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Sunday Open Thread || October 12, 2014

206 thoughts on “Sunday Open Thread || October 12, 2014”

    1. I was hoping that we would only have fun things to discuss and share, such as home cooked food, favorite food, etc.
      However the morning Press Conf. put a damper on that.
      Keith, Tks. for the open thread. Look forward to hearing from you on your next post.

      1. I missed the presser but seeing comments that the infectious disease people are very concerned with the latest person affected in Dallas. Not quite sure how s/he got it after following all the required rules of patient care.

        I saw a tweet by an Obama fan who thought she was being funny: Ebola is spread by the news, stop watching the news.

        Nothing going on here and over there looks good for Obama, even the MSM lapdogs are going to have to start noticing. The Uk papers are already blaming BO for his war-no war ISIS strategy that’s failing miserably.

        1. You can’t catch Ebola on a bus but apparently you can through
          a Hazmat suit in a hospital under controlled quarantine.
          Oh the wheels have fallen off Barry’s bus to our misfortune.

          1. Denise I mentioned on the previous thread that it is very hard to take off the suit. The doctor on FOX this morning, mentioned possibly while the health care worker took off the suit, may have touched something without realizing it.
            What I question is so far the people in the apt. with Duncan and all the food delivery people, and the clean up people, have not turned up sick. The full gear person did. At the same time NO FLIGHTS WERE CANCELLED BACK IN AUGUST TO WEST AFRICA!

          2. This is not very encouraging news for our thousands of troops going over to help in West Africa. I wonder if this is how the Spanish nurse came down with it.

          3. I keep thinking of it in a simple cold respect. In other words, when someone in my family has a cold. I spray, and wipe door knobs etc. They all wash their hands, etc. However I do my best to limit someone elses catching the cold. Yes I know they are telling us this is not airborne yet. Thankfully.

          4. The nurse in Spain who is ill may have while taking off her suit touched her face with gloved hand. I’m going to
            say it may have mutated and we haven’t a clue. Very
            scary indeed.

          5. Also of concern: the emergency room at the hospital is now closed. Not clear if Mr. Duncan and the infected nurse went to the same hospital – I am assuming they did. Patients are being directed to other area hospitals.

            As more cases are detected, does this mean every ER will be closed???

          6. I took notes during the P.Conf. I missed that comment. Closing just one hospital may not seem to be a big deal in a major city, with numerous hospitals.
            What is their plan if God forbid someone else gets it in a smaller town. We all know smaller towns don’t have numerous hospitals.

          7. My point, exactly. We already have a shortage of ER’s here in L.A. County. All we need is one big closure to cause panic. Can’t imagine what it would be like in a small town with one ER!

          8. Star I mentioned that because my aunt and uncle had their house blown away from Katrina. They moved to the mid part of Ameirca. My uncle just passed. However for the last several years they both had to travel a good distance just to go to the doctor.
            I was taking notes as fast as I could at the last CDC P. Conf. The reporter asked if the CDC were going to consider special units. I apologize, I did not write down his response. I tried to look it up and could not find the questions and answers listed yet on the Internet, at this point.

        2. I watched the presser. oh boy. We’re in a heap of woe now.
          The takeaway was they don’t know how she contracted the virus, they don’t have protocols in place to cover what might be more victims, and IMO – they looked as scared as I must have.

          No one person is in charge, and most hospitals are not prepared for a patient(s) who must be isolated. It’s bad.
          Then, there’s the terrible virus afflicting children that’s sweeping the country and we have a population that’s not that much concerned with some terrorists in Iraq, but rather if we are safe from the invisible terror. .

          1. Srdem you are correct the people who spoke did have scared and or sad facial expressions. I thought, it was just I who saw that and did not state that on the previous thread.
            This morning I was reading the dim outlook of Baghdad airport, while this Press Conf. came on.

          2. AZ Granny pointed out in the previous thread that Gov. Perry has appointed a task force on infectious diseases.

            IIRC, there are four hospitals in this nation which are with specially designated wards to deal with Ebola. I’m pretty sure one of them is that hospital in Nebraska where two infected doctors and that NBC cameraman were taken. Another one probably is in Atlanta.

