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Hillary Heckled by Bullhorn-Bearing Crank

Hillary Clinton was performing at her latest paid speaking gig over the weekend, a presentation to the American Academy of Pediatrics, when she was suddenly in interrupted in the worst way. Have a look.

I have to say, her response before the group of 3,000 kid doctors hit back pretty nicely: “You know, there are some people who miss important developmental stages,” she quipped.

33 Responses to Hillary Heckled by Bullhorn-Bearing Crank

  1. Is she really that witty? Seems like a plant to me like the shoe throwing incident. How did her Brown Shirts ever let a bullhorn through the gate?

  2. If a Republican said “You know, there are some people who miss important developmental stages,” they would be lambasted in the media for making fun of people with developmental disabilities

    • Speaking of development, Michelle Malkin has an article regarding: Look who’s data-mining your toddlers
      Regarding: “TS Gold”. In Colorado 42,000 kids alone have been sujected to the assessments.
      Most parents have no idea the scheme is on track for full implementation by 2015-1016 school year. It plans to expand assessments to cover children from birth to the third grade.
      Along with math, reading, etc: One parent discovered that TS Gold assessors in the Colo. public PREschool had recorded information about her son’s trips to the bathroom, hand-washing, and his ability to pull up his pants. She did not have the choice to opt out of the system.
      I read this, this morning. I would like to know how all the doctors sitting in that audience like this intrusive system on our Free American children.
      As well you can bet, that her grandchild will NOT be subject to this.

  3. I just read that Hillary Clinton will be campaigning against Mitch McConnell this week and find that interesting. The Clintons must smell a winner in Lundergren Grimes, and maybe that’s why Grimes will not admit she voted for Obama twice.

  4. Yes, sneaking a bullhorn in your back pocket is no easy task, that is for sure.

    But what qualifications does she have to address a large group of doctors about anything?

    • Well, she did concoct a scheme awhile back to tell doctors how to practice medicine and put them in prison if they provided unauthorized services. So she must know more about medical practice than the average doctor, you’d think.

  5. Her ‘hecklers’ are becoming as routine as Obama’s ‘fainters’. Definitely a plant.
    But what’s up with her ‘Mao-ish’ looking pantsuit outfit? Kinda creepy!

  6. Actually, no, Keith. I would have to disagree. She didn’t allow that another opinion might have merit. She relegated it to something being WRONG with the person who held it.

    I don’t think that’s “nice” at all.

    • Whoa, is he creepy or what. Is English not his first language, he’s really robotic.
      The good news – 339,999,999 Americans don’t have ebola. Yet.

      • He was just asked why we are not stopping flights.
        He said we are checking for fever, handing out the questionaire. Wants to really focus on the risk to America, and stop it at it’s source in Africa.

        • I have not heard any reporter asking what are we doing to prevent ill ebola people, from walking over the border.
          Rueters just asked about the Louisiana Atty General not wanting Ebola waste dropped in Louisiana.
          HE DID NOT GIVE A PROPER ANSWER, if it would not be, or where it would be.
          I did not hear of that issue untill just now. Now I have to look that up.

    • Yep, a real protestor would have sat down and been carried out by several security people.

      I attended an event Hillary participated in after the Clinton WH, she still had 4 SS with her, checking purses and backpacks. A bullhorn would have never been let in so it must’ve been an inside job :)

    • I like your comment. True, thanks to dumb, unqualified Hillary Clinton and her crazy democrats, a lot of babies miss that development stage because of their love of murdering babies. They are denied life by these demons and have no right to deny human life. Where do they get the right to do that? They don’t believe in God these days so they think its okay to throw life into the garbage can. God will get them one day.