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Obama May Close Guantanamo Bay by Fiat

Why? Just because it’s important to him? Because he wants to fulfill his promise, inconveniences like the law and the Constitution notwithstanding?

From the Wall Street Journal:

The White House is drafting options that would allow President Barack Obama to close the detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, by overriding a congressional ban on bringing detainees to the U.S., senior administration officials said.

Such a move would be the latest and potentially most dramatic use of executive power by the president in his second term. It would likely provoke a sharp reaction from lawmakers, who have repeatedly barred the transfer of detainees to the U.S.

The discussions underscore the president’s determination to follow through on an early campaign promise before he leaves the White House, officials said, despite the formidable domestic and international obstacles in the way.

He’ll do this, according to the piece, by either vetoing legislation banning the transfer of detainees to the United States or simply refusing to enforce it:

A second option would be for Mr. Obama to sign the bill while declaring restrictions on the transfer of Guantanamo prisoners an infringement of his powers as commander in chief, as he has done previously.

George W. Bush unfortunately made the practice a little too Kosher for Passover with his own questionable “signing statements,” something Obama had vowed to reverse. Whatever.

The administration offered the Journal a line about how Obama strongly prefers a legislative solution over going around Congress, which is a clear is signal he’s going to do it since that’s what they always say when the Obama does something by executive action.

First, he’ll try to pare down the controversy “by reducing the inmate population by at least half through quickly transferring Guantanamo detainees cleared for release,” according to the Journal.

It’s no secret that plenty of Gitmo Alumni are now back in the Middle East trying to kill us. Will unreformed bad guys be set free just so Obama can complete his agenda and secure a little bit more legacy for himself?

Once it’s known that the president wants the place closed no matter what, the institutional bias within the administration, even among people who want to do the right thing, could be to err too much on the side of release. Good news for the ISIS recruitment office in Mosul.

The president needs to respect the will of the people, who don’t want Guantanamo Bay prisoners in the United States, and their elected representatives. But Obama will probably conclude that we’ll all see the light eventually, even if he’s just a little ahead of us.

79 thoughts on “Obama May Close Guantanamo Bay by Fiat”

        1. I think you are all missing the point. Obama is all about Obama, he does what he thinks will make his legacy etched in stone at Mount Rushmore. He may raise money for Dems but I don’t believe for a nanosecond he honestly cares if they don’t like him.

          1. I don’t disagree with that at all, but I’m saying that that’s a surprise that will not help the Dems as you would expect an October surprise to do.

          2. I don’t think this is the October Surprise Blob Beckel had in mind.
            He also called out Jason Mattera for filming Lois Lerner trying to get into her neighbor’s home.
            Jason responded to the call but Beckel has not answered!

          3. It was unattractive but not uncalled for and I agreed with it. Sympathy for the neighbor but that was Lerner’s choice to seek refuge where she was clearly not welcome. She had a choice to stop in her tracks and defend herself — proclaim her innocence. If the government and the media refuse to do its job bringing this woman and others to justice then I have no problem with it.

          4. That Jason Mattera/Lois Lerner video is one of the funniest things I’ve seen lately. When the neighbor wouldn’t let her in I was amused. When the neighbor’s husband walked up and said he didn’t want Lerner in his house either, I laughed out loud!

  1. Don’t we have proof that releasing those animals are destabilizing the ME again?

    Those 5 goons he traded for Berghdal are all ISIS now? What’s up with Berghdal these days anyhow? The investigation where they haven’t called any of his squad mates to testify?

      1. A lot of stuff will be done after midterms, he’ll use his lame duck Congress to RAM it through and down our throats. Obama has a really nasty streak, he puts politics ahead of everything, even his own country and her citizens.

      2. I have heard the investigation is completed as well. What I don’t understand is the law. In other words, how long do they have the legal right to sit on it? We are American citizens and I would think that information should be disclosed to us ASAP.
        Thanks for the piece on this Keith. 911 was TERRIBLE, it effected people of every walk of life here in America. This is insane to allow them to be released.

      3. DOES ANYONE! IN THIS “US Military” (these usless Generals-Admirals nowadays) OR THE “Department of Defense/Pentagon” HAVE ANY BALLS! or GUTS! or NERVE! TO STAND UP AND CALL OBAMA OUT???

        Not be COWARDS like Bob Gates or Leon Penetta and write books years after the fact, and then give wussy reasons why they never said/did anything at the time

  2. Take your time, Barry. Congress won’t be back until after the election. The 147 ‘detainees’ at GITMO will now be able join ISIS and their founder, BaghDadi, who you released early in 2009.
    Just don’t bring them to the U.S.! We have enough problems with all of the criminals you released from jails and prisons who are now roaming freely through our streets.