          3. I’m trying to consider this logically. If you gear up & enter a quarantined patient, what are the protocols on leaving? It would made sense that there is a holding chamber where the hospital worker gets doused with lots of germ killing spray. Then an area to remove & dispose of hazmat suit. If it does work this way, then this killer germ certainly has strong holding power (like a man made pestilence?).
            How did someone who took such measures manage to contract this?

          4. Catching up. This week is bubble week. We will know by Friday is there is going to be an issue or a catastrophe. Hope we only need to pray for the nurse.

          5. I posted this earlier today at Weasel Zippers, you might be interested:

            Airborne transmission of Ebola was proven by Canadian researchers in 2012.
            “Canadian scientists have shown that the deadliest form of the ebola virus could be transmitted by air between species.
            In experiments, they demonstrated that the virus was transmitted from pigs to monkeys without any direct contact between them…In their experiments, the pigs carrying the virus were housed in pens with the monkeys in close proximity but separated by a wire barrier. After eight days, some of the macaques were showing clinical signs typical of ebola and were euthanised.”

        3. I saw a tweet by an Obama fan who thought she was being funny: Ebola is spread by the news, stop watching the news. SNIP

          Fits in with FCMABBHO’s claim in late August that blames the media for our concerns about the world going to hell in a hand basket.

          1. I’m surprised she didn’t specifically mention Fox News, I do think ALL news will not be favorable to Obama in the coming days/weeks. Protecting Obama’s policies will not be an option as Ebola spreads here, and Baghdad’s potential fall.

    1. Bloomberg has a fawning article about the Clintons barnstorming the country for Democrats while Obama is persona non grata and how the Clintons can effect a turnaround for the Dims in three weeks. I wasn’t aware that they were actually barnstorming. They’ve only made a few selective appearances. She campaigning in PA for the Democrat who is very likely to win anyway as the current Republican incumbent is heavily involved in scandal. And from what I’ve seen of home state Arkansas, Pryor has continued down and Cotton up even with the Great Whore Master’s personal appearances for Pryor.

        1. I really do have Clinton fatigue so let them run their little money laundering (there have been investigations!) foundation and pretend to be helping po’folks. No harm done except for the donors and the po’folks they’re not helping. Here’s part of it:

      1. Shrillary is going to Kentucky to help Grimes this week, most likely payback for Grimes’ statement the other day that she’s a “Hillary Democrat”, (when she wouldn’t even say whether she voted for BHO).

        1. Let’s just call it ‘indirect/circumstantial evidence’. Several of the ‘unaccompanied minors’ in Texas were diagnosed with TB. These kids are unvaccinated. Also, tons of hispanics in EP travel back and forth over the border to visit relatives, etc. Some of them most likely have low-skill hospital jobs. Where else would these diseases come from? They have been dormant in the US for decades!

          Here’s another example of the unsanitary condtions in EP:

          Poop City:

          1. Unvaccinated–just yesterday some people on this site said no flu shot for them–no vaccination…Maybe those who do get it can provide sufficient “herd immunity” to protect those who don’t…hope so.

    1. Does anyone have any further figures on the Enterovirus. It seems as if after the little boy’s death, that further discussion has been cut off? Are there more new cases?

      1. A toddler in Michigan died Friday from the Enterovirus. I haven’t seen much about it lately though. Sharyl Attkisson has a report out that may link the increase in Enterovirus to the influx of illegal aliens.

        1. Let me say that in other words: the MSM are not talking about it per orders of the government. You hear about the deaths, but what about the children who have been paralyzed or just the number of cases? For sure, there are many more cases of Enterovirus than Ebola in the United States, and it appears to be even more quickly contagious.

        1. The worker reported TB-related symptoms in July but was allowed to continue working for weeks. SNIP

          What in the world???? She worked in the nursery yet was allowed to continue working with infants?

          1. Some of the ‘ragtag orphans’ were diagnosed with TB, Star. The rural areas of Mexico and C.A. are teeming with disease. Why do you still believe there is no connection when the US eliminated this stuff decades ago?

