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Uh Oh, War Going Badly

This is what happens when you declare half a war against enemies or are fully in it. What’s he going to do now, escalate? Allow the United States to suffer a defeat that will resonate with all our allies? Permit an Islamic state to range over half or all of Iraq?

President Obama thinks he can pretend we’re not fighting a war, but the rest of the world knows better.

So . . .

According to reports today, Iraqi troops are “up against a wall” in Anbar province as ISIS continues to advance toward Baghdad despite U.S. bombing. U.S. bombs in Syria are mainly pissing everyone off and aiding Bashar Assad.

WHY ARE WE STILL TALKING ABOUT ANBAR PROVINCE WHEN AMERICANS ALREADY DIED TO SECURE IT?? Just hearing the phrase “Anbar province” brings up such disturbing memories.

Frankly, as much as I hate to say it, Bashar Assad may be the best solution for Syria at this point. Better him than Islamists or another five years of war trying to train Syrian “moderates” who will end up killing everyone they don’t like if they ever assume power.

This from today’s Washington Post:

The U.S.-led air war in Syria has gotten off to a rocky start, with even the Syrian rebel groups closest to the United States turning against it, U.S. ally Turkey refusing to contribute and the plight of a beleaguered Kurdish town exposing the limitations of the strategy.

U.S. officials caution that the strikes are just the beginning of a broader strategy that could take years to carry out. But the anger that the attacks have stirred risks undermining the effort, analysts and rebels say.

The main beneficiary of the strikes so far appears to be President Bashar al-Assad, whose forces have taken advantage of the shift in the military balance to step up attacks against the moderate rebels designated by President Obama as partners of the United States in the war against extremists.

The U.S. targets have included oil facilities, a granary and an electricity plant under Islamic State control. The damage to those facilities has caused shortages and price hikes across the rebel-held north that are harming ordinary Syrians more than the well-funded militants, residents and activists say.

Here’s CNN’s dismal assessment of the situation in Iraq:

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  1. I was just reading an article on the Benghazi investigation by Andrew McCarthy and the comments section on NRO. The reason I bring it up is that there were a couple of soundbites in them which explain a lot about the current non-war with ISIS. One person described it as the US aiding pre-ISIS ISIS with weapons and another as Fast and Furious on an international scale. The whole current situation and why Obama is not going all-out to destroy ISIS has its roots in Benghazi. I don’t want to go into the article in detail here, but McCarthy says the Republicans had at least knowledge of what was going on then if not tacit agreement. Other than that, I have to agree with you about Assad, Keith, although given what we know, I wonder if that is even a possibility.

      1. Who knows maybe Gowdy will uncover something beyond who decided what and when — but what they were doing and why. And then connect the dots.

          1. So far the committee has only met once and went out of its way to be civil to each other (the Dems and Pubs that is). It was said that the Republicans are waiting until after the midterm elections, but it will be interesting as Boehner’s name keeps popping up in connection of knowing all about the Benghazi mission. I also received a request for money from the Tea Party to promote Trey Gowdy as Speaker. It’s going to be interesting where the committee goes and where, if anywhere, it is unwilling to go.

          1. Issa used to be my congressman before gerrymandering turned this conservative corner of Kahleeforneeah over to a wacko democrat whose now running AGAINST Obama. “Vote For Me, Stop Obama!!”. All I can say is , “one if by land, two if by sea”.

  2. Best strategy I’ve seen yet. Unfortunately, the CIC would never take such advice from the military brains who know how to do things….

    “The way you deal with Islamic State, these bloodthirsty, blood drunken terrorists, is to kill them, keep on killing them, until you kill the last one. Then you kill his pet goat.” – Lt. Col. Ralph Peters

  3. Hauled this over from the last post….

    ISIS will consolidate its position and build its caliphate over the next two years while Obama burrows deeper and deeper into ennui and token action with the whole thing.

    What will happen to the US military in the meantime. It has been infected with political correctness, it is ordered busy with humanitarian and health disasters, it’s infrastructure is being eroded, and for all intents and purposes it is locked in a room twiddling its fingers waiting for the boy King to give a damn.

    This article is mildly interesting — my takeaway is that Obama has the largest (but most incompetent) national security apparatus ever. And Ben Rhodes is even more worthless than I had imagined. And has more power and influence than he should. He is perfect for Obama the man.

        1. Brother at CBS — President I believe.

          And I think basically Obama recruited all his flunkies from campaign — greeters, field people, van drivers, — and elevated them to positions way beyond their capabilities. Witness State Department Personnel and much of WH staff.

          Rhodes — failed romance novel writer I believe. Or something like that. Speech writer and now NSC.

        2. It’s more of the internal love fest in Washington. His brother David, is president of CBS, his wife, Ann Norris, is foreign policy adviser for Barbara Boxer. He’s written a less than adequate fiction novel, so he’s a perfect speech writer for Obama. It’s a big ol’ hootenanny in the White House, and he’s just one of the dancers. Here’s what the players look like in the White House. No wonder nothing gets done correctly.

