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Mr. President, Can You Get it on a Bus, or Not?

In the latest sign the administration may be more concerned about people’s mental state than their physical state when it comes to Ebola, President Obama is assuring West Africa countries that you can’t get Ebola on a bus.

But the Centers for Disease Control begs to disagree! I gather they got the epidemiological report instead of the talking points.

Even as Ebola spreads exponentially, Obama sought to spread the message of calm in a video for West African viewers released Thursday:

First, Ebola is not spread through the air like the flu. You cannot get it from casual contact like sitting next to someone one a bus.

But Au contraire, you CAN get it from sitting next to someone on a bus! According to a CDC guidance document, people at risk for exposure to Ebola may be subject to “controlled movement.” It states:

These individuals should not travel by commercial conveyances (e.g. airplane, ship, long-distance bus, or train). Local use of public transportation (e.g. taxi, bus) by asymptomatic individuals should be discussed with the public health authority. If travel is approved, the exposed person must have timely access to appropriate medical care if symptoms develop during travel. Approved long-distance travel should be by chartered flight or private vehicle; if local public transportation is used, the individual must be able to exit quickly.

Moreover, according to a separate CDC document, those who have traveled to Ebola-outbreak countries and experience Ebola symptoms when they return to the United States should “limit your contact with other people when you travel to the doctor and avoid public transportation.

It’s nice that the president is trying to inform West African citizens. BUT EITHER YOU CAN GET THIS ON THE BUS OR NOT!

Mr. Obama explains that you can only contract Ebola from the bodily fluids of someone who is showing symptoms. But the president, who has not used public transportation in about six years, must have forgotten that sometimes people share their bodily fluids on the bus, especially if they’re sick.

And that’s nothing to sneeze at, Mr. President.

H/T CNS News.

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  1. Even if it’s not airborne, say you hold onto the handle of seat in front of you, and the person before you was fiddling with his nose as you so often do, Mr. President.

    1. This has to be a joke, or should I say he is a joke.
      He has not taken the time to explain his face to us.
      He is going to play doctor and tell these people what is safe.

  2. Obama lies to the American people. Of course, he lies to the West Africans. They will find out soon enough. They are plagued not only by a deadly disease but by a dishonest man who for political purposes is spreading lies that will endanger them.

    That’s our guy!

    1. I’m still stumbling over Paltrow’s gooing over his ‘good looks’.
      Barf barf. Maybe if he looked like Shemar Moore, but 0? God awful ugly! Which fits his demeanor.

  3. It’s just so inconvenient that the virus is not respectful of Obama’s political wishes. Obviously the virus is Republican, and the whole situation is George W. Bush’s fault.

    1. I believe Joan Walsh of Salon said the reason the man died in Texas was that Perry refused to expand Medicaid. So it’s getting close to blaming Bush, Republicans for sure.

      1. He died cuz he came, unwelcome & lying into our county, with absolutely no regard for the citizens of the USA.
        Medicaid or not, he showed up at the hospital & they must care for him thanks to our govt laws. EMTALA .

        1. well, to give Duncan his due, they now believe that he really didn’t know he had been exposed. but regardless, that’s not why he died.

          he died–and many more people are now at risk–because of the Dallas hospital that examined him, found he had a fever of 103, heard he had just returned from Liberia…and sent him home.

          1. It was not medically right to turn him out with such a high temp. I am not convinced it is because they heard or he said he was from Liberia is an actual factor, particularly if he said he was from Africa as opposed to Liberia specifically. I am not sticking up for bad medical practices but lately we are too often Ready Fire Aim.

  4. Wait. He made a video for the people of West Africa, the whole of western Africa? Nothing for Spain or the US?
    The Preezy of the United Steezies is assuring the people of Somalia, Liberia, et al who have electricity and cable TV that riding a bus is as safe as ….what?
    Did he also mention that he sent 3,000 armed men over to Liberia to shoot those ebola germs?
    This epidemic isn’t funny, and it isn’t something that a no-nothing such as the POTUS can issue calming words about.
    Why in the world would he say such a thing to anyone?

        1. “harfing”–love it. psays–cute!

          I think I posted here that Jen’s background is that she was on the swim team at William & Mary. no wonder she’s so great at her, like, you know, omg, job!