  3. As long as all the detainees are then remanded to the personal living quarters of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave I have no problem with this. Obama is in need of new playmates due to his declining popularity among the citizenry.

    Perhaps Ms. Paltrow can visit and find a new husband.

      1. I pulled up that news station site, after hearing them ref. it on Fox. I agree, I have had to watch Fox, pull it up on BBC and other online sites, to find out information. You do have more nerve than I, regarding your tweet. Tks….

      1. If they did mention the airport issue on Fox, I did miss it. I heard on Fox this morning. What brought tear to my eye were the number of elderly still trapped within.

  4. Let them go back home. Whatever, if anything, was gained by putting these men in Gitmo could have been achieved on the ground wherever they were captured.
    Without an official POW designation for them, we are as guilty as any commie regime that uses dentention and prison for it’s political dissenters.
    Send them back home to do what they will.

      1. No, my comment doesn’t mean anything like that.
        What should we do – keep these men in custody until they all die of old age, or put them in an American prison with what charge- what legal process- what sentencing?
        We can’t put them in our American prisons, why- because they then qualify for civil rights, for legal representations, and a hearing to determine what they did, who found them guilty of what crime and it would be a PR disaster.

        We are between a rock and hard place with these detainees. The only sensible option is to release them back to their homelands.

      1. IIRC, those places in foreign nations were way-stations between the battlefield and Gitmo. I’ve never seen or heard proof that Diego Garcia has been used as such a place, and I’m not sure the Brits would allow it on their territory no matter how much rent we pay.

  5. Once again, he remains Totally Oblivious to world events and urgent situations here and abroad, but instead does something because “it’s on his list”. I am convinced that is the way he governs. (I use the word “governs” very loosely.) Case in point… on his list: play golf. Then someone says something about beheadings and he has to make a quick statement, but he will not be deterred from his golf game, no matter how inconsiderate it is to make a statement and be seen laughing on the golf course five minutes later. It’s happened before, although at the moment other examples escape me.

  6. This is but the latest act from a malignant narcissist in response to the continued narcissistic injuries an unwilling audience has inflicted upon him.

  7. As far as I am concerned, the solution to Gitmo is to warn all our military to get out of the way and send a drone into their lovely new soccer field while they are enjoying one of their many perks paid for by the taxpayers. That will settle the issue! ;-(

  8. The worst part of all this is that he’s actually doing everything he said he’d do. Bankrupting utilities, gas prices up, food stamps and disability now the norm rather than the exception, government control of your healthcare, it’s all his gift to us to get around those pesky “negative liberties” in the Constitution.
    I’ve held the “jury’s still out” on whether 2012 was de Tocqueville’s tipping point but if the Dems retain the Senate this year it’s a definite. There will be no stopping the destruction that O will unleash.

    OT but here’s the weekly blog pimp alert:
    FRIDAY FOLLIES: Grimes and Orman’s fake ‘independence’, Paltrow’s Obamagasm, Lincoln schools no longer want boys and girls, and a Dem Nazi defender: –

    1. He did promise to Fundamentally change America…He just didn’t specifically that he intended to bankrupt the citizen’s and destroy us as a Nation.

      1. Wouldn’t it be humiliating to be admired by an empty headed actress ?
        Is this the level that Obama has descended to just to stroke his ego ?

  9. The Mariel Boatlift worked out well–what is the problem? Maybe they can go to halfway houses in Illinois or someplace–learn a trade besides head uncoupling and romping through “fighting season.”

  10. If Barack Obama plans to govern by EO and fiat for the next two years and the November elections return a Republican House and Senate I would be willing to consider impeachment. Unleashed, there may be no greater danger to this country than Barack Obama and the Democrat Party.

  11. Will Obama provide them with personally signed beheading swords and an IPOD with downloaded recordings of “Allah Akbar” and “We will never be at war with Islam” and other little Barack Obama historical firsts.

    1. Poor guys will probably be standing at freeway offramps holding cardboard signs saying “Will Behead An Infidel For Food (May Allah’s Blessing Be Upon You)”.

  12. OT: Going back to the Grimes (Ky) story… didn’t take long for the Clintons to reward this “Clinton Democrat” as Grimes called herself. Shillary will be here (Ky) to campaign for her the middle of next week, as just announced on local radio news. Event is free. When has a Clinton ever done anything for free…..

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