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The Obama Morning News || October 14, 2014

“Surge” of Ebola personnel to Dallas . . . The Hill
A “surge” of personnel and other resources has been sent to Dallas to help discover how a nurse was infected with Ebola, top health officials told President Obama during an Oval Office meeting on Monday.

White House will not name Ebola Czar . . . Newsmax
The Obama administration has said it will not name an Ebola “czar” despite Republican pleas to do so.

How Obama could shake up the White House . . . Examiner
President Obama is facing growing calls to clean house ahead of his final two years in office, with even allies demanding an infusion of fresh blood to resurrect his stalled presidency.

Obama has done zero campaign events . . . ABC News
Obama is expected to step-up his public presence on the campaign trail in these final weeks, but likely only in deep blue states.

Romney under pressure to run . . . Washington Post
He has insisted that he is not interested in running for president a third time. But his friends said a flurry of behind-the-scenes activity is nudging him to more seriously consider it.

Ann Romney: “Mitt and I are done” . . . The Hill
“Done, completely. Not only Mitt and I are done, but the kids are done. Done. Done. Done,” the former Massachusetts first lady said.

Warren inches away from Obama . . . The Hill
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) is beginning to distance herself from President Obama amid increased speculation about what role she wants to play in 2016.

Warren heads to Iowa . . . MSNBC
Elizabeth Warren is heading to Iowa. The popular Massachusetts senator, whom some liberals want to run for president, will campaign for Democratic Senate candidate Bruce Braley Sunday.

Cruz sidelined in midterm push . . . The Hill
Republican candidates aren’t trotting out Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in the midterm election campaign despite his status as one of the party’s rising stars.

23 Responses to The Obama Morning News || October 14, 2014

    • This administration is rapidly becoming the definition of stupid.
      “Stupid is as stupid does.”
      These people are the result of leaders with massive egos.

      • I normally don’t think this administration is stupid because its filled with highly educated people. However, they are Progressives intent on transforming this nation. And, one way they are doing that is invoking multi-culti PC wherever and whenever possible. (One recent example of that is the prohibition against federal surveillance of mosques unless there already is intelligence that illegal activities are being planned.)

        However, I’m calling this latest move “stupid” because it flies in the face of common sense. Saying that Ebola will spread if we ban commercial flights doesn’t pass the smell test. Medical charities use chartered planes, and Frieden knows this.

        • Stupid and arrogant. Obama won’t close the border. Obama is letting into the U.S. sick Ebola people. Obama won’t appoint an Ebola czar. Call Obama “Contrary Mary”. If anyone asks him to do something regarding a life threatening disease he refuses. He spend millions of taxpayer dollars that isn’t his money on fundraising for the democrat turned communist party. He should be gone, impeached, jailed. He deserves punishment for taking risks with peoples’ lives. He has no common sense, no empathy, no intelligence, stupid, arrogant and deserves punishment. This coward/spendthrift of other peoples’ money knows nothing, He should be a dishwasher and I’m sure he would get fired at that job too. No wonder he hides his school records, but the truth about them will come out one day. Something as serious as Ebola does not even phase him, could care less if we all got it, only cares about golf and spending our money, stupid is the word.

    • She is a WOMAN!!!!…and that qualifies her, in the loving eyes of BarryzerO, to do anything. Above criticism, above culpability, above investigation. Criticize her and you are a racist, misogynistic, homophobic Republicrat..

  1. Ann Romney sounds adamant….’We are done, done, done!’. Hope she changes her mind. This morning on MoJoe, Mark Halperin stated in no uncertain terms that Romney is running. His guess is as good as anyone else, but I tend to agree with him.
    On second thought, who in the heck would want the herculean task of cleaning up Obama’s mess!!! It could even give HRC pause, lol. Mrs. Rpmney could be on the right track….

  2. Two interesting posts on Weasel Zippers. Au contraire to Susan Rice’s claim that the Turks were going to allow NATO to use its airbases to attack ISIS, the Turks themselves are attacking the Kurds. The other thing is that one American was shot dead and another wounded in Saudi Arabia in a terror attack.

  3. I guess I just do not understand people in DC. I would think the
    republicans would be happy with Ted Cruz coming to their campaigns.
    This is not the first time I have had trouble understanding them.