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Michelle Does a Weird Rap Thing with a Turnip

I’m sorry, this must be some kind of mistake.

First Lady Michelle Obama was asked this by an Obama impersonator.

Survival note: You have to click on the first two videos or they won’t turn off. Also you have to hover over and click the x on the lower right hand side of the video to get sound, though it’s no great loss if you don’t.

She responded thusly.

Mrs. Obama apparently was referencing this video, which appears to have been produced either in Sodom or Gomorrah.

I wonder, if the Founders could see this “Rock the Vote” video, would they have thought twice about giving us a republic?

35 Responses to Michelle Does a Weird Rap Thing with a Turnip

  1. I’m calling it fake, faux, phoney, and a farce. The calls and questions had to be prescreened well in advance so that this turnip dance could be staged and filmed.
    Unless, of course, MrsO carries root vegetables around in her pockets at all times in case of a sudden hunger pang.

  2. Conservatives knew in 2006 Obama was an incompetent idiot. No one listened to us. In 2012 the well entrenched “Low Information Voters” i.e. ‘Takers’ were in control. Our Republic is lost…..

  3. OT. Big News! Bigger than golf #2oo.

    Obama cancelled NJ fundraising trip — confab Ebola.

    Someone might was to check Mr. Obama’s temperature. This is not normal behaviour.

  4. I always wondered what the size of Obama’s brain was, as we were told that he is the smartest man in the room.
    Now I know, Mooch has removed it,…. along with his balls.

  5. That must have been shot yesterday when she was doing her annual fall harvest of the WH garden with kids we fly in from all over the country. You know, ’cause her annual photo op with the kiddies is more important than the kids being in school that day, (or do they miss a coupe of days of school to fly to DC? I assume we put them and their parents up in a nice hotel too).

    Moochelle and the kids even cooked some healthy meals after they gathered up the veggies. Again, just BS photo ops.

    There’s probably an article and photos somewhere, but I saw it on Mark Knoller’s twitter (click the links to see the pics):

    Mark Knoller Verified account ‏@markknoller
    “Look at the garden. Look how amazing it looks,” says Mrs Obama at start of harvesting WH Kitchen Garden with kids.
    2:04 PM – 14 Oct 2014

    Mark Knoller Verified account ‏@markknoller
    On her knees, Mrs Obama helps schoolkids harvest sweet potatoes in one section of WH Kitchen Garden.
    2:10 PM – 14 Oct 2014

    Mark Knoller Verified account ‏@markknoller
    Mrs Obama joins kids in eating some of the just-picked veggies in the healthy meal recipes.
    2:29 PM – 14 Oct 2014

  6. Gosh, she’s so charming, so natural with all her surgery and make-up, so keeping it real. I bet she thought up the turnip pun herself. Rock it, Michelle, you know we’re going to have to listen to you for the rest of your natural born life and then you’ll be enshrined in Mother America saint display as our first AfAm First Lady. Of course, you’re not a lady, but … you got the job title.

    • Hmmm. In looking at the Daily Mail pictures, the thing that struck me is that she flew in a bunch of black and Hispanic kids to do the dirty work in her garden. Her own little mini plantation.

  7. They showed her clip on our local morning show here…one of the LIV bubbleheaded co-hosts exclaimed, “You gotta admit, she’s the coolest First Lady we’ve ever had!”

  8. If one compared the IQ of the turnip against the IQ of the First Entitlement Queen, Michelle, who would have the higher IQ? One fact is for sure is that the turnip has more class and dignity than our First Transgender Queen, Michelle.

    • Our vacuous Millennials. An especially delicious waste of taxpayer money, given that the generation that watches this crap doesn’t pay any federal taxes.