          2. TB was never eliminated here. There were whooping cough ooutbreaks in CA from people who did not get vaccinated with DPT. The P is for pertussis. I am just saying they may get things from here–of course, some may infect people here…but it is not all one way. You know all this.

          3. I amswered this–don’t know where it went. TB is not eliminated here. In fact, a virulent resistant strain is here. Whopping cough outbreaks are common in CA–probably from people not vaccinated (DPT). This went on before the kids crossed. I am sure some things crossed but to insist every bug is from germy illegals or whatever people like to call them is not true.

      1. I wonder what happened to the airman who posted a photograph of his plane being refueled while on a bombing mission. The Islamic Army tracked down his name and his son’s address. They sent out messages for sympathizers here to go to his home and kill the son.

          1. Now that we know that the Islamic State is scouring Facebook, I wish the military would forbid people in combat zones from having accounts. Sure, it’s a great way to keep track with families and friends, but the dangers are great.

          2. Responsible military families will limit their exposure. Lots of us came from military families and in mine, lock down on things like this were pretty quickly a “rule of the house”.

          3. Nah. Just force the servicemembers to give up their FB accounts or do whatever is necessary to keep the readership to a very select few.

    1. I do not want anyone targeted by these crazed terrorists. It is horribly dangerous.

      That said, unfortunately, it might take more actions such as this to get those who call terrorists acts workplace violence, and those Harvard kids who think the US is more dangerous than ISIS to wake up and smell the danger.

      And God forbid a black hispanic transgender Dreamer runs afoul of terrorist threat.

      1. That said, unfortunately, it might take more actions such as this to get those who call terrorists acts workplace violence, and those Harvard kids who think the US is more dangerous than ISIS to wake up and smell the danger. SNIP

        They’ll probably blame the victims for being in such a meeeaaannnnn job.

      2. Oops. I thought you were referring to the military.

        You’re right that death threats to social media mucketies and their employees might catch the attention of those idiots at Harvard, but they have been inoculated to believe that Islam is the Religion of Peace and that the US is the root of all evil.

    1. Then we need to cozy up to some South American dictator where cocoa beans are readily available. We can send our unions down to organize the labor, and LaRaza can begin setting up transit routes and welcome tables for all those who want to come here.

  1. I just finished watching the Meet the Press pathetic crap that it was the GOP using fear for the midterms and tweeted this out:

    @meetthepress must like 3rd place. The “politics of fear” crap vs reporting the real fear of 2nd #Ebola pt was pathetic. #tcot #epicfail

    And then this:
    So now that a healthcare worker in Dallas has #Ebola how long before #Obama admin attempts to redefine the word #outbreak? #epicfail #tcot

    Basically it looks like NBC will be going all out to protect another Obama administration failure. I am so sick of the MSM.

        1. I have taken short notes for years, so I could discuss with my family. Yes I can hear it, Tks. I read the news as well.
          I also like to compare sometimes what one station is stating, compared to the other.

  2. Not crazy about Howie Kurtz on Fox but Sharyl Attkinson is on the panel.

    Oh yea Obama’s CDC Ebola Director on tv.

    “Don’t know” what happened with Ebola patient, but “at some point ” there was a “breach in protocol”.

    Feeling better already.

  3. Keith, I noticed that you have changed your mind somewhat about Assad. I certainly agree , his troops could , would and should fight the Islamists in Syria . The West should leave him alone.
    Now it looks like there will be a horrible situation in Kobane and Turkey has really shown it´s real, ruthless face. Nice allies the West have here , Saudi, Turkey, Qatar….how can Russia be so reprehensible compared to these nations ? Please note, Russia is an old Christian country and the other ones have that “religion of peace”…

    1. I respectfully continue to be amazed that you can support Putin and think that the best course for America is to ally with Assad and ultimately Iran.

      1. Michael Totten is an expert who has much in country Middle East experience writing for Foreign Affairs . Here is an alternate view to your suggestion that the US support Assad.

        As for Russian “christianity” — the Orthodox church has always been to the extent that it is allowed at all — a tool of whatever regime is in power. Of course, Stalin had no use for it — destroying a historic Orthodox church to install a swimming pool. But Putin has used it well.

