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Earnest: Travel Ban “Not on the Table”

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest today said a ban on travel between the United States and Ebola-stricken portions of West Africa is “not on the table,” despite overwhelming support for such measures among the American public.

Josh EarnestA Washington Post poll found that two thirds of Americans want flight restrictions. But the White House believes such measures will hamper efforts to fight the disease in the region.

Earnest, who spoke during the daily briefing, also indicated that President Obama for now is not going to appoint an “Ebola Czar” to oversee the federal effort to control the disease.

Earnest said White House Homeland Security Advisor Lisa Monaco is “coordinating” the response of agencies that are “responsible for their areas of responsibility.” But he rejected the suggestion that Monaco is in charge of the response.

Obama is meeting at 3:30 pm ET with his advisors on Ebola and will speak to Americans this afternoon, Earnest said.

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  1. The House is reconvening tomorrow. Can it pass a bill banning travel and would the Senate approve? Could they do it with enough votes to over-ride a veto?

    • Yes, I’m feeling much reassured that this is under control now.

      What can he say, what words will make us believe what our “lying eyes and ears” are telling us?
      The more he talks, the less convincing he is on almost any subject now.

      • “I ended the war in Iraq.”
        ” I promised I’d end the war in Iraq, and I did.”
        “Just like I ended the war in Iraq.”
        It was my decision to end the war in Iraq.”
        “I ended the war in Iraq.”
        “I ended the war in Iraq.”
        “I ended the war in Iraq.”
        “I ended the war in Iraq.”
        “I ended the war in Iraq.”
        “I ended the war in Iraq.”
        “What I just find interesting is the degree to which this issue keeps on coming up as if this was my decision.”

        What a delusional, lying, narcissistic, unlikable human being.

  2. There are countries in Africa that will not permit travel from another country that is infected with Ebola. What do they know that we don’t know in this country?

      • Absolutely right! Now is the time before it gets worse. But this horror of a individual is not dealing with a full deck, otherwise he would do the right thing? Stupid is as stupid does. But we are the ones that will suffer. Hope someone jumps the fence and walks in again with Ebola! See how he likes it.

  3. I’m a bit slow today, but what the heck is their real reason for keeping it “off the table?” Is it politically incorrect to impose such a ban? Is there some niche voter base he’d offend if a ban was in place?? Or does he just want the crisis to go on indefinitely?

    • Think like they do: here’s the mean rich USA with all the best of everything, keeping poor Africans from sharing that and saving their lives.
      After the first victim died here, the first response from his fellow Liberians and the most RevJackson was “racism” practiced by a supposedly all-White medical crew. They didn’t apologize for the victim’s selfishness, or that he exposed an unknown number of people to a most deadly disease, nor did they thank the hospital workers for putting themselves at risk for helping their friend.

      • The Daily Mail (UK) showed a church, filled with mostly whites, praying for Duncan’s recovery while he was hospitalized. Duncan’s family and Jesse should be ashamed, but they won’t be.

        Among the many, many Ebola news stories, were the comments by the Mayor of Dallas. “It will get worse before it gets better. But it will get better”‘ WTF? I wanted to jump through the radio. Mr. Mayor, just how much worse does it have to get? Will it get worse when someone he cares about gets sick?

      • The second American victim in Dallas is a young black woman who has been flown to Emory University (Atlanta?) where people have been treated for Ebola and survived. Wonder what the black racists will say about that.

        It’s alright with Donna Brazille that Duncan knowingly had the disease when he came into the country, but the nurses who caught it from him she doesn’t feel sorry for: they knew what the risks were when they chose their line of work.

    • There’s a saying: “If you set out to kill the king, you’d better kill the king”. The (D)isaster party has put themselves at risk, with their attempt to pervert Americas “sovereign citizens”, and replace us with voter fraud & “undocumented (D)umba**es.

      They are desperate to win NOW, because they have revealed what kind of scum they are. They may not get another chance soon.

  4. “Earnest said White House Homeland Security Advisor Lisa Monaco is “coordinating” the response of agencies that are “responsible for their areas of responsibility.” But he rejected the suggestion that Monaco is in charge of the response.” Well, I feel just GREAT that when Feces Hits The Fan, no one will be responsible!

  5. For the life of me I have no idea why this is off the table!! Whenever anyone tries to get a real answer I still can’t make head or tails of it.
    In Tom “Mr. Rogers” Freiman’s own words, the first priority is to protect Americans and to contain the virus in Africa. Well wouldn’t that happen if there was a travel ban? Isn’t he contradicting himself when he is now banning the Dallas high risk people from traveling in their own country? They aren’t supposed to fly so why is it ok for those in Africa to come here? Call me a racists,but I still think it has something to do with the fact that these countries are populated by blacks. I stand by my theory that if this was Israel ,there would have been a ban last week.

    • Butt what if fliers from the affected areas didn’t fly directly to the U.S.? If their destination is Europe & they deplane & catch another flight to the U.S., how could a travel ban stop this? Especially if said traveler knew they were exposed & slipped through the cracks?
      I’m all for a travel ban yet there are always those selfish me me me people, like Duncan.

  6. I agree that there should be a travel ban, but more importantly, worldwide passport surveillance is needed so that people who have traveled to these area cannot enter our country. Even with a travel ban, people can fly into the US from connecting countries avoiding detection. This should immediate and mandatory for all travelers entering the US at all US airports and all borders. It might be tough to deal with, but it doesn’t compare to what an outbreak would bring.

