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Obama Plays Golf for the 200th Time

President Obama today played golf for the 200th time of his presidency, a milestone that for many is emblematic of a president who has frequently seemed detached from his job, his colleagues in Washington, and the American people.

The president’s 200th trip to an oasis of fairways comes at a particularly turbulent time. The usual problems – an uncertain economy that may or may not be gaining its footing, stagnant wages, low work force participation, Iran on the cusp of a nuclear weapon, and soaring U.S. debt – are all present.

But as he strolls about the course today, Obama now also finds himself waging war with merciless Islamists terrorists raging across Iraq and Syria like a wildfire, confronting the 21st century version of the Bubonic Plague, and facing the revived threat of a major terrorist attack.

Obama golf 3

Sympathizers with Obama’s golf obsession say he needs the time on the links to relax. If that were true, one would think that, as a newly elected president in 2009 and as a candidate in 2012 juggling the horrendous pressure of running the country and seeking reelection, his golf would have increased.

And yet he played 28 times in 2009 and on only 19 occasions in 2012. This year, as speculation grows he’s lost interest in the presidency, Obama has played 43 times, putting him on track to break his personal record of 46, which he set in 2013 after being safely reelected.

Perhaps realizing the incongruity of the president playing golf amid crises, the White House today initially loaded up the press pool to accompany Obama to his golf outing, and then had a better thought. The press was yanked out of the vans and dispatched to the windows of the Oval Office, where reporters instructed to witness the president speaking on the phone with HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell about the new Ebola case in Texas.

And then it was on to golf.

The president today is playing on his usual course at Fort Belvoir, Virginia with his usual group of junior White House aides.

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      1. The fact that the “smartest man in any room” surrounds himself with the same circle of pasty-faced junior aides for each and every round that he plays? We rise to the level of the company we keep. Or sink to match it.

    1. NO ONE!
      IN THE useless “media” -OR- sycophant “WH press corps” WILL EVER MENTION THE ‘Fact’ THAT OBAMA HAS “played” “200 rounds of golf”… as the USA and the World goes to HELL.

      ~Great Job! you sycophants in the “WH press corps” NEVER calling Obama out!
      ~Great Job! you biased “media” NEVER reporting on Obama!

    2. Kind of makes you wonder how those press people have any self-respect if they are jerked around like puppets to look at the bozo through the windows of the Oval Office.

  1. If you peer through the window of my house, you’ll see me on the phone with Vlad Putin as we discuss the issues facing the Ukraine. /s/

    The President could address America and let them know if they follow the protocol guidelines when removing their protective gear at night, they’ll be safe from contracting obola. /s/

    Of course he can now relax and play some golf; America is in better shape now than in the last decade, thanks to him. /s/

    1. If you look in my windows, you would see me saying prayers for the Kurds in Syria, trapped in Kobane. The so-called leader of the former, land of the free & home of the brave, needs to be impeached. Ebola patient #2 in TX, our troops in Africa and in the Middle East, ISIS seemingly unstoppable and all the scandals involving Obama, Holder, the IRS, F and F, our Marine held in Mexico, and our border wide open. Obama has the balls to go golfing. He hasn’t got balls for anything else. Life for him is one big vacation, one big party and one big golf course. Just when I think he can’t bury us any deeper, he picks up the shovel and digs some more.

      1. Once again I have it on absolutely no authority whatsoever that the reason Obama first decided to play golf was that he heard there were ball washers stationed at each tee box. Imagine his disappointment when he discovered the devices were for washing! GOLF balls

  2. What a sad milestone for Obama and our country. Golf, fundraisers and speechifying are his priorities. He doesn’t care about anything or anyone else.

    1. X2…
      I have mentioned this more than enough. I just want to see him sitting behind his desk, with a stack of files. With intelligent people sitting in the room doing the same thing. The phone at his ear, would be helpful as well. A little sweat on his brow, looking at least 1/2 concerned.

        1. …….with his freaking feet UNDER the desk and not ON the desk. He golfs to get away from Michelle and the wee wons (who aren’t so wee). I would love to see this imposter in jail someday. Man would those inmates know what to do with him.

  3. With the so many serious matters affecting the world, Obama needs to steady his nerves. Going golfing provides him with the perfect opportunity out of the sight of the press, his wife, and the public and in the great outdoors to fire up some real cigarettes instead of those phony patches. My view is that goal is his chief one in playing so often. And gee whiz I sure hope that is all he is lighting up and that his current golfing partners are not today’s version of the chum gang of yesteryear.

