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Quote of the Day || October 14, 2014

“Don’t worry, you can’t get it from a doorknob. As long as you kick the door in, you’re fine.”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

25 Responses to Quote of the Day || October 14, 2014

  1. OT: If you didn’t already know, today is National No Bra day. While I’m doing my best to comply I desperately hope there’s no National No Boxers/Briefs Day in the offing!

  2. However I do feel bad for the person who picks up the door.
    The flights need to be cancelled! They need to start making that serum now! Maybe he will start the process tomorrow evening instead of going to a fundraiser.

    • Not that it matters but is there some kind of national campaign to write to our representatives or senators to restrict travelers from the infected countries? Potential votes seem to be the only thing this administration responds to.
      They keep talking about people slipping through the cracks and sneaking in. They are doing that anyway. I’m baffled!

    • I chuckled at the thought this could put a damper on the fundraisers but just think of all the people that hold their money or credit cards in their mouth as they rifle through their purse or wallet while waiting in line to be helped. Or the paychecks to be cashed that are damp with sweat. So many things to consider now…

  3. The Progs oughta’ know about kicking in doors. Remember the raid on the house of Elian Gonzalez’s relatives under the direction of Janet Reno?

  4. CNN and Fox are leading with Ebola. MSNBC is leading with what the pope said yesterday about homosexuals and people who shack up. Who knew Mika and Joe are theologians?!