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The Obama Morning News || October 13, 2014

White House silent on fundraising costs . . . CBS News
From the way the White House vehemently refuses to disclose information on the costs of presidential political travel and calculations on reimbursing the government, you might think they were state secrets.

Hispanics want Obamacare for illegals . . . Washington Times
Top Hispanic leaders asked President Obama last week to grant some illegal immigrants access to Obamacare, saying the “dreamers” to whom the White House has given tentative work permits are already paying taxes, so they deserve government benefits.

Rice defends ISIS strategy . . . Free Beacon
National Security Advisor Susan Rice said the United States would not reevaluate the strategy to “degrade and destroy” ISIS. But Joint Chiefs Chair Martin Dempsey says he’s like to recommend ground troops.

Obama warns of crippling cyber attack . . . Fox News
Obama believes cyber terrorism is one of the biggest threats to national security and says the White House is bracing for a possible doomsday scenario if hackers can successfully penetrate government and business computer systems

Hayden: Why pursue NY Times reporter? . . . Fox News
The  former director of the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency has said that he doesn’t understand what he called “the necessity to pursue” a New York Times reporter facing possible jail time over his refusal to testify in court.

U.S. pledges $212M in Gaza aid . . . Examiner
The United States on Sunday promised $212 million in immediate aid to help rebuild Gaza Strip infrastructure devastated by recent fighting between Hamas and Israel.

Senator links ValJar to IRS scandal . . . Daily Caller
Republican Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts said Friday that he thinks the IRS targeting scandal was driven by Valerie Jarrett’s office in the White House, according to information that he saw that Democrats tried to “whitewash.”

Warren: Obama embraced Wall Street . . . Politico
Sen. Elizabeth Warren is criticizing President Barack Obama for siding with Wall Street after the 2008 financial crisis.

Paltrow’s neighbors popping mad . . . Washington Times
Gwyneth Paltrow’s neighbors are outraged after a glitzy fundraiser for President Obama  shut down their Los Angeles neighborhood and left many of them out on the streets until late Thursday night.

35 Responses to The Obama Morning News || October 13, 2014

  1. re: Paltrow’s neighbors
    The Secret Service’s refusal to allow the current residents to go to or be in their own homes is really pushing the security envelope. If the neighborhood might be a security risk, then MrObama shouldn’t have been permitted to be there.
    re: ISIS/Rice
    Once again, MsRice appeared on air to sprinkle more lies, spin, and distractions from the poor response to the terrorists. After her attempt to diffuse the Benghazi video debacle, she has zero credibility, no matter how much she is admired at the WhiteHouse.
    re: Hispanics want Obamacare
    Oh boy, do they know that it it’s not “free”, and just how paltry and pathetic the coverage is for anyone forced to use the government offered insurance? Sure, let them sign up, pay for it – no more free care like they’ve been enjoying.

  2. Federal Election Commission (FEC) The Government must be reimbursed for parts of the P. political travel.
    The part of no answer to the FEC regarding the political travel. I am curious if it states in the law, that the P. is do do the same for his vacations as well.
    There is also a notation in the article stating that CBS has been seeking the data since the beginning of the Clinton Admin.
    Now Clinton’s information that was released last week, I did not hear one mention of a log showing how many times that information was denied.
    If Hilla. decides to run, that really needs to be brought up, buy her opponents.

  3. Yes…let’s send $200 million to Gaza. Nothing more I like than being taxed and having it fund terrorists who murder their own citizens, and Israelis. This money will once again be used to build tunnels, buy weapons and strengthen Hamas.

    • I agree. I read yesteday on BBC that Kerry was rambling about the children that will be cold soon. Yes I feel terrible for any child suffering. However they were suffering as well when their homes, and people were being bombed by Hamas.

  4. After the WH break-in the SS seems to be over reacting just a tad. There was no reason to keep these residents out of their homes. If they have a valid ID with their address, escort them home and make sure they go in. What’s the big deal?

  5. The British Parliament is voting today on recognizing “Palestine” as a state. Weasel Zippers says the anti-Israel feeling in the UK is so strong that it expects it to pass.

    • I suspect it will pass as well. Unfortunately. Difficult to believe any country (including our own) that recognizes Palestine (and Hamas) is serious about combatting terrorism.

  6. Just thinking how interesting it is — all the CA illegal crossers came like a horde across the borders, and dispersed throughout America in fairly short order. Then, bam. Spigot off. Must be the weather.

  7. I remember in the 70s my apt on G Street near the mall was behind police lines for all the big demos–they did ask for something with your address–but let you pass. What do they do now? Just say nope?

    • I appreciate the clip. I pull up bbc to get updates. It seems like the MSM do not like to use BOARDS/VIDEO SCREENS, etc.
      As far as o and r, I am running out of ideas of what they are up to, besides no good. So I doubt they take the time.

  8. By the way, that insufferable Zeke Emanuel was on MoJoe–he now says Ebola is highly infectious–remember how they used to say it was hard to catch? Little pivot there.