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Hillary Clinton Flirts With Obama

I imagine this was less gratifying for Obama than having Gwyneth Paltow flirt with him. Still, she probably makes more sense over dinner than Gwyneth does.

“I have a history with charismatic, attractive men who just wear me out,” she gushed Thursday.

I think her men have worn all of us out.

Hillary was speaking at the Economic Club of Chicago.

23 Responses to Hillary Clinton Flirts With Obama

  1. IMO, her people are keeping the sad state of her health secret. Almost every photo released of MrsC shows her sitting in a easy-chair with arms. The only photo seen of her actually walking, or standing, shows an unidentified woman close to her and MrC walking close behind.
    Assuming that they were walking, not just posing for a photo, it wasn’t the most flattering of photo ops, leaving the impression that it was important to show her in an upright position even if it mean that she looked like a beached, blue whale. .

    Her eyesight is impaired, and she’s too dizzy to sit on a regular chair where she might topple over.
    She’s not going to run for President.

  2. Attractive men who wear her out. That is digusting.
    Even a beautiful, younger woman who has public postion, etc., should refrain from stating that on stage.

  3. Disgusting. She’s really saying that she was never really Secretary of State at heart. She was forced into it. She was forced to go along with all of OBAMA’S decisions while she was there. Don’t blame HER for anything that happened.

    BTW, I have never found Bill Clinton, Barak Obama or Hillary Clinton particularly attractive, especially now.