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Obama Meets with Senior Advisors on Ebola

Updated 6:37 pm ET

President Obama is meeting this afternoon with both national security and health care advisors to discuss the Ebola situation, the White House said today.

The meeting appears to have been called rather hastily.

In on the gathering are National Security Advisor Susan Rice, HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell, White House Homeland Security Advisor Lisa Monaco, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Tom Frieden, who is participating by telephone.

The press corps will be invited in to take a picture, but no questions please.

UPDATE: Post-meeting from the White House:

The President was briefed on the status of the investigation into the apparent breach in infection control protocols at the Dallas hospital and remedial actions underway to mitigate similar breaches in the future. Secretary Burwell and Dr. Frieden described the surge in personnel and other resources to Dallas to assist in the investigation as well as other measures to heighten awareness and increase training for healthcare workers throughout the country.

The President reinforced that this investigation should proceed as expeditiously as possible and that lessons learned should be integrated into future response plans and disseminated to hospitals and healthcare workers nationwide.  

87 Responses to Obama Meets with Senior Advisors on Ebola

  1. This is all crap.
    Instead of giving 200 million to Hamas, why not shuttle some of that money to the research that came up with the serum that saved that doctor’s life.
    Obama is an indecisive dork,…and these MEETINGS are nothing more than an opportunity to be able to pass the blame to poor advice once again.
    It’s a community of liars and incompetents that will make every effort to show up on the MSM to educate the LIVs.

    God help us !

  2. There’s panic in the streets, the people are scared, so call Susan Rice, the Obamacare lady, the phone/internet tapping lady, and the weird guy from CDC to come up with something that will make this ebola thing go away. Take a photo of them all looking concerned, and a photo of MrO on the phone and the people will be calmed.
    yeah, that’s the ticket.

    • If I am not mistaken doesn’t HHS fund the CDC and NIH.

      Let Ebola loose and get the peeps to sign up for the next obamacare enrollment. Nah…they couldn’t be that devious. s/

    • He’s busy trying to figure out why the Military commanders are enraged with Obama’s orders to go slowly.
      After all, we don’t want to piss the terrorists off.

    • Hagel’s busy trying to persuade military leaders in Peru today that so-called “climate change” will soon cause more terrorist attacks and infectious diseases.

    • These photo-ops remind me of a guy with whom my husband used to work, and whenever the president of the company was coming to town, he’d write a note to himself to “look busy”. Why not just be busy?

      • Thanks for the giggle Julie.
        I was listening to the CDC Guy mention several time about the questionaire sheet, they are/will give travelers from W. Africa.. My point, just like the man with his little note, the people who are filling it out, can lie!

  3. None of these people are credible.

    Obama has lost the confidence of the American people. No one he appoints will be perceived as anything other than what they are — Obama servants there to prop up his image and control access to information and facts.

  4. I read the nurses and their reps are not thrilled with the CDC’s and others “blame it on nurse error” gambit. If nurses walk and ERs close, people who may be infected will be in homes or out in the world gutting it out–I would rather they be in isolation. These people better get a handle on this pretty fast here. If we can wait out three weeks in the Dallas area and these are the only two–it will be reassuring. But these amateur medicos are not thrilling me.

  5. The poor nurse who caught it from Liberian Duncan is a 26 year old of Southeast Asian heritage. Does the Ha-reverend Jesse Ha-jackson have anything to say about it? (Trying to do a Limbaugh imitation in print.)

  6. Will the press have to push their noses against the glass window again?
    Will D’Souza, WH class photographer, get to take pics of the press taking pics?
    Will Zero have a phone and a pen ready for the lovely 8×10’s?

    As Iraq continues to spiral out of control, will the Nobel Peace Prize winner have a press conference?

    Yeah…yeah, I read it – No questions and certainly No answers either.

  7. Hum…and I’m guessing that bunch knows next to nothing about Ebola. They will no doubt discuss strategy to blame it on Republicans/Bush/Global Warming.

    • I already am seeing liberal posts blaming Ebola on global warming and also on the Republicans trying to curb spending. On the other hand, Gov. Jindal says the CDC is spending all kinds of money on street lights. The CDC!