  4. It’s no wonder that airstrikes are doing more harm, or rather no good at all. Airstrikes are a conventional war move, but this is an uncoventional not-a-war. MrObama is not stupid, he knows this is a losing tactic that won’t do much to stop the Islamists from advancing.
    So why did he start this, why is he so reticent to do what needs to be done, because he was dropping in the polls, but he doesn’t want to harm or kill Muslims.
    After the votes are all tallied next month, he will most likely stop all aggresive attacks in the Middle East, and resume attacking our American way of life and security.

      1. Barry is like a spoiled kid in a candy store.
        He is going to get whatever he wants or he will make a scene.

        As for not listening to his military advisers, he has essentially rid himself of the ones that were not compliant with his demands.
        The ones we are left with are the ones that bow and scrape before his majesty’s feet.

        Where are the heavy bombers ?
        He missed his chance when they were snaking through the desert, wide open territory, no civilians.
        The man is an idiot.

    1. I’ve read that Obama actually made a comment that the purpose of the non-war (whatever you call it) was not to prevent ISIS from expanding its territory. This is not just for srdem but for anyone who knows the source of that report.

    1. On Fox now they are discussing Kurds struggle to defend against ISIS advance.
      The equipment promised to them as not been sent to them.
      One example: Only 5% of the Kurdish fighters have helmets!!!
      Kawar Zebari explained, he is thankful of airstrikes, but no one has responded to him regarding, why/when the equipment will reach the Kurdish fighters.

      1. AFVet I read last week that the airstrikes that are being performed were given a name years… back in the military. It also stated this type of airstrikes were not used in the matter that we are trying to acheive. Do you know the Military Name?
        Also I do apprecite your postive outlook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Don’t know an official term but “Boondoggle” seems to work. Or, perhaps especially appropriate for this Admin “SNAFU”!! Hey, I kinda like that. Operation SNAFU! And I’ll bet you a pair of used flight boots our CinC doesn’t know what SNAFU stands for!

          1. A.J. I appreciate your name. I can’t remember the day or show it was discussed on Fox this week. However they were making the point that these types of airstrikes were not going to do any good without some military personal on the ground. They gave the old military name of the airstrikes.
            I hope we are all wrong and what is being done somehow works. However I feel for the men and woman at risk who are being limited by what they can do to accomplish the mission.

          2. Unfortunately, we’re not wrong. I first heard the term Symbolism over Substance” during Bill (the rapist) Clinton’s reign. I think that’s what we’re seeing here. Do something so it LOOKS like we’re doing something when in reality we’re doing nothing!! Somewhere read, including all our “ALLIES” we’re carrying out 5 airstrikes a day. Shock and So What!!!!

    1. Well, I think Karl Marx and Frederick Engels had a surrogate by the name of Alinskaya who birthed a surprisingly dark skinned girl who then went on to marry an Ottoman Turk who …..

  5. Joke: “Maybe in 2016, the Presidential debates should have both candidates on stage in the nude, so that the public will know on sight which one has more balls.”

    Not a joke: By elevating a certifiable milquetoast straight from the faculty lounge to the position of commander-in-chief, we have jeopardized our security severely in the short term, and may be permitting several long-term strategic dangers to fully metastasize while we watch and do nothing.

    1. Your two words, milquetoast, and metastasize are lot better than the simple word that I used, compounding.
      I used that to describe everything getting bigger, worse, and more dangerous to our Country, and citizens.

  6. O/T Can anyone explain why Scott Walker is behind in the polls for the Gov race in Wisconsin?? He survived that awful recall and now is having difficulty? I really would hate to see him lose; I think he is good presidential material.

    1. The people of Wisconsin have benefited from his governance. A pox on them if they let the thugs use every bullying and illegal tactic to “win”. And the government of Mexico isn’t helping by giving financial aid to the Wisconsin dreamers through their consulates. And Eric Holder just made voter ID illegal again in Wisconsin. I hope Scott Walker is their Rasputin in the river.

      We will face the same thing in elections in 2014 but most importantly in 2016. The Dems could put up a barely functioning Hillary Clinton and they could win.

      1. The left wing/democrats/liberals/progressives/commie pinkos always say voter fraud is no big problem (and for them I’m sure it’s not). So if it’s no big problem then asking voters for I.D. should be NO PROBLEM!!!

  7. So far this has only been a waste of US taxpayer dollars and most likely has frustrated the military enormously. Especially when it sees towns and cities won with US blood and treasure taken systematically by people who have already beheaded two of our own.

    And soon there will be the blood of innocents and a possible takeover of Baghdad. If I was in that Embassy I would have a Plan B in case the boy king is golfing or sleeping or at a fundraiser.

    There are very big costs to Barack Obama’s PR war and the Dems who don’t want him anywhere near them but will gladly take the money raised at fund raisers when the country is in crisis are just as culpable. As are the Republicans. Either fight to win or don’t fight at all. And get those people out of disease ridden Africa.

    1. The fear as just mentioned on Huckabee is o will make one of the three choices very soon regarding issue in Iraq and Syria:
      1. Pull out!
      2. Bring in thousands of our military ground troop personal
      3. Include Iran with the cost of allowing them to have nukes.

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