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Obama Expands Ilegal Immigrant Detentions

Who knew?

In a move not being emphasized publicly by the administration – surely no need to anger Hispanic voters this close  to Election Day – President Obama is actually vastly increasing the number of detention centers and beds so that illegal immigrants aren’t simply released into society, never to be seen again. At least, not seen again until amnesty day.

According to Reuters:

The surge in child migration from Central America is receding but the United States is aggressively pushing ahead with plans to expand detentions, a little-publicized part of a broader campaign to deter illegal migrants.

Under pressure from opposition Republicans to stem the unprecedented flow of children earlier this year, the Obama administration beginning in June pledged to speedily return them to their home countries and help better secure borders in Mexico and Central America.

But a third leg of that strategy has quietly created a network of family detention centers to lock up some children and their parents rather than freeing them pending deportation hearings.

The centers, which were opened this summer to receive families with children, are in Artesia, New Mexico and Karnes, Texas. Another one in Texas is scheduled to open in coming months. With little public debate, they have effectively become flagships of the Obama administration’s “get tough” campaign to discourage future border crossings.

These augment a Pennsylvania facility that has been in operation since 2001, but holds only small numbers of people.

It represents a U-turn for the Obama administration, which for five years favored less restrictive programs, such as ankle bracelets and telephone check-ins, for keeping tabs on families while they awaited court decisions on whether or not they would be deported . . .

The big expansion of detention beds, from only 90 last year to about 3,700 by the end of this year, comes amid data showing that the seasonal migration wave has receded. The number of families coming over the border declined to 3,295 in August, from 16,329 in June.

Look, the president is still going to unilaterally issue some kind of partial amnesty after the election, which takes some of the excitement out of the news that he’s more serious about deporting people. But this is a good step nonetheless.

17 Responses to Obama Expands Ilegal Immigrant Detentions

  1. Day after election — detention doors fly open.

    And there won’t be much discussion about it — because both the Republicans and Democrats are too worried about losing the support and votes of these “new Americans”.

    I applaud the Republicans for pressuring to get them detained. But the reality of the Realm is that Obama will do whatever he wants when he wants. Detention with deportation is meaningless.

  2. What? The only reason for these temporary detention centers is that they have no where else to put these people. These are children that no one has claimed, families with no belongings, no future, and no where to go.
    You just can’t put a family into an apartment with no china, no pots and pans, no linens, no clothing, and say ‘good luck, amigo’. There are no operating orphanages in the US (yet), and foster family homes don’t really want feral children who don’t even speak English.

    MrO is playing a waiting game, waiting to see what happens next month and then will make his move. If a miracle happens so that the Dems save the Senate, and take back Congress, he’ll give out general amnesty, and if the Repubs take over everything, he’ll use the lame duck session to allow green card visas, and other allowances to the illegals.
    As for the slowdown in border crossings; that has nothing to do with any seasonal adjustment. This is the prime time to do anything here in the Southwest now that the triple digit heat is over for the year.
    The change is that the Dems overestimated American’s pity and concern for illegal children and found out that even the Blue state residents don’t want them. NIMBY is not a Red or Blue motto.

      • Right, we know that, but the rest of America doesn’t.
        It’s hard for them to understand that Hispanics are a deep and viable part of Arizona history and most families were living here before the Europeans arrived.
        When I say we’ve elected a Hispanic for Governor, they think I’m lying – they think we hate Hispanics here and that’s not true.

        • I would think that most legal Hispanics would be opposed to illegal immigration, to LaRaza and the Gutierrez(s) of the world. I wish there would be a Hispanics for Legal Immigration or some such organization –or that there was some avenue for them to be a force. I suspect there are many reasons why they, either are not, or if they are, cannot speak out. I understand that. But if they really care about this country, and I assume they do, they must realize how damaging in the long run this is to them. Frustrating.

          A pox on Barack Obama and all those who advocating amnesty and illegal immigration.

        • I saw our comment about the town near you that closely resemble a poor Mexican town. I assume it’s been there for awhile. Are they legal srdem65 or not? If not what’s the argument for allowing this and not other illegals? It’s a quandry — there are other such places and instances throughout the US.

      • Until recently I tutored Latinos for the citizenship test, and all my former students are not for it. They learned English, they paid high fees both for their residence permit and for their citizenship papers, and they had to study very hard. Mine in particular worked the night shift and came to the junior college at 9 a.m.

  3. They only Appear to be detention centers for border crossers. Once amnesty is granted to all, the centers will be empty. Then they will become detention centers for conservatives when the new King is annointed in his lifetime position.

    Me, skeptical? naw….

  4. Whatever this is, it’ll be a cold day in hell when I believe it’s a result of Obastard giving a damn.

    I don’t know what his agenda is here but you can bet the farm he has one.

  5. US Constitution Article 1 Section 8:
    The Congress shall have power toTo establish a uniform rule of naturalization…..

    The EXECUTIVE has NO POWER to alter or override existing legislation.

    That power lies with Congress.

  6. Obama never does anything right. He is a drama QUEEN and a control freak who created ISIS and is giving us Ebola by not keeping it out of America. He is to blame for everything. Why is no one stopping him from getting us all killed? .