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Live Stream || CDC Director Frieden Testifies on Ebola to Congress

Coverage of the hearing has concluded.

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  1. OT: I brought a friend of mind to the eye specialist this morning.
    I sat in the waiting room, with people of all ages, and walks of life.
    There were two TV’s with 2 different cable news channels on it.
    I looked at the faces of the different people. All had the same expression as they watched the news. It was not a mad, or negative look, but a face of (calm) amazement, by what was happening/not happening regarding this whole Ebola issue.

  2. So far, it’s just another political show that will end with a wimper. Nothing new will be forthcoming, nothing will be settled, and we’re all still in danger.
    At least 4 schools have closed because of the chance of contamination of children who were on the airplane with the Af-Am nure, and the Spanish nurse will be moved to another hospital.

    They’re lying to us. They know something we don’t, and they’re afraid to tell us.

    • I would like to remain postive. It has crossed my mind that a mass confusion is what they are striving for. If that happens he (they) can call for ______.

      I was unaware of the school closures. Ask good mom what should be done. I would listen to her instead of what has been fed to us so far.

    • I use to hatch and grow worms out back and sell them to anglers too lazy to dig their own worms. I fed them and watched them squirm, grow and slither around, wet and slimy. That’s what this panel testifying this morning reminded me of.

        • LOL.. yes, they are. Worms leave lots of useful nitrogen in the soil (poop) and do other neat stuff as well (create water pathways, etc.). Not sure of the emissions of politicians but the rumor is they produce plenty of inert nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide gas and mercaptans. None of which are particularly pleasant. ;+}

  3. Good thing my son’s in school because I let loose with a load of vile and vehement vituperation at DeGette during her opening statement. She’s one of the reasons I’m glad to be out of Colorado.

  4. Limited beds at the NIH hospital where the nurse is being transferred.
    Is anyone thinking about producing a huge amount of gloves, beds, etc. etc. etc.?
    I keep thinking back how Ford, rolled out those cars.
    Has America forgotten how to do that, since everything is made overseas? If we have not forgotton maybe we just don’t have the machinery etc. to produce stuff.

  5. What we are seeing here with this panel is government medical care in action. Stumbling around, lost in their PowerPoint presentations, bloated, inept bureaucracy, hysterical-level CYA, hem-hawing their way through yet another mess.

    Remember: ObamaCare=government health care.

  6. This is partly the result of dumbing down our culture and educational system. People who think picking up take-out soup with another person in the car (who was he, by the way?) is not breaking quarantine, people who think that a questionnaire can trap someone determined to lie about their exposure to Ebola, people can’t answer for themselves the question of whether they should travel to make wedding plans after caring for an Ebola patient and then developing a fever.

    People who were not raised to face reality and make hard, self-disappointing choices because they were the right choice, the moral choice, the wise choice.

    God help our nation and its future.

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