    • Don’t even bother — He (Obamaebola) will NEVER do the right thing. We’re dealing with a stupid low I.Q. excuse for a president. That has to be the reason, anyone with HALF a brain would have a travel ban and checkpoints and close the border too. makes no sense, He’s doing this because he’s evil, otherwise there would be a travel ban, closed border, etc., etc., can he be that stupid and stubborn to risk peoples’ lives? Yes!

  7. What the hell is it with this admin.? They jockey between, “nothing is off the table” to “it’s off the table” – Me thinks they’re talking about his feet on the Resolute Desk.

    AND, btw…the kinda of war against ISIS has a name….dumb roll please…


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  9. Bob on the Five is saying it is the hospital’s fault! It is not the hospital’s fault. As I stated this morning, this nightmare could have started at any hospital in America. Duncan chose this place.

  10. They just stated on the Five that if someone travels from W. Africa, to another Country, than flies here it would be hard to stop them.
    Question: When you fly out of the Country, to one, than another, is there a record showing your total flight schedule?
    I always thought their was, I thought any Country wants to know where the each person started from.

  11. A “No travel ban” decision indicates the WH is not serious in containing this crisis and not serious about protecting Americans from the spread of Ebola

  12. While traveling in Nova Scotia some years ago, we came upon a spot where there was an island about a mile from shore. There was one of those historical signs at the stop that told readers that the island was where all foreigners arriving by boat to Nova Scotia were medically examined before setting ashore. Those who were found to have an infectious disease (TB, etc.) were detained on the island for as long as it took to heal. This was way in the 1700’s. Shutting down the inflow of sick people into a country is not a new idea.

      • Exactly. Stopping the influx of contagious diseases is Step One to keep us safe from those diseases. And Obama refuses to take that step. This is beyond bizarre.

    • Thanks for the info, Marcus. I live in Nova Scotia and knew nothing about that bit of history. Most interesting. I’m going to search for what island it actually was. There are hundreds of them!

      • You know, the more I think about it, we may have been in PEI when we saw that island. Don’t mean to send you on a wild goose chase. I suspect NS also had such off shore facilities as well.

  13. I listen to all the hype about how a travel ban will not help the problem – to be honest, none of them make sense. My common sense must not be in sync with those discounting its effectiveness.

  14. Pretty much this is the American Presidency today. Anything the American public wants — “off the table”.

    This is what you will get. And you will like it.

    ISIS strategy — “boots” on the ground — off the table.
    Closed air access from infected countries — off the table.
    Securing the borders — off the table.
    Enforcing the law as it exists — off the table.

    The will of the American people has been replaced by the Diktat of Barack Obama.

    Off the table — used by Obama, Susan Rice, and now the Joshster and the twins over at State — .Too bad for you peons.

  15. O just said CDC will send a SWAT team to the hosital within 24 hours to walk them though the proper protocol.
    Working with Mayor of Dallas
    He said it is not airborne. only get by bodily fluids. If anyone had contact with ill person, they need to be monitored.
    He used himself as example. He hugged some nurses, who had treated patient. He felt safe. This is not situation like flu. If we do protocols right, the likelyhood the widespread of this is very very low.
    They are going to monitor the health status very carefully, and be there 24 7. Will examine the screening process at airports, Will have teams in place, they will make sure to give public all info, day to day.
    They are going to make sure not to loose sight of Intl. response. They can prevent outbreak in U.S. If it goes out of control in Africa, it will spread across the borders.This is an investment of our own public health. This is the single most importan thing we can do is help the problem in Africa. Spoke to several leaders to make sure we are coordinating our efforts. The danger of getting it or outbreak are low.
    We have to look towards the future to work internationally, and prepardness. We need to think and pray for the two workers. We are going to make sure they are cared for.
    Now does everyone feel better now?

    • O just said CDC will send a SWAT team to the hosital within 24 hours to walk them though the proper protocol.

      SWAT? What? Why. Apologies for shirking my repsonsibility to listen but this doesn’t make sense to me.

      Barack Obama sending armed people to deal with civil matters concerns me.

    • Just how and when did he come into physical contact with two nurses who treated the ebola victim? What? Did they fly them up to the WhiteHouse?
      We know he didn’t go to Texas, so how did this hug happen.

      • Nurses — WH female aides in scrubs.

        Like doctors in white coats in the Rose Garden.

        Souza has snaps for any doubting Thomas. Photoshopping background as we speak. Hospital setting.

  16. I don’t know about anyone else here – but, what would it be like to get paid a ridiculous amount of $$$$ for being a lying and deceitful human being??? In my world – I would be terminated before you could say “Barak Obama” (not the word “President” is NOT used)/……… This says everything about our government – truth is irrelevant!

  17. Begin with a ban on all travel to and from the countries stricken with ebola. If medicines need to be dropped, do it by a parachute and target the location needed. Regular people should not be allowed to freely travel to and from these areas. If they do come into the country, then quarrantine them for a month to prevent exposure. The USA needs to develop a no tolerance policy for people coming from areas where communicable disease is rampant.

    If the an American that had been exposed was traveling to another country, I believe that the protocol would be very different and the American would either be quarrantined or turned away. This is not denying opportunity, it is protecting the people at home from any adversity that they could be unduly exposed to via some unconcerned traveler.

  18. No American should die from Ebola — not having a travel ban defies reality and common sense. Dumbest president and administration. Only a dumb ass would not have the travel ban. Keeping Ebola out of America and protecting Americans is what a president’s job is. This is about death, how dumb can he be? Hope it comes to Washington, then we’ll see how fast they have a travel ban to Washington Lies and crimes, the Obamas and the Clintons.