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Obama Cancels Campaign Trip

Alas, some wisdom breaks out in the White House.

President Obama canceled today’s campaign and fundraising events in New Jersey and Connecticut in order to focus on the growing Ebola crisis, the White House announced this afternoon.

Obama will meet with cabinet agency officials coordinating the government’s response.

That’s good news, and it’s a smart move. Not only would it have looked miserable from an appearances standpoint for Obama to be engaged in political events while a mini-Ebola epidemic – two new infections and counting – breaks out in Dallas, but it would have been disturbing to many Americans who are wondering what their leaders are doing while this deadly disease takes root on our shores.

Obama was supposed depart this afternoon to go raise money in Union, New Jersey and appear at a rally with Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy. But instead, he did the right thing.

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  1. Oops, I hadn’t seen this new post yet when I posted my comment in the previous post:

    September 2012: Our Ambassador and three other Americans are killed in a terrorist attack in Benghazi. Obummer makes a brief statement in the Rose Garden and then takes off for a fundraiser in Las Vegas.

    Today, we have news of a second nurse in Dallas testing positive for Ebola, thanks to the Lying Liberian jackass, and Obummer cancels his fundraising trip to NJ and his planned rally with Gov. Malloy in CT. He has to convene a meeting about the Ebola problem. But, in 2012 as all hell was breaking loose in Benghazi and everyone was meeting at the WH to try to figure out WTH happened, BHO took off for Vegas.

    • We’ll be seeing plenty of these, as the WH tries to salvage what good will they can. Today, CNN is running a fluff piece of Michelle dancing with a turnip, a not so subtle shout out to PPACA. Her vine was “inspired” by a question from someone who just happened to be not only an Obama impersonator, but also someone who met with Obama at the WH to discuss ways of promoting Obamacare. “Mission Accomplished!”

      Speaking of “plants”…

    • I think there has been a new BOLO for her over the last few days. I didn’t read the clip here — has she crawled out of her hole yet — or jetted back to the country from her own private island? Where she at?????

        • I also heard that Dr. Nancy Snyderman, who has been exposed to Ebola in Africa and under quarantine now in America, has gone to lunch in a public restaurant. NICE.

          • Actually she violated her voluntary isolation by riding in a car with her companion who went in and got lunch. No chance of course of the companion being a carried for special snowflake Dr. Nancy…….but she herself did not push the envelope all the way into the restaurant.

            Probably bad hair day.

  2. The cancellations are not about Ebola, they’re about this …

    15,963.26 Down 351.93(2.16%)

    Can’t be raising money while half the country is loosing theirs.

  3. This President and this Administration’s credibility is so low that even if he is going to work on this, very few Americans believe it.

  4. Maybe I shouldn’t have blasted out his schedule this morning as the 2nd Ebola case was breaking? Ooops, my bad. /sarc

    News keeps coming out about the CDC’s incompetence, no Surgeon General and the media’s trying to blame the healthcare staff.

  5. I will wait for the results of the meetings.
    They should have been out ahead of this potential problem.
    What bothers me is the fact that the president has to get involved when the threat is already on our shores.
    What are we paying the CDC for ?
    Call me skeptical.

  6. The point is that everyone who has a brain and can think independently knows that the cancellation was done purely for optics…it would look bad. How is he going to “deal with ebola”? Is he going to be donning a hazmat suit?

  7. Is there a play off game he wanted to catch instead? Or a basketball game on ESPN?
    Actually do his day job? HA HA no way ! Mr Lazy just doing as little as possible and running for cover.

  8. The best thing this incompetent communist clown can do is keep fundraising and stay out of the Ebola “crisis”. He cancelled because he probably has a hangover from last night’s debauch session.

    What exactly can Dictator Obama do to stop the virus from getting into this country? Seal off the borders and ban flights from the affected countries? He already said he ain’t gonna do either of these things so what exactly can Dictator Obama so? This is pure propaganda show to try to halt his slumping polls. Empty, meaningless gesture.

  9. I’d love to see the scorecard of his “advisors” who said GO vs. DON’T GO.

    I’d bet that he didn’t make his decision for the right reasons, but only because it would have been bad “optics”.

  10. Man Brad Smith cleaned apartments. Have used the same guys to clean. They wore yellow suits on hotside. The inside cleaners wore better suits. She questioned if the suits were class C instead of Class A. He said they are using CDC guidelines. She asked if they were monitoring themselves. He said yes. He was just on Fox.

    • It appears that the second nurse boarded the plane from Cleveland to Dallas with a low-grade fever. If she had Ebola exposure and boarded that plane with a fever, she is as low a human being as the first nurse is a hero. What a difference in these two women. One seriously took her nursing oath and the other should have her license revoked. This is how the virus will spread, by me-only-I-don’t give-a-crap idiots. My guess is that the second nurse does not fit the age and political demographics of the people on this forum.

  11. The chicken little side of me says “AH OH”…..this ebola thing might really be serious if President Ebola is going to cancel the only thing he likes to do and that’s fund raise… would be the first time the I can remember him EVER cancelling a fund raiser..

  12. At this point, Obama has never done the right thing. You give him too much credit Keith. The right thing would have been to stop flights and protect our border. Not to mention, his not doing the right things regarding F&F, Benghazi, ISIS, and the IRS.

  13. Meetings Schmeetings! He still hasn’t done anything with good common sense like a travel ban. That would be too much to ask to protect the American people! That would be too easy, why should he protect us when he can blame the Republicans when Americans die of Ebola. He cares nothing about us. Just wants to get rid of Republicans, let’s see, he wants to get rid of Assad, thats why he’s not fighting a real war against ISIS, PHONY BALONEY, ITS ALL FOR SHOW TO GET RID OF ASSAD, THEN SYRIA WILL RUN WILD WITHOUT ASSAD. ARAB SPRING, BY HILLARY CLINTON AND BARACK OBAMA, PURE FAILURE.