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Joe Biden, Crazy White Boy

The vice president of the United States Tuesday referred to himself as a “white boy” as he sought to cozy up to a group of black preachers in South Carolina who could be critical to his potential nomination for president in 2016.

Not that anyone thinks he’s going to be nominated for president in 2016, but stranger things have happened, like when people become president four years after being an obscure, ineffective state senator.

2009 Armed Forces Inaugural Committee
Strange stuff.

Anyhoo, Biden sought to portray himself as living with black people on the wrong side of the tracks, according to CNN, exclaiming that he was “the only white boy on the east side of Wilmington.”

Now I don’t know my east Wilmington from my left Wilmington, but I gather east Wilmington is where the African Americans are, and where Joe thinks his heart is. Even though his golf club, the Wilmington Country Club, looks to be more on the west side of Wilmington.

Unless east Wilmington looks like this.

Wilmington golf club

And Biden said the Tea Party, which consists of millions of Americans he supposedly represents from his loft in the vice presidency, is filled with “crazy” people.

“This is not your father’s Republican Party,” he said. “This is a different breed of cat, man. I am not making a moral judgment, but I will tell you that they have no judgment.”

CNN helpfully compiled a video of some of Biden’s best other stupid remarks.

13 Responses to Joe Biden, Crazy White Boy

  1. Joe Biden’s ego is huge. He assumes everyone loves the crazy white boy and that he will be forgiven all. When forced to apologize — even that is folksy. I have never found anything he “misspeaks” as funny — merely insulting.

    Joe Biden makes LBJ appear to be a well spoken gentleman.

  2. Joe Biden, last of a dying breed of pearly white toothed, glad handing, baby hoisting, yuk yukkin’ kind of candidate.

    Imagine what Jon Stewart would do to him?


  3. I have a pointless question; do high ranking democrats derive some kind of sick pleasure from ridiculing, insulting and demeaning approximately one half of this country. I am an upright citizen who pays my taxes and respects the law and I am beyond sick and tired of old white liberal fart gas bags like Joe Biden running people like me down. He is a bloviating old geezer who has not been a boy since Henry Kissinger was born…so he needs to do us a favor and sit down and STFU!

  4. Being stuck in Newark, Delaware (20 min south of Wilmington) I can tell you Biden was the “only white boy on the eastside of Wilmington” DECADES ago when he was first campaigning for his Senate seat.

    I doubt Biden has been east of the downtown Wilmington Amtrak station for 30+ years…

  5. Well, he can say what he wants, but the demoncrap party is not same party either. Filled with racists and baby killers. Theydon’t believe in God. They hate America and love the Hamas Palestinian terrorists.