        1. Well let’s not forget how WWII went. Who would have ever thought at the time that the West would ally itself with the
          Soviet Union after its pact with Nazi Germany to divvy up Poland and its invasion of Finland or even its self-revelation with the show trials? That must have been one big hard rock for Churchill to swallow if not FDR. Yes, I know what happened after the war, but it was something the West had to deal with in the duration.

      2. Grace, I don´t really “support” Putin but the alternatives are so much worse. It is not in Europes interest to follow the Obama White House into conflict with Russia. It really is absolutely not. Now, look at Germanys economy. And Finlands. And there will be many more. casualties before these foolish sanctions are over. Most of us want good relations with Russia ( oh, there are some politicians who because of career options, greed or bad judgment want to follow Obama but, let´s ignore them ). Russia is certainly no dreamland for a Westerner but, during Putin, it has slowly normalized in spite of all problems, troubles and sorrows that is Russia. von Bismarck was once asked about the secrets in politics and he answered : “Schliesse immer gute Vertrage mit Russland ab”. ( Always make good treaties with Russia). We should listen to old Bismarck.

        1. Nazi Soviet Pact worked out well for Germany.

          As for Putin — look to old Russia. If you are comfortable with that. Then again Putin has more or less a strangle hold on energy resources to Europe so there is that that might account for Europe’s gentle hand.

          What alternatives are you speaking about? Obama does not have a conflict with Putin — he pretty much treats Putin the way he treats Erdogan — blind eye and free hand.

          1. Grace, not a conflict ??? The entire Ukraine-affair was and is orchestrated in Washington. What about the Nuland-tapes, what about Biden JR on board the biggest Ukraine gas company ? The Ukraine- conflict was, in my opinion, created in order to weaken Russia and Putins influence in politics and NATO was one of the tools. And it is shortsighted and dangerous and very representative of the Obama governments ignorance in foreign affairs. Who benefits from a destabilized Russia in shambles ? Well, some do but many. many. millions will suffer endlessly if that scenario came true.

          2. I agree that it was orchestrated by Washington. But they failed. Neither Putin nor Russia is in a “shambles” — it cleared the path for Putin to move forward, step by step.

            Obama has no idea what he is doing. Attempting to undermine Russia while at the same time pulling missile defense from EE was typical Obama. And we have a big mess. And a big power vacuum.

            This does not make Putin Europe’s last best hope IMO. But I can understand why Europe might think so.

            But I will take a scrappy Poland anytime — their history knows too well the consequences of big power treaties and appeasement.

            But aligning with Russia and Assad and ultimately Iran is not in the best interests of the United States. But Obama does not give a damn about the US. So there you go — you and Julie will probably be well pleased at Obama’s ultimate solution.

    2. I was in agreement when Keith posted that too. And the so-called moderate anti-Assad rebels are a figment of John McCain’s and Barack Obama’s imaginations. They are melting away as we speak.

      Erdogan is letting ISIS commit genocide against the Kurds and then plans to take over all that ISIS has conquered–a return to a TURKISH caliphate. Or else Turkey is the ISIS fifth column in NATO selling everyone else out. The NATO countries should break with him immediately.

        1. Grace, I don’t think Erdogan is afraid of Obama or the US. No one is anymore. By the time we get a new President, it will be too far gone.

          1. It’s not so much that Erdogan is afraid or not afraid of Obama. It is a NATO country and we do have some pull there. Or we did. Refusal to allow use of bases is insane.

      1. Agree Julie, and can you imagine that there were EU-politicians who were very vocal for letting Turkey join the EU ? Just think about it. That small western slice of land including Istanbul s the pretty facade but you would get that big Muslim backwards hinterland into Europe. What strange agenda do these EU-politicians have ? Certainly not the agenda of the ordinary European population.

  4. S. Atkisson has made the Evirus one of the things she is investigating and now perhaps Ebola as well.

    I am glad to see her get more exposure. She does do quality work.

    1. I think she should concentrate on Enterovirus. Absolutely no one else is investigating it. I think it’s a deliberate blackout. Tin foil hat off.