  5. Oh, for heaven’s sakes, we cannot listen to or believe these people on anything! Virus are tiny–they get around. Let’s leave it at that. Let’s wait three weeks and see what’s here…see if it’s jumping off. There may be a few but not an epidemic. Doc’s waiting rooms are full of sick people–ERs same…everyplace–it’s going to be flu season…What a mess! I am getting a flu shot this yr–sometimes I do, sometimes I can’t get a ride. But I don’t want flu to take me to someplace with goopy people with worse things. Although flu kills way more.

    1. A few yrs ago, I was in the ER and everyone had flu (can’t remember what I had). They admitted me–and I said, I am glad to be out of the ER, so much flu there. The nurse said, “What do you think everyone up here has?”

    2. The infection rate for Ebola is 1-1/2 to 2 people per infected person. In other words, it basically doubles infections per infected person. That’s a huge rate. The Tower of Babel in Obama’s WH is sending all kinds of misinformation, depending on who is speaking and what agency they represent. What a mess.

        1. I appreciate that clip. Now I promise you this is another news release that someone has not read.
          Now what I would like to ask you, is why hasn’t this been explained on TV, the MSM has big screens, big boards, and a big stick to point to imformative information?
          I looked up exponential.

          1. It’s a great question, Lee. I wish I had the answer. Obama says not to worry, the Centers for Disease Control says something else, various physicians interviewed say something else. And so on. My opinion is that, given the Keystone Kops approach the Obama Administration seems to be taking with Ebola, the chances that it gets out of control here is pretty high.

          2. I asked this the other, my fellow readers please excuse the repeat question.
            If it is a law that the Surgeon General can stop flights. Why have we only heard from the CDC?
            Does the CDC know override the Surgeon General?

    3. Personally I’ve never had a flu shot. Refused a free one at work. I will not be injected by a substance the government says I need.

      1. It’s a personal choice. Sometimes they guess at the strains and get it wrong. If it will keep me out of a waiting room or ER, or possibly will, I am doing it this yr.

        1. I stopped getting flu shot 20 years ago. When I took the shots, I got the flu every year. Since I stopped getting the flu shot, I stopped getting the flu every year. I never get it now. As you say, they can only guess at what the flu strain will be each year, so there we go. I’ve read more recently that the shots are basically ineffective if you are 65+ years old. Not sure how accurate that claim is, though.

          1. Could be so. I seem to be OK now without the flu shot. Knock on wood. I read that the flu shot isn’t particularly effective for those over 65 years of age. Any truth to that, Star?

          2. They recommend a stronger dose for us oldies…Yes, that has been raised. I am getting the strong dose–go big or go home. Flu is also momre deadly to older people…so you have to decide…put your money on red or black…

          3. I am very sensitive to meds–recently had some pills eliminated from my morning–was naus for hrs… If this is terrible or if I get the flu, I will report back. It’s a gamble.

          4. Yep, it is a gamble. They scare the daylights out of us to get us to take shots, and then we hear that they are basically a crapshot, like you say. Lots of money for a lot of folks who peddle the shots. Then again, we are old enough to remember how terrified families were when polio was rampaging through the land. Everybody knew a family who had a kid with polio. And polio shots solved that problem. So there it is.

          1. Yikes. And I’ve had chicken pox (as an adult–yikes, it was bad), so I am ripe for an attack of shingles–so my doctor tells me. Maybe I should think about this!

          2. Yes, think about a shingles shot. I steadfastly refuse to get a flu shot, but I was on the list for the first shingles shots available. Shingles is something you don’t want to have.

          3. I have gotten the shot, not gotten it–never had the flu. But my sister did last year–THEN got the shot–she was MISERABLE ON ROIDS! Horrible. This yr, I want no reason to go within a mile of any medical facility with anything if I can avoid it. I had shingles–yes, it’s not fun. The shot cost too much, tho–my sister got it and then got shingles again! So all this is a crapshoot.

  6. if health insurance is a “right” like Obama and Dems says. you would think that we would also have a “right” to be heard and not have a plague foisted upon us through air travel/open southern border. Other countrys citizens get more rights, decision making and access to our country than we do. We have no rights unless they deign us worthy of them….which isn’t really “rights” is it. We are subjects at the whim of an out of control government. It disgusts me.

    1. As well since he does not read much of the morning news given to him. He should read the list I just pulled up on
      How not to catch Ebola:
      > Avoid direct contact with sick patients.
      > Wear goggles to protect eyes
      > Clothing and clinical waste should be incinerated and any medical equipment that needs to be kept should be decontaminated.
      > People who recover from Ebola should abstain from sex or use condoms for three months.

    1. So funny you should say that. I took Green Eggs and Ham and rewrote it and tried TWICE to submit it as a comment. It went missing.

