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Obama Plays Golf for the 200th Time

President Obama today played golf for the 200th time of his presidency, a milestone that for many is emblematic of a president who has frequently seemed detached from his job, his colleagues in Washington, and the American people.

The president’s 200th trip to an oasis of fairways comes at a particularly turbulent time. The usual problems – an uncertain economy that may or may not be gaining its footing, stagnant wages, low work force participation, Iran on the cusp of a nuclear weapon, and soaring U.S. debt – are all present.

But as he strolls about the course today, Obama now also finds himself waging war with merciless Islamists terrorists raging across Iraq and Syria like a wildfire, confronting the 21st century version of the Bubonic Plague, and facing the revived threat of a major terrorist attack.

Obama golf 3

Sympathizers with Obama’s golf obsession say he needs the time on the links to relax. If that were true, one would think that, as a newly elected president in 2009 and as a candidate in 2012 juggling the horrendous pressure of running the country and seeking reelection, his golf would have increased.

And yet he played 28 times in 2009 and on only 19 occasions in 2012. This year, as speculation grows he’s lost interest in the presidency, Obama has played 43 times, putting him on track to break his personal record of 46, which he set in 2013 after being safely reelected.

Perhaps realizing the incongruity of the president playing golf amid crises, the White House today initially loaded up the press pool to accompany Obama to his golf outing, and then had a better thought. The press was yanked out of the vans and dispatched to the windows of the Oval Office, where reporters instructed to witness the president speaking on the phone with HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell about the new Ebola case in Texas.

And then it was on to golf.

The president today is playing on his usual course at Fort Belvoir, Virginia with his usual group of junior White House aides.

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  2. Maybe he’s sent out to play golf to keep him out of the way while his handlers run the country into the ground. His purpose was just to get elected “first black” and all. He’s just a Charlie McCarthy.

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  5. Keith, the Daily Mail linked to your article:

    While officials in Dallas scrambled to calm public hysteria over news of the first Ebola transmission on U.S. soil, Barack Obama hit the links for his 200th golf game as president.

    The president embarked on his leisurely outing to Virginia after taking a a few moments to speak with Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell for an update on the worsening situation in Dallas.

    Accompanying the president to Ft. Belvoir were his crew of loyal White House aides including Joe Paulsen, Mike Brush and Marvin Nicholson according to press pool reports.

    White House Dossier reported the golf game count Sunday afternoon.

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  9. Fox just spoke with Trumph about this 200th game after (touching base regarding the Ebola issue).Trumph mentioned all the fund raisers last week, and shutting down N.Y. traffic, etc. Raises 1 million cost between $25 & $30 million to fly him into N.Y. for a fundraiser.
    By the way: Happy Columbus Day!

  10. It was just mentioned on Fox. There has been NO Surgeon General for a year. The nominee came up short in the Senate.
    So…………..Since there is NO Surgeon General to enforce the law in the books, which gives them the right to cancel flights from W. Africa.
    I have been trying to find out why the Surgeon General was not acting on this measure.
    Can anyone recall WHO was the nominee last year?

      1. I appreciate the clip. I heard this discussed that there was a law giving them that right. The discussions were on Fox. I did not write the title of the law done.

  11. I cant think of ANY activity that I have done that takes more than an hour for 200 TIMES in any period of my life in a six year period. Also bizarre: He has NEVER played with his kids.. He has only played with a woman a few times. He has only played with a Republican a few times. He has only played with a professional golfer a few times. He has only played with a business leader a few times. Most of the time it is him, his flunkies, and the pliant press sitting off in the distant. The planes keep landing in Delaware… The tax code is a mess, the country is only half working, the health care system is screwed up, the border is wide open, and Ebola is raging. And he golfs…. Bizarre….

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  14. As we have realized, Obama doesn’t think for himself; merely ABOUT himself. It is time for the real “skinny” about where he gets his
    talking points and strategy. Just who advises him to make the absolutely irrational “moves” that he does. The playing “footsie” with Iran and its nuclear enhancement is very puzzling, until we recall that Valerie Jarett is of Iranian heritage, and may well have a “dog in the hunt”. The playing golf at times of national crisis is a pure act of getting out of town, and letting the “advisors” carry the show. That Rice is back in the limelight with advice and interviews is mind boggling, unless one factors in her
    “closeness” to him. The playground is filled with old buddies and cheerleaders from his pre POTUS days, who are still very active in his “gang” Let’s examine this!!

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    1. Vivian, you hit the nail on the head. I have often wondered who is really running this country. Our community organizer in chief doesn’t care about our country and has lost all interest in being president. I wonder when he leaves what we will find out. You know people have their manuscripts just sitting there waiting. It’s scarry when you think of the big picture. How many generations is it going to take to clean his mess up.

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