      1. Google it–plenty of cites…I was interested bec I wondered if my adult kid’s paralyzed arm could be a case in an adult. AZ Health said no–they had no confirmed cases…but again, google carried several stories of samples being sent from AZ to CDC–just no results yet. I posted on this already…some time back.

        1. Yes, I read your posts. I hope your daughter is better and we will get down to the truth soon. I know you are unwilling to think that the outbreak could have been inflamed by the illegal migrations from Central America. But Sharyl Attkisson is trying to correlate the areas where the outbreaks occur with the government’s secret placing of illegal children all across the US. It may not be related, but we need to look at it as a possibility. It’s really the scientific way to leave no stone unturned.

          1. Where did I say it weas not possible–anything is possible. Enterovirus has been around for decades. Here! We may be more likely to give it to under nourished kids–but let’s see proof they are bringing it to us. If my kid did have it, I would assume it was from all the exposure to people in the Wendy’s window or from a surface in Walmart, where she hops, not from S Am kids…

  5. As is invariably the case these days in the wake of the terrorist violence, brutality, and atrocities carried out explicitly in the name of Islam, a host of dissimulating Islamist activists, other Muslims in a state of psychological denial, and apologetic Western pundits insist that the actions of the terrorist group calling itself al-Dawla al-Islamiyya (IS: the Islamic State) have little or nothing to do with Islam. SNIP

    But why ignore the claims of the perpetrators and instead rely on Islamist activists, who are often peddling outright disinformation, or on Western commentators, most of whom know little or nothing about Islam or Islamism, for explanations of this behavior? These pundits are prone to minimize the central role played by Islamist ideology and erroneously ascribe the actions of jihadist terrorists to assorted subsidiary causal factors, such as garden-variety political grievances, poverty, lack of democracy, psychopathology, greed, or simple hunger for power. SNIP

    1. So…the point of your consistent comments about this topic can be summarized as: Islam is bad. Why don’t you just repeat that simple phrase over and over?
      Mandy, do you KNOW any Muslims? Have you ever interacted consistently with any Muslims?
      I have – and I can tell you that there are various Muslim beliefs just as there are various Christian beliefs just as there are various Jewish beliefs.
      I have had close, personal friends in each category. I love people who belong to each belief system.
      I agree that ISIS is bad. I agree that Muslims need to be more vocal in condemning the actions of ISIS.
      Just as I agree that Christians need to be more vocal in condemning the actions of Westboro Baptist Church.
      We all need to be more vocal in our support of our beliefs. That is what has lead us to this moment in time.
      As for me, I respect your right to express your opinion, however, I wish you were less hateful.
      Let the diatribe begin…

      1. Are you really whipping out moral equivalency here? Are you actually comparing what al-Shabaab, Boko Haram, the Islamic Army, et alia, are doing with Westboro?

        I’ll quote the linked article.

        In all such cases, however, the perpetrators of these violent actions not only proudly insist that their actions are inspired by the Qur’an and the exemplary words and deeds of Muhammad himself (as recorded in the canonical hadith collections), but explicitly cite relevant Qur’anic passages and the reported actions of their prophet to justify those actions. SNIP*****

        Now, can you show me where in the New Testament we are commanded to do what Phelps is doing?

        1. Westboro also claims they are doing God’s will. Anyone can take a snippet of Biblical verse and twist it to support behavior. The same is true for any religion and their tenets.
          As a Christian who believes the Bible is the inspired Word of God – and who believes completely that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Savior of this world – I cannot and would not try to justify the actions of Westboro .
          There are extremists in every religion, Mandy.
          Surely you will cede that point.
          I never claim moral equivalency. I am a sinner saved by Grace and I am simply attempting to show God’s love to you and to my Muslim friends and to my Jewish friends and to my Christian friends.
          All Muslims are not ISIS. All Christians are not Westboro or Jim Jones or those who were in Waco.
          I am simply pointing out that in this world and this day and time, you should not judge a religion or a people by those who are extremists bent upon making the evening news.
          And if you want to debate New Testament (or Old Testament) scripture, bring it. I am nearing completion of my third “Read the Bible Through.”

