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The Obama Morning News || October 15, 2014

Obama to hit the campaign trail, finally . . . The Hill
President Obama will spend the final week before the midterm elections criss-crossing the country to campaign for Democratic gubernatorial candidates in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Maine, the White House announced Wednesday.

Obama to discuss Ebola with Europeans . . . Reuters
Obama will hold a video conference on Wednesday with British, French, German, and Italian leaders to discuss the Ebola epidemic in West Africa and other pressing international issues.

Obama punts on AG nomination . . . Reuters
He’ll wait until after the midterms. White House counsel Kathy Ruemmler and Solicitor General Don Verrilli are two of the leading candidates for the job, sources close to the White House said.

Other decisions await midterms t00 . . . Associated Press
A host of other contentious announcements are also in a holding pattern — chief among them the Keystone XL pipeline and immigration.

U.S. intensifies Kobani strikes . . . Reuters
American-led forces have sharply intensified air strikes in the past two days against Islamic State fighters threatening Kurds on Syria’s Turkish border 

Senate GOP: Obamacare debt tab at $131M . . . The Blaze
Senate Budget Committee Republicans released a new analysis saying Obamacare will increase the national debt by about $131 billion over the next 10 years, instead of reducing the debt as Obama and other Democrats have argued.

GOP charges coziness between EPA, enviros . . . Fox News
Newly released emails detail what Republicans say are “cozy” ties between the EPA and a top environmental advocacy group, raising questions about the group’s influence — and participation — in the Obama administration’s so-called “War on Coal.” 

Carson looking more realistic . . . Bloomberg
Rand Paul? Ted Cruz? Jeb Bush? Chris Christie? More Iowa Republicans are backing Ben Carson than all of them.

Getting Clintons cost Harkin $50K . . . Bloomberg
The Harkin Steak Fry 2014 committee spent more than $50,000 for Bill and Hillary Clinton’s jet travel to Iowa. The event raised less than $100,ooo.

Panetta ready for Hillary . . . Politico
Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Tuesday he would “absolutely” support Hillary Clinton if she ran for president, adding, “What the hell else do you want?” when listing his former cabinet colleague’s attributes for the White House.

Neil Young: Impeach Obama . . . Daily Caller
“I think we should impeach him for fracking,” said Young, donning a shirt that simply read “EARTH.”

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  1. Guess we were right about Panetta’s sudden turn on Obama, he’s ready for Hillary.

    And the Clintons are so above it all, they had to fly to a Dem FUNDRAISER in a private jet? First Class ain’t good enough for them?

    Every now and then I see a “tweet” that Mitt Romney’s been spotted flying Coach :)

  2. The Iowa pols like what DrCarson says, or his ideas, but he will never be the Repub nominee. I, too, like what he says and his ideas on different issues, but he is no more qualified to be the POTUS than MrObama was 8 years ago.

    MrPanetta just exposed his true intent with his expose on the Obama administration, and in doing so, lost all credibility.

    • I don’t know what the word for Hillary Clinton’s inability to control her bare-faced and raw political ambition is, but “antsy” always comes to my mind. This was way too early for Panetta to segue from his critique of Obama’s foreign policy to all-out support for Obama’s partner in that incompetence.

  3. Obama’s “Things To Do After the Election” list is getting pretty long….

    Good luck America. If ISIS or Ebola doesn’t get you ….

    • Gracepmc speaking of Ebola, I just read the above article Keith listed: o to discuss Ebola with Europeans.
      o should be on the TV now discussing this with the American citizens. First stating, what we already know, him putting his foot in his mouth when he said: Chances of Ebola outbreak are extemely low. If it reaches our shores we will take measures.
      He needs to cancel the dad burn fundraiser today & fly his butt to TX. on his dime. He still owes America money for all the other fundraiser flights.

      • Agree, and I suppose you and everyone else knows that there is a second health worker who cared for Thomas Duncan who has now come down with Ebola.

        • Texas is right next door. I feel for them being slammed with this issue. That Duncan man could have flown to any city in this Country. I almost fell off the chair the other day, when I read that they “were” going to send his ashes to Louisiana.
          Bush, Giullani and others put this Country at ease as they started an immediate process of protecting us.
          o’s only process, I do not have to explain to my fellow readers here at WHD.

          • The thought that our prissy prezz would come anywhere near a state — even a state as large as Texas — where Ebola has been exposed is most unlikely.

            And, sigh, I suppose, sigh, that as a loyal American, sigh, I should state, sigh, that of course, we should not expose our feckless leader to anything harmful. If circumstances dictate that he MUST enter the state this loyal American would insist that he and his entire retinue be fully protected in HAZMAT gear. And this includes protection of TOTUS as well — should he/she being making a trip as well.

        • And was on a flight Monday — Cleveland to Dallas I think.

          Anyway, news now reporting these passengers should check in with CDC.

          Yeah, top men at CDC and the WH.

          Where the heck is that Ebola Czarina.

