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Prostitute Scandal: Dems Returned $20K Check to WH Aide’s Dad

Hmm. Follow the money.

In case you need to get up to speed: New indications have emerged that the White House may have tried, as the 2012 campaign season progressed, to cover up the possible involvement of White House advance team member Jonathan Dach in the Colombia prostitution scandal involving the Secret Service.

Here’s the latest. According to Fox News:

The father of a White House advance team member connected to the Secret Service prostitution scandal was refunded a hefty Obama campaign donation, records show, around the same time additional details about that possible link were made public.

The $20,000 donation was made by Leslie Dach — whose son Jonathan has been linked to the scandal — on Sept. 19, 2012, to the Obama Victory Fund.

One day later, Leslie Dach had a meeting at the White House with a top presidential economic adviser, according to White House visitor logs. One day after that, the lead federal investigator into the Colombia prostitution scandal said for the first time that White House personnel may have been involved in the incident.

On Sept. 24, 2012, campaign finance records show, the Obama Victory Fund returned the $20,000 donation to Leslie Dach . . .

(Dach’s) attorney Richard Sauber told in an email that the money was returned because Dach did not attend a fundraising event as planned — and “so the check (he thought) was either returned or not cashed.”

I don’t know. Why would Sauber have to attend an event to make a donation? Seems like the bar would be pretty high for returning a $20,000 check six weeks before Election Day at a time when the Obama campaign was hitting people up for $3 donations.

Another possible piece of evidence in this burgeoning scandal, the latest to rock the Obama administration. And as far as I can remember, it’s the Obama White House’s first sex scandal!

Here’s one of the ladies behind all the trouble:

Colombia prostitute

Of course, of course, there’s no excuse for any of this. But you can see how such a person could cause problems.

In the video below, Washington Post investigative reporter Carol Leonnig, who broke the news that the White House was aware in 2012 Dach may have been involved, explains why this scandal could be a big problem for the White House: It’s possible the coverup, which could include the return of funds to Dach’s daddy.

Leonnig calls “demonstrably false” the White House’s dismissive response to the evidence that Jonathan Dach returned to his hotel room in Colombia with a prostitute. And she suggests that the inspector general who led the probe of the scandal on behalf of the Homeland Security Department may have attempted in various ways to cover up findings that could have implicated a White House aide.

97 thoughts on “Prostitute Scandal: Dems Returned $20K Check to WH Aide’s Dad”

  1. Fund Raising / fun raising
    Secret service / secret servicing
    On the bus / under the bus
    Press releases / press released

    It’s all soooooooo confusing.

    1. He’s working on implementing the ACA. Wal-Mart, where he previously was an executive vice president, has just kicked 30,000 part-time workers off health-care benefits due to the costs imposed by the ACA.

      1. I think that I heard that Walmart is the largest employer in the world.
        Now, some of the employees have no health care insurance.
        Hello, single payer.

        1. Sam R. Walton gave $300,000 to a PAC for FCMABBO in 2012. Too bad he won’t forego some of the profits to keep those bennies for his peons.

          I hope that wakes up people who work at Wal-Mart.

        2. When I worked for a third party payor health ins co, most Walmart spouses & kids had Medicaid as primary payor. That was in the 90’s.

  2. OT — Just saw Juan Williams on Cashin’ touting the Obama economy and unemployment down.

    I do think it’s time to shock Juan back to the real world from whence he came — put him on a flight filled with Muslims and people of Arabia–and see if he can remember the discomfort he felt when he was fired and blackballed by the libs for his “discriminatory” comment and before he found a haven at Fox.

    I am not suggesting he has to toe an ideological line but some objectivity and critical analysis would be refreshing. It’s like he’s wearing a choke chain and ValJar is holding the leash.

  3. Blah, blah, men acting badly.
    $20K is a lot of money to give away for a lot of people, but it’s peanuts in the world of Presidential campaigns where a meet and greet with the candidate cost $35K, and big donors just cough up hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes a million.
    The scandal (and fear) was the Secret Service putting themselves at risk for blackmail or coercion from nefarious foreigners wanting something that could possibly harm the President.

    As for this revelation harming the administration, pfft. If Benghazi, the IRS, the DEA, the military scandals, the VA, and all the rest just rolled out the door onto the front lawn of the WhiteHouse, this old story is a big nothing.

    1. Blah, blah, men acting badly. SNIP

      Really? Is this the same as “boys will be boys”?

      This guy hired a hooker in a nation rife with human trafficking and sex slaves. That he did is covered up at the behest of the White House.

      1. Prostitution and politics, the same old story, the same old professions.
        No, I did not mean ‘boys will be boys’, and nowhere did I imply or suggest that it’s OK to use women for any purpose.

        1. The sexual exploitation of women in a foreign country is a crucial part of the story, but the most important part is that the White House covered it up, and then moved him to a job overseeing women’s issues in foreign country.

          1. I disagree. The story is about a WhiteHouse nobody aide who went wrong, his father tried to bail him out, the WH agreed to do so, then sent the guy to a do-nothing patronage job.
            The story is about the lie, the coverup for a WH aide, not the sexual abuse of women in foreign countries.

          2. I do believe I pointed out that the most important part is that the White House covered it up. It’s also important that they kept him instead of repudiating and firing him.

      2. Are we really doing the “snippy” thing still? I don’t think these overage frat boys exactly masterminded the sex trade there…. “Johns” hardly even get arrested here… I am not excusing it, it’s tacky as all get out and shows they can’t get a date without paying, but it’s hardly pure evil.