    1. I agree with those optics Bob. We never do hear of how his family time is spent, and why former Presidents cherished their Camp David weekends for downtime with the family. Mostly because it gave their security a break to spend time with their families on the weekends.

  4. watching Dr. Frieden again this a.m. it occurred to me that if he dropped that Mr. Rogers affect (w/apologies to Mr. Rogers), I might be more convinced and reassured.

  5. The fact that he was wearing a windbreaker gave it away even from the outside of the WH looking in….what kind of fools do his handlers think we are?
    Oh, not us…they don’t care what we think and they know they control the Lapdog Press Corpse.

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  7. I’ve been waiting for this golf update.
    I thought surely he would NOT today……..
    I feel like he just flipped us all off, AGAIN.

    1. I’ve felt flipped off since the Dems in 2008 pretty much told me you’re either with us (and Obama) or the hell with you. That was the death of “Question Authority” from my former party. I didn’t dislike Obama at the time but questioned his lack of his adult personal and professional accomplishments and if he could handle the “job”. I was right.

      1. Perhaps not so much shock that he did it — but that there was no resistance to it! Once he saw he could push the envelope and get away with it — he just kept pushing. And met no resistance.

        He is doing what I thought he would do — I never dreamed he would get away with it. Says something about America today.

  8. What difference does golf at this point make? Watched that Rice woman laugh in Chuck Todd’s face at the idea that they would change their ME strategy. Who, us? We are building up the…blah blah–yeah for over 10 yrs!

  9. Note to Obama after the 2012 election.
    Mr. Obama, you can attend any golf course you want but we have removed your balls.
    Swing away Mr. President.
    Use your imagination.

  10. When I saw the photo of Ø on the phone with Burwell today, (on Fox), I should have known he was off to play golf.

    It looks like he’s doing a lot of fundraising this week, no surprise. Also, his very first campaign rally of this election season will be in CT on Wednesday:

    Obama returns to the White House on Saturday after spending the past three days in California , mostly for fundraising. His schedule for the coming week is packed with more political events.

    On Tuesday, he’ll help raise money in the Washington area for Democratic House candidates.

    On Wednesday, before heading to the Connecticut rally, Obama planned to travel to Union, New Jersey , to help raise money for Democratic Senate candidates.

    He travels to New York’s Long Island on Thursday to headline a Democratic National Committee event.

    1. Burwell. Better hope no vet gets Ebola. Burwell denied them monuments during sequestration — can you imagine what she would deny them now.

    1. Julie, I am responding to your comment made, about not getting on. I just got back on, However my comments are being thrown in differents spots on the thread.

  11. This egotiistical liar has proven his lack of concern for anyone anywhere.

    He has failed to uphold the Constitution, wasted money and lives by instigating war, encouraged racism, and lined his own pockets with taxpayer money. He is disloyal and disrespectful. He has made enemies around the world. Yet, he is still in the WH. WHY? He will continue until he is removed.

  12. Hey! The Secret Service can’t keep me safe. Aerial strikes can’t keep Iraq or Syria safe. The UN can’t keep the Ukraine or Israel safe. The CDC and the Border Patrol can’t keep you safe. Gun control can’t keep Chicago safe. All those racist cops around the country certainly can’t keep you safe.

    And do you realize just how grueling all these fundraisers can be?? If you need me, I’ll be out on the golf course. -B.O.

    1. True. Had Obama buckled down with world leaders/world health organizers this past week, I’d be cheering his downtime on the golf course, yeah, guy deserved the break.

      BUT, as he proved, he can’t “Lead” anywhere from his Flying Winnebago (h/t srdem) since he used that excuse “needed in Washington” during his last MV vacay … to attend Sam Kass’s bachelor party…at our expense. There were no other official meetings.

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  15. also, wonder what his girls think about this? i mean how much quality time is he spending with them if he is always on road or playing golf.

  16. Did anyone read that the Army will not reveal its decision on Berg Bergdahl? I have to think that that decision comes from the very top, our C-in-C Obama. And I have to think that it must be unfavorable to Bergdahl else Obama would be crowing about it from the rooftops. Maybe some of you who have been in the military can confirm or deny my suspicion that Obama made the decision and the top brass cannot go around it.

          1. I just saw in the NYT that he was discharged from the Coast Guard in 2006 for psychological issues. Yet two years later, he got a waiver to join the army.