          1. The bible also says you cannot get to heaven excapt by accepting Christ. Do you really think all your non-Christian friends are going to hell? Or is there room for intelligence and mercy?

          2. God decides who enters Heaven. I do not.
            However, I have been convicted that belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and the Ultimate Sacrifice for my sins is my entrance into Heaven.
            God does the judging. I do the believing. I do the living of my faith without apology.
            It is simple as that for me, Star.

          3. In the old days, it was only Catholics who would go to heaven. I still remember my catechism teacher, Sister Josephine’s, response in my first grade Catechism class when I asked her what would happen to all of my non-Catholic friends. She said: “They will go to purgatory forever”.

            Even as a five year old, I inherently knew this could not be true. But it did bother me for quite a while. I felt vindicated last year when Pope Francis declared that even atheists can go to heaven as long as they do good on earth!

      2. Aileen –So you agree that Mandy has a right to express her opinon and be vocal in support of her beliefs but you object to what you perceive to be her being “hateful”.

        Many of us here have positions which are self identifying.

        I can only assume it is Mandy’s tone you object to.

      3. I agree, Aileen–I saw another hate-a-thon being revved up. Can’t we use our big American brains to differentiate between positive and negative. You could have “snipped” that whole thing, Mandy–sure, you do have free speech–but every open thread, so we have to go here?

        1. so we have to go here?

          What we Star? Nobody is forcing your hand. So now we are being monitored for perceived “hate” issues and a dollar in the swear jar.

        2. But no-no one is stopping you, it’s just that it’s every open thread—horrible Islam, horrible Islam… A fourth of the people on earth practice this religion–they pray five times a day–disciplined–and only a scant percent interpret the Koran to mean kill nonbelievers. Oh, well, why bother to restate this–open thread, anti-Islam, got it.

          1. Pretty much I think people on this blog are respectful of that — . And no to the swear jar — even though I was foolish enough to give you that opportunity. :)

          2. I don’t know Star. Religion and politics. But denying that the terrorists justify their actions on religious teachings in the Koran difficult. If you don’t want your religion to be mischaracterized then you should speak up I think. I don’t believe Mandy or anyone else is disputing that there are Muslims of good will and peace as people. But if you drill into the core, and I am no expert, the justification for killing infidels is there. At a minimum they could speak up about that.

            Another thing that does bother me from the little I know, is that many Muslims (independent of the terrorist issue) support Sharia law. And that is problematic as well.

          3. Many Baptists support no drinking, no dancing, no card playing, etc., etc., etc.
            But, not ALL Baptists believe these topics impact eternal salvation.
            And, sadly, not all Baptists see or understand the importance of speaking out in support of their belief.
            Just saying…
            Sincerely – no disrespect intended to anyone.

          4. Of course the TERRORISTS justify their actions on religious grounds…who said they did not. I am saying all faiths have scripture and doctrines–you can read what you want into anything. That is where faith comes in. I am objecting to every weekend having to read about how evil this religion is. You can cherry pick things from every religion… I give up–I supposed this will start up again next Sunday.

          5. Good point. We shouldn’t paint all of a certain religion as a ‘this’ or those of a certain race as a ‘that’.
            There’s good and bad in all things.

          6. It looks to me that this is not about Muslims, Islam or religion at all.

            It is about one person’s view somehow being deemed “hateful” and unacceptable . Unless it is moderated to consider all sides. In which case, one’s position is not one’s position at all but the communally acceptable position.

            Pretty much this might reflect how we Americans learn to deal with and eventually begin to accept as a fact of life terrorists. And accommodate ourselves to that. Much like we have accommodated Obama. And illegal immigration.

            This is not directed at you srdem65 or anyone in particular. It is just a dropped in musing. No right no wrong. Just an observation. Perhaps errant.