    2. I appreciate the article, but yes men acting badly! I would only wish that was the worse thing that was going on at this time.
      I would only hope that someone makes a fake copy of that check, and ask American citizens, if they can think of anything that would better America for $20,000.
      One example: New batteries for all of the doors and windows alarms, at the WH.

    3. It is also $20,000 they still had available to spend before the election. Giving that money back now does not offset the fact that the $20,000 was still used in 2012 to defeat Mitt Romney.

      1. I believe he was just making a point, Star.

        I also think we should see a picture of the Jonathan Dach guy…it would probably reveal that he couldn’t get a date with a beautiful girl unless he paid her.

    1. Confined to AF1 returning from CA gala fundraisers. If he has recovered from the adoration of Miss Gwenny he probably used the AF1 putting green.

    1. That was scary for sure. HIllary is fully capable of being worse than Obama, that’s for sure. They are both Alinsky disciples, and have the same view of the US Constitution and Liberty.

      1. I hope so too. Honestly — when I was just checking it out she really didn’t enter my mind — but she is indeed just one of the guys!

          1. Mandy — I have never been able to put that acronym together — could you help please? He came on my radar in 07 as well and I have been gobsmacked every step of the way at how Americans, the government and our institutions have become so polluted, ambivalent and uninformed about the dangers inherent in the most blatant of demagoguery and rabble rousing.

            I teeter on the brink of LIB.

    1. Isis reinforcemtns have been rushing towards Kobani in the past few days to ensure that they win a decisive victory over the Syrian Kurdish town’s ramaining defenders.
      The group is willing to take heavy casualties in street fighting and from air attacks.
      Notes from the article…

  4. Crackpot IMO “Colonel” on JudgeJ suggests we ally with Assad and Iran.

    If Iran were our ally they wouldn’t use nukes on us.


    1. I just heard that news myself on Fox. They will have a press conference in a 1/2 hour. I hope at the P. conference they will explain how this health-care worker got it. My point, if the health-care people are getting it with, so called protective gear, etc. how is everyone else on the planes, airport, etc., going to avoid getting this?

        1. Yes there seems, to be a thin time line of when a person is infectious.
          Health officials have interviewed the patient and are identifying any contacts or potential exposures.
          People who had contact with the healthcare worker (AFTER SYMPTOMS EMERGED) will be monitored based on the nature of their interactions and the potential they were exposed to the virus, the department says
          weasal zippers

    1. I read that earlier. Putin is free to roam. No one will stop him. EE sleeping with one eye open, and the Baltics as well. And that’s just “Europe”.

  5. The police chief of Iraq’s Anbar province, where isis are advancing, has been killed in a roadside bomb. Major General Ahmed Saddag was killed when the bomb targeted his convey near the provincial capital Ramadi.
    In separate attack, 22 Kurdish soldiers died in a triple car bomb attack in the eastern Diyala province.

    1. The Islamic Army has superior human intelligence compared to ours. They knew where he was going, what route he would take and his time-table. Meanwhile, we’re spending millions of dollars to take out parked, white Toyota pick-up trucks and empty buildings.

      1. Exactly!
        I use to play games with my brothers and neighborhood friends. Cowboys and indians, good guy and bad guy game, tag, hide and go seek, etc.
        It seems that we spent more time thinking of tactics, strategy, etc., than this o crew is doing.

      2. Can’t replace human intelligence — especially in areas like this — tribal, fanatical religion poor populace — etc. etc.

        Interesting. The other day I was reading some things about the military and I encountered a meme that Obama has been purging the military and altering it — eliminating disloyal officers and commanders — there was talk of a coup which of course, is ridiculous.

    1. Mayor says Dallas people will be safe when they wake up.
      The man who spoke before the Mayor stated, they will monitor all people in the Monitor Pool.
      All Health care professionals will be cked twice a day. (I missed which ones will be.)
      They have requested additional EPI teams and CDC arrive today.
      Back to the Mayor, He was explaining who everything was being cleaned.
      Dr. Dan Varga said all workers are following CDC precautions. They were wearing Hazmat suit. Had full suit on. We are still confident that the precautions we take will protect the workers.
      Health care worker had been doing self monitoring has not worked for last two days. They are tracking 18 employees.
      Duncans was in a 24 bed ICU, which was closed off. They will posting updates on their websites.
      48 people may have come in contact with Duncan, No families have become sick, but the Health Care worker in Full Gear, got it. The worker was included in a low risk pool.
      The Governer and The CDC people/person was not at the press conference. They could not reveal exact job of the health care worker.

        1. In response to Ebola, he created a state task force on infectious disease. Also, he does not support a travel ban to/from Ebola countries.

        2. Fox did not mention where he was, only that him, nor the CDC were at this conference. The mayor spoke at the conference as well as Dr. Dan Vargo. I did not catch the name nor title of the person, who spoke first at the conference.

      1. WFAA news in Dallas says this health care worker was not one of the 48 being monitored. CNN says it’s a nurse and she wore protective gear.

        1. Thanks AZ Granny. The doctor on Fox just now was asked:
          How did the person get it if they were in a full Hazmat suit.
          He said taking off the suit is very difficult. They may have touched something (fluid, blood, etc.) while taking it off, and not realize it at the time.

          1. IIRC, the nurse in Spain said she thought she was contaminated when removing the suit, that her glove touched her face.

            Does this virus spread through contact with the skin or must you touch your eyes, nose or mouth in order to get infected?

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