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Live Stream || White House Briefing – October 15, 2014

Note: The briefing has been delayed.

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  1. September 2012: Our Ambassador and three other Americans are killed in a terrorist attack in Benghazi. Obummer makes a brief statement in the Rose Garden and then takes off for a fundraiser in Las Vegas.

    Today, we have news of a second nurse in Dallas testing positive for Ebola, thanks to the Lying Liberian jackass, and Obummer cancels his fundraising trip to NJ and his planned rally with Gov. Malloy in CT. He has to convene a meeting about the Ebola problem. But, in 2012 as all hell was breaking loose in Benghazi and everyone was meeting at the WH to try to figure out WTH happened, BHO took off for Vegas.

  2. By the way. I would appreciate it he reporters can questions without giving them to Josh first. Did this get delayed because the typist was not finished typing the answers?

  3. He was asked about how the nurse got on plane.
    He rambled on and on about the INVESTIGATION of this.
    He kept looking down, as if he was reading the answer.
    He said science shows it is not likely to be widespread here in U.S.
    Only way, is though bodily fluids.
    Investigation of how the nurses got it.

  4. As we listen to Josh, here’s a quick visual to help us understand the looming epidemic of Ebola. Fact: The current rate of infection for Ebola is two more people infected for every Ebola patient.

    Now, imagine a checkerboard in front of you. Place patient zero on the left hand corner closest to you. Double the number for the next square to the right. Now you have two Ebola patients + one (the first square). Keep doubling the Ebola patients as you go from square to square. By the time you get to the 64th square on the checkerboard, you will have 9 million million million infected Ebola patients. That’s the power of doubling. And the Obama administration is still scratching its head about what to do. We are so screwed.

  5. Josh Earnest’s Word of the Day is…..tenacious.

    So instead of thinking of Obama as a squirrel, perhaps he is more like a bulldog.

    Nah…don’t buy it!

    • Shep dosent care about ebola… but he gets his panties in knot and goes on biased rants & raves how the US fighting ISIS is so awfu and terrible. Shep now thinks he is a military & political expert on the Mid East, he thinks he’s sooo smart about ISIS he interupts REAL experts with his biased, snarky comments blaming Bush or the Iraq war for what is happening now.

      Ugh… I really cant stand Shep