          7. I appreciate everyone’s thoughts here at WHD, even if I disagree. I respect everyone’s opinion.
            If you asked me to go out in public and shout my opinions about the Long List. I have mentioned before, I am to afraid.
            Maybe some people do not come out against what is being done by ISIS, because they are afraid to.
            Smile everyone: :)

          8. I am a Lutheran.
            Martin Luther was the first to protest against the Catholic Church.
            We believe in the Bible, no embellishments, no liberalized twisting of the message.
            In the past,….we have been called ‘the church of the Bible’.
            Many churches today condone gays in the pulpit, and conduct gay marriages within what they call God’s house.
            So what do we make of this ?
            Is it against the teaching of the Bible ?
            Yes !

    2. Well covered, Mandy. The problem with reporting on Islam is the failure to include the hadith in discussions. Of course, no one in the msm bothers to link the two books together. The Koran is the vehicle and the driver is the hadith. Of the big three, Islam is the only one that has never had a reformation. I can’t think of one nice thing to say about Islam. While some may point to individuals as being nice Muslims, it has nothing to do with my point. Look no further than the history of Christians and Jews, who had the misfortune of living in what later became self-identified Muslim countries.

  6. Did you see where Michelle could not pronounce the Dem she was supporting in Iowa she said Bailey instead of Braley so many times, someone yelled the correct name from the audience…She said she was getting old and needed the help of young people, I guess to keep the pols straight. This is embarrassing. Plus she was wearing the drabest weirdest dress imaginable and hair hair/wig looked scraggly..

    1. I’m sure she was reading her speech that some goofball aide typed up incorrectly (or loaded wrong on the ‘prompter). Still, no excuse not to know (with or without the excuses) who you’re rallying for.

      My favorite MO gaffe was when her aide loaded Maine’s abbreviation ME and MO yelled out to the crowd Hello Me !

          1. Maybe so, but we all know what happens to our eyes after the age of 50…bifocal time.
            How about this; she had no idea what was on the teleprompter until it appeared, and has never had any contact with the guy she’s supporting.

          2. Okay, I took off my drug store readers (1.25) and Bailey and Braley looked exactly the same, I would have said Bailey too, a more common name. Still, an insult to Braley, she had no clue who he was :(

          1. Cleaned out this box to reply to you Star. It’s not wordpress, trust me. Just testing if this nests under you :)

            After months of tech challenged agonizing, I signed up with Disqus to comment on MOTUS. As a bonus, realized I could use DQ to comment on many of my other favorite blogs like Breitbart, Politico, The Hill and some others. The bad news, I’m addicted more than ever to online commenting….and *likes*. :D

    2. Bubba made the same mistake when he and Shrillary were out in Iowa supporting Braley.

      As far as Moochelle’s repeated error, the best part is that she told the audience to go to “‘”:

      When it comes to running for office, it pays to have people remember your name – so long as they can get it right!

      Spare a thought for Democratic candidate for Senate in Iowa, Bruce Braley, who thought he’d won the ultimate endorsement by having First Lady Michelle Obama introduce him at a campaign rally.

      But things did not go smoothly and Mrs Obama called him Bruce Bailey instead before going onto tell the crowd that he was a Marine Corps veteran, even though he’s not.

      After calling him ‘Bruce Bailey’ at least five or six times during her remarks at a campaign event, even directing people to ‘,’ an audience member eventually corrected the first lady.

      ‘Braley? What did I say? I’m losing it. I’m getting old. I’ve been traveling too much,’ Mrs Obama said, jokingly and attempting to laughing off the gaffe.

      ‘,’ she added. ‘I know where I am! I know what I’m doing! That’s why we need you young people, you gotta help us out!’

      The flub came despite a huge array of signs in the hall where she was speaking, all spelling Braley’s name correctly.

      On the other gaffe, the First Lady said Braley was a Marine Corps veteran, however it was actually Braley’s father who served in the Marines.

      Mrs Obama is not the only high profile endorser to make a clip up over the candidates’ name.

      Last month, Bill Clinton also called him Bruce Bailey at an event in the state.

      Ha, now that URL redirects to Joni Ernst’s website:

      “Go to,” Obama said. “That’s”

      “Braley?” Obama asked the audience. “What did I say?”

      Shortly after the flub from the first lady it appeared that the website she mentioned,, redirected to the campaign website of Braley’s Republican challenger, Joni Ernst. Braley is in a tight race with Republican candidate Joni Ernst. Ernst is leading by two points.

