7:43 AM (20 minutes ago)

    Flight from Paris to Spain:
    MPR (MN Public Radio) reporting that an aircraft is now being held in a “special area” because a passenger on board exhibited a fever and chills.

  2. Obama last week told the American people that Ebola can not be transmitted via public transportation (remember he said you can’t catch Ebola by riding a bus) but now states that exposed persons should not ride public transportation because they could transmit the disease to someone else.

    Obama doesn’t have the experience or management skills needed to contain this health crisis. Obama is lacks the ability to (1) to identify the risk associated with this crisis; (2) forecast various scenarios and then develop a plan to address the spread of this deadly disease;
    (3) implement a plan of action; and (4) create a system that monitors the implementation of the plan and the results achieved.

    The Director of the CDC should resign as he, along with Obama, have mis-managed this health threat to Americans from day 1. In addition, America is without a Surgeon General.

    Party lines aside, we should call on Ben Carson to take over this national health crisis and get the job done.

    • Having Dr. Tom Frieden resign is too easy, drop him off in Liberia or Sierra Leone. Let him find out, first hand, how easily Ebola is spread. Then he can personally brief Dr. Obama.

        • Carson has to have some understanding of diseases, viruses, bacteria and prevention or his patients surely would have died. Meanwhile, all Frieden has demonstrated is that he and Obama are circus clowns flying by the seat of their pants.

        • 1) He does have executive or managerial experience. 2) He’s not a one-note Johnny and probably knows more than many of the bureaucrats working at the CDC. 3) He would operate (pardon the pun) on a scientific basis not a political one.

          • Just because an educated person is high profile does not mean he can manage.
            Leaders are born, not made, IMO.
            Has he managed an enormous government entity?
            Does he have experience in coordinating a large scale combative effort?
            People who are intelligent and informed are needed – but that does not mean they have the management expertise to handle something like a potentially devasting and large scale Ebola outbreak.

          • Leaders are born not made.
            True leaders see the situation and work to change it.
            Obama is not a leader, he was installed as the POTUS by the progressives.

          • I am not being sarcastic–I do not think Carson is suited to the job–it’s administrative, pubic health–not his area and all the commonsense in the world does not substitute for training.

          • Does anyone remember how I posted a while back that I had written about our public health system some yrs ago and it was much in need of improvement then–I wondered if it had improved. I am beginning to think it has not. For one thing, it’s not like they are following all the contacts like they do with STD contacts or AIDS. They depend on them to use their own common sense and not endanger the public–and now we have some trained doctor waltzing out to get takeout and a nurse having to ask should she fly with a fever. I also posted a list of highly talented bureaucrats–don’t remember if one was in the health area–but we need someone like that.

  3. A Washington Times article states that Obama was told by the CDC in 2008 that the WH should establish 18 regional disease detection centers around the world to adequately safeguard the U.S. from emerging health threats like Ebola, according to an agency memo.

    Obama ignored the recommendation and once again, like ISIS, mis-managed the threat to the welfare of the American people.

    Obama continues to ignore the recommendations of our military leaders, and now the CDC. Obama is more interested in playing golf and flying around in his private jet ….he is the “empty chair”.

  4. The Antiquities Act was reasonable at the time but it also, like the Founders and the Constitution, only anticipated President’s of honor using it.
    Hopefully there is a way to remove some designations should common sense people ever return to power in Washington. (I know, I’m dreaming but hey, that’s about all I’ve got left. lol)

    • Keep the faith Geoff.
      “A dream is a wish your heart makes.”
      Time to go with the heart and not the mindless drones that are ruining this Country.
      We can only hope that a Patriotic surge is on the doorstep.
      I am an optimist, and I feel that it is.

  5. It’s deja vu all over again. From an escalating war we have no chance of winning, to What did he/they know and when did he/they know it.

  6. Not only did FCMABBHO ignore the CDC’s advice to establish those centers around the world to contain infectious diseases, he also withdrew proposed CDC regulations in 2010 that would’ve allowed the government to quarantine travelers who showed symptoms of avian flu, swine flu, smallpox, infectious tuberculosis, Ebola and other diseases.

