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206 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || October 12, 2014

    • I was hoping that we would only have fun things to discuss and share, such as home cooked food, favorite food, etc.
      However the morning Press Conf. put a damper on that.
      Keith, Tks. for the open thread. Look forward to hearing from you on your next post.

      • I missed the presser but seeing comments that the infectious disease people are very concerned with the latest person affected in Dallas. Not quite sure how s/he got it after following all the required rules of patient care.

        I saw a tweet by an Obama fan who thought she was being funny: Ebola is spread by the news, stop watching the news.

        Nothing going on here and over there looks good for Obama, even the MSM lapdogs are going to have to start noticing. The Uk papers are already blaming BO for his war-no war ISIS strategy that’s failing miserably.

        • You can’t catch Ebola on a bus but apparently you can through
          a Hazmat suit in a hospital under controlled quarantine.
          Oh the wheels have fallen off Barry’s bus to our misfortune.

          • Denise I mentioned on the previous thread that it is very hard to take off the suit. The doctor on FOX this morning, mentioned possibly while the health care worker took off the suit, may have touched something without realizing it.
            What I question is so far the people in the apt. with Duncan and all the food delivery people, and the clean up people, have not turned up sick. The full gear person did. At the same time NO FLIGHTS WERE CANCELLED BACK IN AUGUST TO WEST AFRICA!

          • This is not very encouraging news for our thousands of troops going over to help in West Africa. I wonder if this is how the Spanish nurse came down with it.

          • I keep thinking of it in a simple cold respect. In other words, when someone in my family has a cold. I spray, and wipe door knobs etc. They all wash their hands, etc. However I do my best to limit someone elses catching the cold. Yes I know they are telling us this is not airborne yet. Thankfully.

          • The nurse in Spain who is ill may have while taking off her suit touched her face with gloved hand. I’m going to
            say it may have mutated and we haven’t a clue. Very
            scary indeed.

          • Also of concern: the emergency room at the hospital is now closed. Not clear if Mr. Duncan and the infected nurse went to the same hospital – I am assuming they did. Patients are being directed to other area hospitals.

            As more cases are detected, does this mean every ER will be closed???

          • I took notes during the P.Conf. I missed that comment. Closing just one hospital may not seem to be a big deal in a major city, with numerous hospitals.
            What is their plan if God forbid someone else gets it in a smaller town. We all know smaller towns don’t have numerous hospitals.

          • My point, exactly. We already have a shortage of ER’s here in L.A. County. All we need is one big closure to cause panic. Can’t imagine what it would be like in a small town with one ER!

          • Star I mentioned that because my aunt and uncle had their house blown away from Katrina. They moved to the mid part of Ameirca. My uncle just passed. However for the last several years they both had to travel a good distance just to go to the doctor.
            I was taking notes as fast as I could at the last CDC P. Conf. The reporter asked if the CDC were going to consider special units. I apologize, I did not write down his response. I tried to look it up and could not find the questions and answers listed yet on the Internet, at this point.

        • I watched the presser. oh boy. We’re in a heap of woe now.
          The takeaway was they don’t know how she contracted the virus, they don’t have protocols in place to cover what might be more victims, and IMO – they looked as scared as I must have.

          No one person is in charge, and most hospitals are not prepared for a patient(s) who must be isolated. It’s bad.
          Then, there’s the terrible virus afflicting children that’s sweeping the country and we have a population that’s not that much concerned with some terrorists in Iraq, but rather if we are safe from the invisible terror. .

          • Srdem you are correct the people who spoke did have scared and or sad facial expressions. I thought, it was just I who saw that and did not state that on the previous thread.
            This morning I was reading the dim outlook of Baghdad airport, while this Press Conf. came on.

          • AZ Granny pointed out in the previous thread that Gov. Perry has appointed a task force on infectious diseases.

            IIRC, there are four hospitals in this nation which are with specially designated wards to deal with Ebola. I’m pretty sure one of them is that hospital in Nebraska where two infected doctors and that NBC cameraman were taken. Another one probably is in Atlanta.