      Keith, if you can see it, post it once. PLEASE, she said patting herself on the back for her own brilliance!

  7. At some point – VERY SOON!!!! – doesn’t someone whether it’s MSM, Senate (ha ha ha) or House need to call out what a buffoon this man is and that nothing he says can be trusted??? Besides – nothing he has said in the past is true so why should he be trusted/believed now???

    1. Three buffons:
      1. the ‘main stream media’
      2. the Senate
      3. the House

      ALL USELESS when calling out this Dear Socialisr Leader “Barack Hussein Obama” as a buffoon… (_that is a polite term_)

  8. Obama’s giving unlicensed medical advice just like Michelle gives unlicensed nutritional advice. And neither know what they’re talking about!

    I never read TMZ but my daughter alerted me to their coverage of the Paltrow/Obama fundraiser.

    Snipped from TMZ:
    >It’s the latest example of how demeaning it has become for Presidents to act like circus animals — performing for crowds that will feed them … in this case, feed them with money to line political coffers.<

    They got hold of the menu too:
    Here's the price list for the various options:

    – $1,000: You get on Gwyneth's lawn and get to hear the Prez.
    – $2,500: A good seat on her lawn.
    – $5,000: Includes a photo with the Prez.
    – $15,000: A Prez pic AND you get to stay for dinner.
    – $32,400: Talk time with the prez, your name on the invitation and all of the other perks.

      1. I didn’t stay on their site long enough to see their sports and politics coverage. I’ll have to go check it out. Thanks for that heads up!

  9. OT. I predicted H. Clinton would only campaign for sure bets. She was in PA campaigning for the Democratic gubernatorial candidate. The scandal-ridden Republican incumbent is one black eye for the Republicans. It’s too bad because governors will matter a lot in 2016.

      1. I’m an Oregonian, Central or Eastern Oregonian the way you look at it. Conservative country. I hope this does some damage. Kitzhaber was under 10% already. I also think Senator Merkley does not have it sewn up yet either. One poll shows him only 8 points ahead of Monica Wehby but the Democratic polls show him much higher. If he’s so confident, why is he refusing to debate her?

        1. I’m in Florida and a pretty conservative small town. Decent neighborhood.

          Saw a Charlie Crist yard sign and just shook my head.

          This guy has been everything but a member of the Communist Party — Rep, Indep, Dem.

  10. First of all…why is he addressing the people of West Africa?? In his delusional mind does he now think he is the president of the world? God help us…really.

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  12. OT For reasons known only to him Barack Obama turned his back on Benghazi and four men died waiting and hoping for their government to aid them.

    Now he has turned his back on the Kurds who will surely be massacred if Kobani falls. They too expected aid from Obama and his government.

    And now I am wondering whether Barack Obama will turn his back on Baghdad. This time I hope the people in the Embassy are not sacrificed at the altar of Barack Obama. How easily Barack Obama trashed the stabilizing gains in Iraq won with American blood and treasure.

    It’s amazing how many people suffer and die at the whim and truculence of Barack Obama.

      1. Smart. Turkey is not helping us or the Kurds. They offered today to do something (I can’t recall and it is not important) but they also refused to allow US use of one of their bases. So in my opinion — what good are they.

        Well, they will be good Obama allies once the Kurds are out of the way and Obama and Erdogan can go gunning for Assad.

        If Turkey is no longer in NATO perhaps Vlad will start thinking about those straits. And that would work just fine for me as well.

        That said Istanbul — one of my favorite cities.

        The immorality of Barack Obama continues.

  13. OT: Mark Knoller, CBS news, tweeted that there will be 300 donors at tonights fundraiser in San Francisco. Then more fundraising tomorrow before Obama heads back to DC. hmm, I wonder if he’ll fit in a game of golf before he heads home.

    Knoller also wrote about how much Obama’s fundraising trips cost. It’s no surprise that the most transparent administration refuses to release any figures.

    1. Slap in the face to the guys he left and who looked for him. And since Obama — on his own — decided to release 5 terrorists in trade who are now free to rejoin their peeps and terrorize this country again — it is outrageous that they keep this information private.

    2. Thanks for the link. A comment from the article

      Obama didn’t release 5 terrorists so he could get Bergdahl. He took back Bergdahl so he could release 5 Sunni terrorists

  14. Dallas hospital sends Ebola patient home with temperature, antibiotics and Tylenol. Governor Perry says everything ids fine , don’t worry. Uh… yea…ok…

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