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Obama: Stay Calm

President Obama today emphasized that Americans should remain calm even as a second case of Ebola transmitted inside the United States developed in Dallas.

Obama spoke to the press pool following a meeting with key advisors on the outbreak. From the pool report:

Pool lead into Cabinet room at 5:25 pm eastern where POTUS laid out the latest response to the Ebola crisis, following a roughly two hour meeting with top agency officials. He said the reason for the meeting — and the cancellation of today’s campaign trip — was the diagnosis of a second Texas healthcare worker with the disease . . .

POTUS also outlined several responses. New “SWAT teams” from the CDC would be deployed within 24 hours to any hospital that reports a new case of the disease. The idea is to help facilities not used to dealing with Ebola . . .

But POTUS emphasized the need for calm. “Here’s what we know about Ebola. It’s not like the flu. It’s not airborne,” he said. To underline that point further, he talked about shaking hands, hugging and even kissing healthcare workers at Emory who have dealt with the disease.

Another step: further examination of the screening process at airports.

POTUS concluded remarks with a call to stay focused on the outbreak in Africa. “We have to make sure we do not lose sight of the international response,” he said. He warns that it it “rages out of control” there “it will spread globally.”

The meeting included Vice President Biden and a variety of Cabinet members and national security officials.

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        • No, I’m not calm, I’m scared and upset when I watch the news on t.v. getting paranoid, thinking of all the people on that plane 132 of them with the second sick nurse. !32 people at risk plus, how about all the people the 132 people know and their families, etc, could be hundreds at risk, who knows. For sure that stupid Obama knows nothing in the real world. Can’t wait until someone goes to Washington with it. I know that sounds horrible but I am venting about Ebola. Ebola is death, can’t this stupid President at least stop the travel here from West Africa? Is that so much to ask? How could he risk so many lives? He must be power-mad and maybe he enjoys the power of it like Hitler did? Gotta be something wrong with him. For sure, we gotta get rid of this guy. He should be thrown out now! Before its too late. Where are the Republicans making a fuss, its only about life and death? They’re no good either, I have come to the conclusion. They are no good either. But Obama is the worst sickie we have ever had in the White House.

          • this is his way for income equality. half of us get ebola and half those kick the bucket. leaves more $$$$$ for the one’s left. sad but this man doesn’t care as long as he can play golf!! I can’t believe he didn’t do it after the “cabinet meeting”. this man is a total idiot and we are stuck with him for another 2 years. I just hope we can survive this man!!!

  1. Have a pretend meeting, give speech with lies, act concerned. Pretend you care. Have a beer and watch sports. Think about golf that is only 2 days away. Have a good laugh about it all.

    2 more years of this crap????

  2. will let you know when first responders “get the memo” since i have one near and dear to me.(they have not received anything as of this date)

    • Terrible. Most concerning.

      I heard a call in today from an EMT — talking about how their training, equipment and resources not updated or adequate. Nothing has filtered to them. From this caller.

  3. On the other thread we had questions about what Congress can do. I just read that top House Republicans on the Transportation Committee will be calling for a travel ban, and I assume the Senate has a comparable committee, but of course, Harry Reid wouldn’t bring that to a vote.

  4. AIDS vs. EBOLA… the media are not revealing the FACT that both AIDS and Ebola originated and are being transmitted by West Africans. Don’t believe me? Look it up on Wikipedia

    • We all know thats true but nobody talks about it, can’t offend anyone about it. Its okay that millions die from these diseases? And still Obama wouldn’t close the border or have a travel ban. scum of the earth!

    • Think like they do: the first nurse is an Asian woman, the second is an Af-Am. How would it look if the Asian woman survives and the Af-Am doesn’t, while both are treated in the same hospital.

      • Yes, but why not give Ms. Pham special transport to Atlanta just like the African American nurse received? Then both of them would be in the same hospital again, right?

        Looks to me like the first nurse isn’t worth the expense (monetary and otherwise) to the POTUS.

      • Does anyone know if nurse#2 is the same blood type as the survivor donor of nurse#1? Will there be cries of racism, if her blood type does not match?

  5. He did not announce this: I get my fundraising money even though I didn’t show up.
    As far as the kissing. Does he really think everyone took a deep breath and said, we are going to be just fine?

  6. Another thing he didn’t mention: Do not eat any Fruit-bat soup, like they do in West Africa. Fruit bats are a KNOWN transmitter of the Ebola virus. At least that is what Wikipedia says.

  7. Obama has chosen to lie to the American people on just about everything since taking office 6 years ago. This is a corrupt and anything-but transparent administration.

  8. I don’t consulting for a living and I’m a Frequent Flyer. I’m choosing not to fly but work remotely until this blows over. Our family flying plans for Thanksgiving are also off the table.

    I have no faith in anything in this Administration is doing. I’ll continue to be in a bad mood until this empty suit leaves.

    Where’s the airlines speaking up against importing Ebola into their main market?

    • Good for you, keep your family safe and close to home. I got teary when I read your post. I can’t believe what a terrible president and administration we have, congress too is doing nothing about a travel ban, Republicans are also pretty quiet when they should shouting from the rooftops that we need to stop having West Africans come here and others too should be turned away, this is about life and death, I am scared because he is so stupid as president, not doing anything to protect us and who would believe him anyway? He’s a liar.

    • I have a long planed project in ND starting in a couple of weeks where we will have to fly from Nashville to Fargo. I have ordered a case of hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes to hand out to my crew.

      I wish that we would be able to drive but 20ish hours locked up in a van with 6 Type A personality’s would probably produce more fatalities than Ebola.

  9. Looks like Obama has finally found his ‘comfort zone’ after six years of avoiding pressers and the spinning world around him. He’s lapping up the fact that no one can ‘blame’ the ebola virus on HIM. It’s his big chance to play POTUS in front of the cameras while sitting behind the Resolute desk – like he really belongs there. Like it’s a daily occurrence. Yeah, sure!

    No need to check the calendar to see if there is an election on the horizon. The fundraisers and campaigning have all been postponed – the cameras are rolling again in the Oval Office. Obama is ‘present’ at long last! Sickening!

  10. Why are we bothering with these pretend airport screenings, when apparently the CDC tells infected people with fever they can fly on commercial flights? Just what kind of message did _that_ send? Good grief.