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Susan Page: People Sense Obama Not Competent to Protect Them

USA Today Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page, the veteran reporter who stands virtually as the dean of the Washington press corps, says Ebola, ISIS and even the Secret Service scandal are contributing to a sense among the American people that the Obama administration is “not competent” to protect them.

Page spoke Sunday on Face the Nation:

I think that’s a very dangerous thing for President Obama, the sense that his administration is not competent to protect the American people. That is the most fundamental job of an American president.

The unease, she said, could hurt Democrats in the midterm elections.

Well, it’s nice to see top mainstream reporters recognizing what you and I have known for years: That America elected a president who had to learn on the job, and that it’s not clear he’s learned very much.

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  1. What needs to also be mentioned by these reporters now coming out of the box, that it is not r. Every P has been criticized for different things………..Untill the different people on the MSM, remind people of that point, I do not have respect for them.

  2. “The unease, she said, could hurt Democrats in the midterm elections.”

    So her main concern is the midterms? Is she turning a page or just thumbing through the book.

    • So her main concern is the midterms?

      To be more specific, her main concern is Democrats losing control of the Senate in the midterms. As far as the ‘incompetent’ part goes, she’s not telling us anything we didn’t already know in 2008.

  3. Question:

    If the US was hit with a “major terrorist attack” (re: 9-11) would “president” Obama have a “health-family issue” and RESIGN to avoid any blame?
    (…I can really see him & that evil ValJar coming up with something like that to protect Obama’s ‘legacy’…)

  4. What’s really unfortunate about this is that, when conservatives said this 7 years ago about Obama, we were labeled as racists by the same media that is now acknowledging that, well, maybe, this bozo REALLY is incompetent after all.

    Some recognition that we were right all along by this boot licking media would be appreciated but I’m not holding my breath.

  5. How about a poll asking Americans if Obama should resign or be impeached immediately after mid-terms? The only thing he has left is his smarmy fringe base…and a pen and a phone. He is now a community organizer without a neighborhood to organize. I doubt many Americans want to see him hanging out on the golf course for two more years.

    As long as Bill Clinton is alive, Barry will be irrelevant in the realm of former presidents. He is persona non gratis wherever he goes. Clinton called it when he said Barry should be serving coffee to the elders in the WH. The incredible shrinking ‘POTUS’ is now nothing more than a flea on an elephant’s back.

  6. …America elected a president who had to learn on the job, and that it’s not clear he’s learned very much a single blessed thing.

    Fixed that for you, Keith.

    • He is, as Kimberly on The Five said tonight, uncoachable. His early and midlife programming as an extreme anti-American leftist was so successful that no truth or light can penetrate his thick skull. He is beyond redemption. If Obama lived a thousand lifetimes, he would never change his “America is evil” political philosophy.

  7. OT: Earlier today I mentioned the issue of Atty. Gen. Calwell in Louisiana had filed a restraining order to prevent Duncan’s (belongings), his ashes to be dumped in Louisiana.
    I just heard an update: At the moment the task is pushed back for furthur review. The Lake Charles, LA. Company, stating that it poses no threat, but not going to except the ashes now.
    I would like o to explain this issue as well, as everyone is flying into America from W. Arfrica. God Forbid anyone else dies from this. However they need to figure out what to do with the remains and the cloths, etc. He also need to think of our medical personal here in America, who God Bless them are risking their lives as well.

      • x2 I would be surprised, seriously if the health and well being of our military in Africa is anywhere near the top of Obama’s priority list — if there is a list of priorities beneath Fundraise and Golf.

        I have no confidence in Hagel or Dempsey. And I have to say from what we did not hear from Africom and other military brass regarding the truth behind Benghazi I have little confidence that General Rodriquez Africom will be effective in defending our troops up the ranks of the Pentagon to the Oval Office.

        This is nothing personal about Rodriquez but he did say our troops would come in direct contact with Ebola individuals and just hours later DOD said he had it wrong. And yet he did not and as far as we can tell troops are being deployed.

  8. Why is no reporting this but Weasel Zippers: British Parliament voted overwhelmingly to recognize the state of “Palestine”? Only 12 nays.

  9. A sense of unease. Is not competent to protect the public.
    Oh, it’s more than that; it’s anger, fear, and yes, it will harm the Dems in the midterm elections, and yes, it’s dangerous for the President.
    More than that, the public knows the danger is here and now, the harm is happening as a current event all across the country and no one is in charge or responsible or working to make things right.