      On a shallow note, that hairstyle, (photos in the Daily Mail article), is hideous, Moochelle!

      1. “I’ve been traveling too much,…”

        So, stay home.

        It’s not as if she has to put up with the hassles of flying in commercial planes, standing in line to go through security, running through the terminal to catch your plane and hoping the passenger in front of you doesn’t recline his seat into your lap.

        Whine. Whine. Whine.

      2. I do wonder if the GOP/right will make this backfire. It’s shoring up the base for Poor MO’s so tired.

        Read a similar thought on even (TX gov race) Wendy Davis’s nasty ad attack on Abbot’s paralysis…..poor Wendy, he’s still rich. The left is equating that ad to ROVE’s attacks in the ’00’s were even worse.

        Nasty and Nastier are the newest lows in Politics. :(


          Obama returns to the White House on Saturday after spending the past three days in California , mostly for fundraising. His schedule for the coming week is packed with more political events.

          On Tuesday, he’ll help raise money in the Washington area for Democratic House candidates.

          On Wednesday, before heading to the Connecticut rally, Obama planned to travel to Union, New Jersey , to help raise money for Democratic Senate candidates.

          He travels to New York’s Long Island on Thursday to headline a Democratic National Committee event.

          1. Mooch has her schedule filled in as well. She’ll be in Philly drumming up support for Tom Wolf, who is running for Gov. It’s a two-fer – 2 wolves for the price of one!

  7. A second ebola case in Dallas? Well who could have imagined that some sort of error could have occurred in patient zero’s treatment. CDC and Pres. Obola were sure that every procedure would run perfectly with zero chance of spread. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    1. Don’tcha know that it’s GovPerry’s fault now, or his fault and the Repubs fault, as I’ve seen on other sites.
      Maybe we should just go all the way back to AbeLincoln and blame him. /s/
      I blame the African, and the open border that our government still allows today.
      The people at the hospital are not at fault, nor is the newly infected victim responsible for her own illness.

      1. As I posted in the previous thread, she touched her face with her glove. Those containment suits are difficult to remove. Can the the wearers be washed down with water and bleach once they’ve disrobed?

  8. From Twitter – 200th round today:

    Mark Knoller @markknoller · 6m 6 minutes ago
    Pres Obama now at Ft Belvoir for a round of golf. By my count, this is his 200th round of golf as President.

  9. Obama now at Ft. Belvoir for golf game #200! And this is after he was delayed by a briefing by HHS Burwell on the new Ebola case in Dallas. Nothing interferes with his golf!

    1. But the numbers line up nicely. #2 Ebola case in the US happens on the same day as #200 round of golf by PresidentGolfsalotAndDoesn’tGiveaDamn.

  10. According to this Breitbart article from Wednesday, the 0’s are supposed to be at a DNC fundraiser tonight:

    Floyd Cardoz, executive chef for the White Street NYC restaurant in New York, is making dinner for President Obama, the First Lady, and 250 guests on Sunday at a Democratic party fundraiser, and he’s going to make sure he doesn’t offend Mrs. Obama and her health initiative.

    When asked how many pounds of butter he was going to use, Cardoz responded, “If you know my cooking, there will be zero. I dislike cooking with butter.”

    Cardoz, who won on Top Chef Masters, boasted, “We’re going to cook our asses off. Because how often do you get to have the president in the same zip code as you, let alone the same space?”

    The gourmet meal will consist of Long Island fluke, short-rib dish with grits, pumpkin-ricotta soup, and a chickpea cake with avocado. Cardoz was only too happy to serve Obama, saying, “I want him to understand that my philosophy is pretty close to his philosophy, and want to showcase what we do at White Street.”

    Cardoz may eschew butter, but he’s indulging his sweet tooth; he said, “We’re going to get every guest to leave with a bag of cookies. I’ve asked for chocolate-chip cookies because that’s what I like. No nuts.”

    Tickets for the event range from $1,000 to $25,000.

  11. We’ll know how dangerous it all is when the CDC big wigs start taking their own lives. I know that sounds harsh, and not really PC, but it would certainly be a red flag to the rest of us.

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