    1. This past week I had understood that it had not been released, but were awaiting. If they now stated they are not going to, don’t we as citizens deserve to know WHY NOT! They traded him for terrorist!!!!!!!!

        1. Understood A.J.. Maybe our grandchildren will be able to see the undisclosed reason. In other words I hope this young man, was some type of spy, for us. They got him home, and what he knew, or found out would be more beneficial than the released terrorist.
          I know what your thinking, I watched to many movies growing up about spies., etc.

          1. No, actually there is a VERY long list of people who have risked (and not infrequently lost) their lives for this country of whom we will never (and should never) hear a word. Then again, I know from my own experience in the military that sometimes secrets are necessary, sometimes they’re not necessary and sometimes they are used to cover an embarrassment (or worse). This being the Obama Admin MY right knee jerks at the last choice.

  17. As he jets back from Hollywood from a fundraiser at Gwyneth Palthrow,
    who thinks he’s soooo handsome. Life is good when you are clueless.

  18. In perusing GoogleEarth, I notice what appears to be a golf course on the outskirts of Kobani, Syria. Since Obama and his Islamicist BFF Edrogen supported ISIS in Libya and Syria, I am certain that the terrorists would be willing to delay their intended massacre of the Kurds so POTUS can play a round or three.

    1. If there is one in fact, it will not be a bombing target. Obama is mirco managing bombing targets. I think that’s 1-3 per night on empty buildings, no armored vehicles or compounds, around 1-3 am. Kobani surburb golf course — secured.

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  21. After six years, 200 rounds of golf, a Triple A rating reduced, a war won and then handed over to crazies, cash for clunkers and DNC candidates, very few press conferences (not to be confused with staged interviews), two major terrorists attacks on US soil (Ft. Hood and Boston Marathon), setting race relations back 50 years “if I had a son…” and here I sit wondering if I am watching a blended film of “Caddy Shack” and “Being There” that’s in need of a title other than the obvious – Armageddon II.

  22. Lost interest in the Presidency? Just like a little kid on Christmas Day who has gotten bored with all they toys he got and starts trashing them or throwing them in a corner.

  23. Keith: Loved how you managed in one paragraph to link all the key words together: Obama, Islamists, Plague – a trifecta!

    But as he strolls about the course today, Obama now also finds himself waging war with merciless Islamists terrorists raging across Iraq and Syria like a wildfire, confronting the 21st century version of the Bubonic Plague, and facing the revived threat of a major terrorist attack.

    1. Unfortunately, it is just a short matter of time until one more American head literally rolls as a result of a beheading. I feel such pain for the captives and their families. The mental anguish has to be brutal.

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  25. OT: Rebuilding Gaza: Donors pledge 5.4 Billion at the Cairo summit.
    The U.S. pleged $212 Million.
    Israel was not invited to the conference but Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman earlier said any rebuilding would need his government’s consent.

    1. Maybe to even things up Homeland Security could send Israel about half of the 1 billion bullets they’ve purchased (just routine, nothing to worry about here, move along).

          1. I am feeling verklempt /Klimpt. This exchange reminds me of a phone call with a friend decades ago. We went back and forth using only the names of washing detergents to wrap up the conversation.

            Sadie: Is that “All” you have to say?
            Friend: I hope it “Tides” you over.

            You get the Dreft. We giggled until we were out of soap. Thanks for the flashback.

  26. Brilliant move by Obama’s White House staff.

    Let’s let the media press their noses up to the Oval Office windows so that they can see a thoroughly engaged president getting a phone briefing (they say) on the Ebola virus.

    Might have worked a couple of years ago, when Obama was still fooling most of the media, but they’re hip to him now. Only the high school seniors are buying in

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  31. What Obama lacks in competence, he makes up for in self esteem.

    The wheels are finally starting to come off the bus. Probably because so many people have been thrown under it.

  32. OT Looks like The Good Wife is all in Obama/libs/Dem. Campaign manager worked for Obama “turned around Ohio for him” — on the upside he is “finished with first timers”: We’ll see how this plays out and how far in the tank this goes.

    Not looking good — ValJar, Gloria Steinem and now looks like new campaign manager frowning at daughter’s Christian group.

    1. Ha! Looks like the campaign manager was not indeed an Obama campaign manager since he pawed through the candidate’s background. And if the tv campaign manager was Mr. Obama’s in real life — they buried that oppo research deep. Just as deep as Osama bin Laden. Yep, that deep.

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