    No matter where the virus that is hurting the children acoss the country came from, or how long it’s been here, the people blame the , illegal aliens that MrO invited to squat in our cities and schools. Now we have an African bringing a virus that we are not equipped to handle to our country and MrO is oblivious, clueless, and afraid to stop the influx of Africans into our country.
    The public won’t vent their fears and anger on the poor child from a slum hellhole in South America, nor will they curse the dead man for the ebola virus, but they will put all of this right on top of MrObama’s desk. His fault and no one else’s.

    • I hope you are right about the feelings throughout the country. I live amongst conservatives in a small town and I chose not to engage. Generally when I have, the response has been blank stares or vitriolic rants, but “Boosh” and “racist”. I have limited patience or interest.

      I do have a family full of liberal Dems and some immigrants in various stages of “documentation”. Nothing gained by stirring that up — Obama is not worth that. Although the country is.

  10. The media elected him.
    I remember those disastrous Republican TV debates in 2012 when Staphanopolis (sp?), Candy Crowly, etc, destroyed the Republicans’ leading candidates one by one.
    Obama didn’t have to do anything, the press was busy getting him elected.

  11. OT: A person with high fever and other serious symptoms, and has been placed in isolation, undergoing test. The patient had recently worked on a medical boat off the coast of Africa, the region hit by Ebola. At this point doctors cannot rule out ebola, Dr. said many other diseases fit the patient’s symtoms. This is in Kansas City.

  12. Obama has never been a “competent” leader – He doesn’t have the capability to make a decision (you know he voted “present” while serving as a Jr. senator). Obama is not an active supporter of the military and cares little about middle America evident by his lack of economic policies designed to spur the economy and create jobs.

    Just heard Susan Rice…she is incompetent and Obama should have asked for her resignation two years ago.

    It is good to note that Obama has played golf over 200 times since taking office …I’d be surprised if he has attended church 20 times in 6 years.

    • Obama incompetent leader? He knows to say “no” all the time, he purposefully won’t stop the West Africans with Ebola from coming here. He knows what he is doing and what he is doing to America is criminal. He is putting all of us at risk and he knows it. He is just an evil individual who hates America and all our people. Otherwise he would protect us. He is not protecting us and should be arrested for his evil ways. It is more than “incompetence” with Obama, it is wilful evil behavior.

  13. Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Poiints opening statement was excellent!! He is furious about Obama and the CDC on how they are treating the ebola problem and the ISIS problem. AND lying to us Americans. His statement was just as good as Judge Piro……if you all get a chance watch it tonight or if you missed it try and google it.

    • Yeah, and if the world DID end, here’s how the tree-based media would cover it:

      New York Times: “WORLD ENDS. Details, Page A33.”

      Wall Street Journal: “World Ends. Stock Market Tanks.”

      Washington Post: “WORLD ENDS: Women, Blacks, and Other Minorities Hit Hardest.”

      Baltimore Sun: “WORLD ENDS. Orioles Season Outlook Bleak.”

      San Francisco Chronicle: “World Ends! It’s All Bush’s Fault!”

      Los Angeles Times: “WORLD ENDS. Khalidi tape cover-up a complete success.”

  14. I don’t agree with Susan’s conclusion. I believe that Americans understand that Pres. Obama is obsessed with his own political objectives. All of his decisions, including military/national defense are designed to advance his post-presidential ambitions for world leadership. Sacrificing Americans and their interests is seen by Obama as helpful to his image abroad.
    He truly functions as the Fox guarding our henhouse because his popularity elsewhere in the world is best served by that image. If allowed to do so, he will expand the UN into true world government and he sees Putin as is his only competitor.
    He is not dumb and he is not incompetent. His political ambitions are just much greater than anyone we have seen in modern times..

  15. I don’t agree with Susan on this one. Americans understand that all of Pres. Obama’s decisions are made to advance his personal political objectives. National security, military tactics, Ebola and our economic policies are all intended to advance his popularity overseas. Sacrificing American interests to advance his post-presidential ambitions doesn’t concern him. He wants to lead a world government via the UN and is like the fox guarding our henhouse.
    Obama is not dumb or incompetent. He is just much more ambitious and ruthless than anyone we have seen in out lifetime.

  16. The only thing he “learned” was how to find someone to create forgeries to dupe the American people into thinking he is someone he isn’t. The entire regime is full of criminals who should be spending the rest of their lives in prison.