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Gwyneth Paltrow Flirts With Obama

Gwyneth Paltrow, recently separated from her husband, thinks President Obama is irresistible.

“You’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly,” she cooed to the commander in chief last night during a DNC fundraiser at her home in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles. Obama was careful not to sound too excited:

“I want to thank Gwyneth and Apple and Moses for letting us crash your house,” he said.

Apple and Moses are the names she gave her children.

“I am one of your biggest fans, if not the biggest,” she purred during her remarks.

Hi handsome
Hi handsome

She showed both the love and money. According to the DNC, there were to be 200 supporters at a reception and 50 at a dinner, with tickets for the reception starting at $1,000 and for the dinner at $15,000.

Gwyneth demanded more power for Obama.

“It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass,” she said. At least she’s talking about turning Congress blue, though I’m sure she’s down with Obama’s penchant for ruling by fiat too.

Paltrow cited sustainable energy efforts as well as Obama’s push for equal pay, which she called, “Very important to me as a working mother.”

Just your average working mom, trying to get some time for Apple and Moses, and maybe a little extra money to pay the house staff.

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    1. Just so. As a working mother she is worried about equal pay? What an insult to working mothers everywhere. I wish these Hollywood types would stop talking, it takes all the allure away from them. There aren’t many movies I can go see any longer.

  1. Does she not understand the concept of Legislative, Executive, Judicial? Or, that legislation is stalled in the Senate under Reid’s leadership? Her remarks are truly frightening. BTW: Is she a college graduate? Seems inarticulate: “It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass.”

    1. Sorry, she is not that smart. I would have loved to see Obama’s face when she said this to him. Any time you see him cozying up to another woman he gets this incredibly dumbass, bucky beaver look on his face.

    2. She attended UC/Santa Barbara briefly, studying anthropology. She left to pursue acting, if what she does can be called acting!

      She grew up with every advantage, attending The Spence School in NYC, so to have the audacity to even know what a working mother is or does, is beyond the pale.

        1. Sort of OT–a cheese at Microsoft just advised women to trust the system to give them appropriate raises rather than asking. Apparently he time-traveled from 1920–maybe that’s the next big MS product.

  2. OT Key Syrian town has fallen to ISIS, They took over Kurdish headquarters in Key Syrian town. The border crossing (only), is CONTROLLED by ISIS. Sources for Fox state, they are double confirming that border comment, as I type.
    Now, I would like to know if this woman knows where Syria & Turkey are, and if she knows that we have military men and woman fighting in a war/no war, Operation: NO NAME.
    Also, This article is only missing her singing to o.
    Happy fundraiser to you, Happy fundraiser to you, etc….

    1. Wonder why Gwyneth hasn’t helped MO out with her obesity projects fat suited up as “Rosemary” from Shallow Hal ? I don’t think MO wants to work with pretty, younger and lighter women than herself. Even a “Rosemary” :D

    1. Great point; certain men are paid more per movie than certain women and that’s not fair. MrO should demand that the movie moguls he loves to shake down actually pay everyone in the movie the same salary, or at least by the word uttered, instead of how important they are.

      Yes indeedy, I demand that Gwenny get paid the same as GeorgieC, and all the bit players get the same too.

      1. I would love to see her get paid the same as any working mother on my street. Or the single military moms in my area who are serving our country.

    2. Seven years ago, she wouldn’t have even waved to him as she drove through Chicago. She certainly wouldn’t have invited him to her home so that she could give him some money.

      1. I have a vague inkling of a memory about her in 2008, but I do know that she and Anna Wintour hosted a 2012 fund-raiser for him in London.

  3. What’s so stupid about her remarks is that giving Obama “all the power that he needs” will make her a very poor person after all that “hopey, changey spread the wealth” is finished with her.

    I don’t mind actors/actresses becoming wealthy from their own hard work, it’s just when they open their mouths and spew things they know nothing about really makes them look like idiots. (See: Ben Affleck) Then again, proof liberalism is a mental disorder, I used to say stupid stuff too ;)

  4. Sounds like Lady Gwyneth (To the Manor Born) is officially holding auditions for a new ‘leading man’. Guess it doesn’t matter to her that Barry already has a ‘leading lady’…at least for the time being.

    As far as ‘giving this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass”, she must have been referring to kidney stones or something. Either that, or she failed her HS classes in Civics.

    1. I have stage 4 Metasatic Melanoma and travel every 3 wks to L.A. for treatment. Thanks o for closing down Wilshire Blvd
      You and the rest of those pinheads are going to burn in Hell

  5. OT Stupid abuse of power by the Supremes — knocking out voter id in Texas and Wisconsin. One more foot along the path to a banana republic.

    The Supremes should note that the law is irrelevant in a BR except to rubber stamp the Great Leader.

      1. Yup, it is. Where else can you go to discover Josh, the Earnest One, married into the Wyeth (as in Jamie Wyeth artist) family? Or that his wife’s grandfather, Nathaniel Wyeth invented the plastic soda bottle? Upward climber, that Josh.

      1. I know that, the question was rhetorical. :) But who cares what either of them have done? Too bad Madolf didn’t get them in as investors, and then we’d not need to hear from any of them again.

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