          • I’m trying to consider this logically. If you gear up & enter a quarantined patient, what are the protocols on leaving? It would made sense that there is a holding chamber where the hospital worker gets doused with lots of germ killing spray. Then an area to remove & dispose of hazmat suit. If it does work this way, then this killer germ certainly has strong holding power (like a man made pestilence?).
            How did someone who took such measures manage to contract this?

          • Catching up. This week is bubble week. We will know by Friday is there is going to be an issue or a catastrophe. Hope we only need to pray for the nurse.

          • I posted this earlier today at Weasel Zippers, you might be interested:

            Airborne transmission of Ebola was proven by Canadian researchers in 2012.
            “Canadian scientists have shown that the deadliest form of the ebola virus could be transmitted by air between species.
            In experiments, they demonstrated that the virus was transmitted from pigs to monkeys without any direct contact between them…In their experiments, the pigs carrying the virus were housed in pens with the monkeys in close proximity but separated by a wire barrier. After eight days, some of the macaques were showing clinical signs typical of ebola and were euthanised.”

        • I saw a tweet by an Obama fan who thought she was being funny: Ebola is spread by the news, stop watching the news. SNIP

          Fits in with FCMABBHO’s claim in late August that blames the media for our concerns about the world going to hell in a hand basket.

          • I’m surprised she didn’t specifically mention Fox News, I do think ALL news will not be favorable to Obama in the coming days/weeks. Protecting Obama’s policies will not be an option as Ebola spreads here, and Baghdad’s potential fall.

      • I wonder what happened to the airman who posted a photograph of his plane being refueled while on a bombing mission. The Islamic Army tracked down his name and his son’s address. They sent out messages for sympathizers here to go to his home and kill the son.

    • I do not want anyone targeted by these crazed terrorists. It is horribly dangerous.

      That said, unfortunately, it might take more actions such as this to get those who call terrorists acts workplace violence, and those Harvard kids who think the US is more dangerous than ISIS to wake up and smell the danger.

      And God forbid a black hispanic transgender Dreamer runs afoul of terrorist threat.

      • That said, unfortunately, it might take more actions such as this to get those who call terrorists acts workplace violence, and those Harvard kids who think the US is more dangerous than ISIS to wake up and smell the danger. SNIP

        They’ll probably blame the victims for being in such a meeeaaannnnn job.

      • Oops. I thought you were referring to the military.

        You’re right that death threats to social media mucketies and their employees might catch the attention of those idiots at Harvard, but they have been inoculated to believe that Islam is the Religion of Peace and that the US is the root of all evil.

    • Then we need to cozy up to some South American dictator where cocoa beans are readily available. We can send our unions down to organize the labor, and LaRaza can begin setting up transit routes and welcome tables for all those who want to come here.

  1. I just finished watching the Meet the Press pathetic crap that it was the GOP using fear for the midterms and tweeted this out:

    @meetthepress must like 3rd place. The “politics of fear” crap vs reporting the real fear of 2nd #Ebola pt was pathetic. #tcot #epicfail

    And then this:
    So now that a healthcare worker in Dallas has #Ebola how long before #Obama admin attempts to redefine the word #outbreak? #epicfail #tcot

    Basically it looks like NBC will be going all out to protect another Obama administration failure. I am so sick of the MSM.

  2. Not crazy about Howie Kurtz on Fox but Sharyl Attkinson is on the panel.

    Oh yea Obama’s CDC Ebola Director on tv.

    “Don’t know” what happened with Ebola patient, but “at some point ” there was a “breach in protocol”.

    Feeling better already.

  3. Keith, I noticed that you have changed your mind somewhat about Assad. I certainly agree , his troops could , would and should fight the Islamists in Syria . The West should leave him alone.
    Now it looks like there will be a horrible situation in Kobane and Turkey has really shown it´s real, ruthless face. Nice allies the West have here , Saudi, Turkey, Qatar….how can Russia be so reprehensible compared to these nations ? Please note, Russia is an old Christian country and the other ones have that “religion of peace”…