      • It’s the “point and pivot” attack before the midterms. The next time one of the LIV starts raging, remind them of this:

        1.The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded $1.5 million to study biological and social factors for why “three-quarters” of lesbians are obese and why gay males are not, calling it an issue of “high public-health significance.”

        2. Just how dangerous is it to your health to shack up with a Mexican hooker? That’s the question at the heart of a five-year, $3,029,663 – University of California San Diego funded by the National Institutes of Health

        3. The National Institutes of Health is spending $253,800 of federal taxpayer money to study ways to educate Boston’s male prostitutes on safe-sex practices.

        4. National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism of the National Institutes of Health awarded a 5-year, $2.6 million grant to Wayne State University in Detroit to allow Dr. Xiaoming Li, professor and director of the university’s Prevention Research Center, to “establish and evaluate whether an alcohol and HIV intervention center can assist in reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS among sex workers in China,”

        • In one of those Downfall memes, Hitler was raging about “marshmallow-shaped lesbians”, but that was in reference to Hillary’s 2008 campaign.

    • And over at the independent Nick Gillespie concedes that Republicans are not responsible for Ebola but ends with the reminder that there are many reasons to say that Republicans kill.

  8. I just turned Fox on, they are discussing that DEFENSE Secy. Hagel
    Unveils Plan to deal with Climate Change. As mentioned everything that we are dealing with such as ISIS and Ebola and this his how he spent a portion of his time today.

  9. My guess is they know there are more cases coming soon if not now and they know the chit is going to hit the fan. Not that this brain trust will find any answer. Will they finally stop people from these countries coming here? Doubt it. I still don’t get the rationale why we can’t just restrict incoming peoe from the effected countries. Wonder what the Presidents stance would be if it was Isreal that was infected? I bet he would cancel flights in a heart beat!

  10. I was reading a little about the budget for WHO and found this interesting little tidbit.

    “WHO members voted down a $100-million fund to fight epidemics in 2011 would suggest that the organisation had not equipped itself financially to fight Ebola (or a larger outbreak of MERS-CoV or H7N9 for that matter).”

  11. Five passengers on a UAE flight (never went to S Africa) have flu-like symptoms–bunny suits everyplace at Logan.This is starting tro read like a Michael Crichton, except he is no longer with us.

  12. Maine news is reporting one person with Ebola-like admitted to Maine Medical Center in Portland for observation. No other information about the patient yet.

  13. The problem isn’t even if he meets with any of his “senior” advisors because the real problem is, his entire administration is a JV team who forgot their gear, have no idea who they’re playing, and who the cops just got an anonymous video of doing terrible things to rodents.

  14. Liberia is the hardest hit with 1072 dead. In a country of 4.000.000. That is 4 million people. This can be expressed as a percent and it is ready…….. .000268% of the population. As of UN report dated 9/30.

    So whats happening to the 99.9998% of the other people?

    USA Causes of Death
    Since 1 Jan, 2013 to Dec 31
    Medical Errors: 195,000 or 5.8% of USA population.

    Just saying!

  15. Obama is not protecting America or Americans because he could care less about us. If he was intelligent and really wanted to keep Ebola out of here, he would stop people coming in from West Africa. Any meeting he had today or has in the future will not school Barack Obama. He knows everything and will not take advice from anyone in the world even if they told him we will all get the virus. He is a stubborn idiot and a very mean and viscious individual who would probably be thrilled if the virus spreads to a lot of us. Thats the impression i get because he does nothing to stop this Ebola virus, just plays it fast and loose with our lives. Drama is all he creates and enjoys, bad drama mostly. Sick Idiot!!!! Otherwise he would do things differently and more intelligently,with more research and thoughfulness. He has done none of those two things. He is similar to the child dictator in North Korea, they act alike, crazy and dumb. He never takes advice, never does anything that the American people WANT him to do, and is a complete failure in his job because he has accomplished nothing with problems that this country has, only made them worse in every instance! IDIOT!!! History will show that he is and was an idiotic president!

  16. Barry, Sylvia, Susan and Lisa……..Thw White House Movie- Chicks in Charge, coming soon to an emergency room near you. Make sure your premiums are paid, you nasty little republibums

  17. Obama can always return to his fall-back position….give a speech…that ought to scare ebola away. I would love to see the liberals try to argue with a disease that does not care what political persuasion a victim is. Get your popcorn out for this one.