  7. CDC permitted health worker to fly . . .
    Washington Post: “Before she boarded her flight, the second worker who would later be diagnosed with Ebola reported her fever to the CDC, but she was still allowed to travel to Ohio.”

    I don’t think this is accurate. She did not have a fever when she went TO Ohio. She had one when she flew BACK to Texas.

  8. Dr. Frieden’s line on traveling by bus and his argument against a travel ban from West Africa or the use of charter planes at least defy logic completely. I have a sense that he has been bent to parrot Obama’s views, that is, he has been politically co-opted. And the irony is that Obama will surely make him the fall guy and throw him under the bus when it doesn’t work out.

  9. Many of us, including myself, were a little unfair to the second nurse who has come down with Ebola after treating Thomas Duncan. She had doubts herself whether she should have flown with a temperature of 99.5 and checked in with the CDC which gave her the go-ahead. Ooops, now we know that the CDC threshold of 100.4 is not a red line in the sand with Ebola.

    • My sympathy lies with all the people in the US who act responsibly and still contract Ebola. She called and she acted responsibly. And my sympathy lies with the military and their families. Prayers and support to all those people.

      It is their superiors (including the CIC) who should be called to task.

      As for those who go vountarily to help. I am on the fence. Because they are a mixed bag of humanitarian and noble and willing and not. Nancy Snyderman comes to mind.

      • Was she there to help, or was she there to report? Sure, she’s a doctor, but to what did she believe she owed her duty: to her professional ethics or to her employer?

      • Dr. Snyderman obviously thought, arrogantly, that the rules did not apply to her. Because she is so high-profile, I think she should be made an example and fired. Yes, I am very afraid for our military going over there to help. You just know that when speaking of three to four thousand, some are going to have accidents.

      • I think a nurse knowing she might have it would have the mother wit not to fly and would not have to ask someone. I put a very high value on nurses (even more than doctors) having been the reluctant guest in hospitals over the yrs. I think they are being thrown in the mix without sufficient thought–still, someone is sick, someone responds. But I also think they are smart enough to make the no-fly call on their own.

    • The number 100.4 is not a good indicator. Not everyone’s base temperature is 98.6. Mine is 97.3 which means I would be sicker at 99.5 than someone with a fever of 99.5 whose base is 98.6. In fact, I’d be slightly sicker than that person who has a fever of 100.4.

    • Texas Presbyterian told all healthcare workers involved in Duncan’s treatment to self-monitor. If I am told to monitor for an illness, that says to me that there is a possibility, no matter how remote, that I could become infectious.

      Ebola should have never entered this country. But it is here. It is time for people to act responsibly and think about others. It was 21 days that she had to put the safety of others ahead of her own desires. Especially to fly home when Nurse Pham had been diagnosed. If she was worried enough about having a low-grade fever to call the CDC then she should have also been worried enough about the well-being of the 132 people that she put at risk by boarding the aircraft.

      Her actions were irresponsible. The fact that she had treated a known Ebola patient should have set off a whole bunch of red flags with the jerk she spoke to at CDC too, she should have been firmly told not to board the plane, not given the go-ahead. The person she talked to at CDC should be filling out unemployment insurance papers right now! Even without that information from the CDC, she is a trained nurse who has knowledge of infectious diseases and how they spread. Unless she was asleep during the infection control lecture in nursing school, she knew it was a possibility she had been infected.

      I will continue to pray for her and for all others infected. I am just amazed at the lack of common sense on her part, the total blank slate when it came to infectious diseases. If this were just a regular Joe, it would be one thing. This is an experienced nurse who has been trained and should have know better; without having to place a call to the CDC.

      When the Flu season hits, it will be mass chaos.

      • Dances, good post. Mass chaos is indeed on its way here. Here’s what is driving it. About 6,000 people come to the US from these West African Ebola affected countries each week. If you run the math, it’s perfectly plausible–about 4-6 plane loads per day. That’s 24,000 passengers a month. There is no possible way we can effectively screen this many people for Ebola. We are screwed. Stop the flights!