  4. Neil Young made comments before reading this morning’s news re:
    There were Weapons of Mass Destruction.
    From 2004 to 2011 AMERICAN and American-trained Iraqi troops repeatedly encountered, and on at least six occasions were wounded by, chemical weapons remaining from yrs. earlier in Saddam Hussein’s rule.
    In all Americans secretly reported finding roughly 5,000 chemical warheads, shells or aviation bombs.

  5. I have a comment in moderation in the schedule thread but will try posting here too. The boyfriend of Dallas nurse Nina Pham reportedly was hospitalized Sunday with Ebola like symptoms. His employer sent out letters to his coworkers informing them of their possible exposure.

    Now, this morning is report of a 2nd health care worker. What I find horrifying is that the nurses also treated other patients during their shift, they weren’t really just isolated to Duncan’s care. What were the hospital administrators thinking? It shows just how ill prepared they were, especially now that we know “protective gear” for the nurses exposed necks was nothing more than adhesive tape.

    • How sad for these people. And how frightening for us. Thanks for the information.

      If the infection spreads I would assume accurate information will be even more difficult to get.

      • It seems very obvious to me that a person can get Ebola from someone who already has it but is in the asymptomatic stage. That was a terrible lie or bit of misinformation spread about with no scientific basis to it. And since there is a blackout going on about the Enterovirus, yes, I can see the government shutting down news of Ebola if it keeps getting worse.

        Come to think of it, isn’t the common cold spread while one is in the asymptomatic stage?

    • Dr. Tom Friedan, former community organizer and current director has a plan. Unfortunately, like his boss, it’ll have to wait until after the midterms. Okay sarc aside, anyone who depends on any and all government agencies should be forced to wear a Neil Young t-shirt. It’s not as though we’re living in the dark ages, it just feels that way. Liberia/Ebola was not a secret. What has been kept more secretive is the CDC $12.5 billion dollar slush fund (courtesy of the obamacare).

      • Thanks for placing the clip. I heard him speak yesteday, and was unable to pull up a website at the time.
        I am very glad the family and neighbors of Duncan have not come down with this. That includes the clean up people, the people that handed food though the door, etc.
        However, People with hazmat suits are getting ill, and the others around Duncans home have not.

    • Now there is headlines that out of the 16 Drs without borders staff members infected in Africa, 9 have died. How much would it take for hospital staff here in the US to refuse to go to work and the whole system breaks down?

  6. President Punts

    President Holding Pattern

    President Awaits

    President Hits the Trail

    AND in other news..

    The world is going to hell in a hand basket

    The Dow Jones has taken a nose dive

    Another Ebola patient in Tx.

    A quarantined Nancy Synderman steps out for dinner

    ISIS now in control of WMD stockpile in Iraq

    AND, Neil Young can go ‘frack’ himself.

  7. If the boy king is going to get into his flying carriage and meet his sheeple his retinue must be carrying boxes of special powers to his loyal lieges and new prevarications with which to slay their opponents and suppress their forces. aka October Surpise?

  8. If any good can come out of tragedy, it is that between Ebola, and the more common Enterovirus, Obama might think twice about his ‘amnesty’ plans.

  9. Another decision which will have to wait until after the midterms is the military’s decision on Bergdahl. Col. Ralph Peters was excellent last night on Hannity. I am confused why Obama can control the military in the minutest ways. The military is supposed to be apolitical and shouldn’t be told it has to wait until after an election to announce its ruling. Does the Constitution really give Obama that much power? War, after all, has not been declared.

    • “Perhaps Communists had wormed their way so deeply into our government on both the working and planning levels that they were able to exercise an inordinate degree of power in shaping the course of America in the dangerous postwar era.

      I could not help wondering and worrying whether we were faced with open enemies across the conference table and hidden enemies who sat with us in our most secret councils.” – General Mark Clark

    • Some say Obama’s purge was response to talk of opposition in the military. No matter that. Every representative of this Administration — military or civilian — is tainted and not to be trusted. Their loyalty to the country is, to be kind, suspect.

      Hence my disdain of Panetta’s Clinton Uber Alles campaign grows daily.

      I don’t know how much power the Constitution grants the President as CiC –but I do not think that would concern Obama nor will Congress challenge it. So moot.

  10. Maybe you all covered this. I am playing catch up. Panetta on Benghazi — Nobody lied about Benghazi and problem with CIA talking points — they were wrong –“unfortunate that it happened nobody bears the fault …..”

    Amazing … nobody bears the fault.

    Another scary thing — this woman Diane Rehm and her show– and the fact that it is a Google Hangout. Lots of young and liberal eyes.

    Click on the video around 33:30.

  11. On the article about the GOP statement about the economic impact debt created by ObamaCare–it’s much worse than $131 million of debt. Here are articles from the Mercatus Institute (George Mason University) which describe the devastating impact of ObamaCare across all economic measures. It’s the best reporting I’ve found so far about how ObamaCare is like an atomic bomb dropping on our economy, our way of life, employment, etc.