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Scarborough: Democratic Senators Privately Trash Obama

Well-connected MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said this morning that former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s stunning criticisms of President Obama are just the tip of the Democratic iceberg, claiming that senior Democratic senators are busy “trashing Barack Obama up and down when the red light’s not on,” but muting their criticism once the cameras are rolling.

Political analyst Mark Halperin agreed, asserting what Panetta is saying about Obama is “what you hear not just from Washington Democrats, but Hollywood Democrats” too.

Among Panetta’s criticisms are that Obama acts like a law professor rather than a president, messed up Iraq, and damaged U.S. credibility.

And Panetta, Helperin says, “has held back on what he really thinks.”

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  1. you know that “professor acting like president” fits Obama to a tee. most of my professors were the smartest person in the room and were never wrong even though they were proved wrong. you were either too dumb to learn or just plain stupid. Obama is used to students carrying him on a pedestal!!! shame on us peons because all of us don’t swoon at his feet!!!

    1. I have seen comments from his former students in Chicago which are not flattering. Maybe he is channeling Woodrow Wilson when he plays professor. Which he never was btw.

      1. Ever wonder how they can find students that remembered Obama as a ‘professor’ or lecturer, but they can’t find any professors who remembered Obama as a student?

    2. I quickly learned what my professors wanted to hear and responded appropriately.
      I made a lot of As….and now, to my shame, I must own up to those grades that I was scored…and I was an adult.
      May God forgive me for accommodating my professors’ beliefs in order to graduate.
      May God forgive my instructors who only wanted to entertain those ideas that were in accordance with their beliefs.
      Please God, forgive us our sins and enable our country to recover from this stumble in judgement. In accordance with my belief in Jesus, I pray it. Amen.

      1. On the flip side, I refused to accommodate their propaganda, and my grades suffered accordingly. I am encouraged by your account because it gives me hope that today’s youth are smart enough to figure out what is really going on in spite of what they are indoctrinated with under the captivity of their ivory-tower overlords.

      2. This is what I tell my children attending school. Just go along with what they want to teach and keep your mouth shut on any opposing viewpoint. Get the grade and move on. Sad, but that’s the way it is these days.

  2. …missed you, Keith.
    Mike Lester yesterday asked for comments re Panetta: I have a strange one.
    For some reason, I was checking on Panetta and saw that he called the strike on bin Laden. Then I remembered the “iconic” photo in (what we now know was not) The Situation Room (aka the Beyonce’/Jay Z Room).
    That photo has always struck me as off, even after reading that the o had to be dragged off the golf course, or photoshopped in. So I got to wondering why Panetta wasn’t there? He was head of the CIA, called the shot, and was at Langley? Doubt it.
    The other glaring omission is valjar. Even if they wanted to downplay her importance, that’s very odd.
    So it seems to me that the “iconic” photo is just as true as the weird story about bin Laden buried at sea.
    I’d say that you can’t make up stuff like this, but they did.

    1. The entire story about the death of Bin Laden is made up. While still in office, GWB said at one point he was no longer interested in going after Bin Laden. Put that together with what we know about Bin Laden’s health and it indicates that Bin Laden probably died in bed of renal failure.

      1. Julie, it amazes me how many people buy the story without question.
        -The timing of the operation
        -The sole photo of the back of a guy with a beard watching an old video clip of Bin Laden
        -The razing of the said “Million dollar compound” Yeah right
        -The quick burial so as not to offend anybody
        -Bhutto stating on TV that he died from renal failure a decade before (and then getting killed herself shortly thereafter)

        So many questions, but most Americans seem to lap it up – USA! USA! or they are afraid to ask the questions out the fear of being mocked.

  3. Oh sure, certain Dem Senators are complaining about MrObama behind his back, but don’t want anyone but insiders such as the Rep Scarborough to know.
    The whole dump-on-Obama campaign is just a precursor of the real attacks to come from the Clintons once the Mrs decides she is to be crowned the next sitting President. They can read the polls, they can see that over 60% of Americans don’t approve of whatever MrO is doing, not doing, or wants to do.
    The Congressional Dems have to separate themselves from this administration to save their own jobs, and must aid MrsClinton in her move to put miles between her and her former boss if they have any chance of retaining a semblence of Dem control.

    1. Exactly. They are all chickens…rotten to the core chickens. And if you have ever smelled spoiled chicken – it stinks to high Heaven. And they are suck ups to the current “flavor of the month.” Democrats and Republicans – they all make me sick. I mean that.
      Lord God, please, save us from ourselves and bring our blessed nation a true leader. I ask it in Jesus name. Amen.

    2. The Dems are probably trying to come up with a way to get Obama to resign but have Clinton installed as President over Joe Biden.

  4. None of this surprises me. The rats are deserting the sinking ship. If he were polling better ,they would all still be in love with him.
    What was Mika’s reaction to all of this? When her and Oprah turn against him,then I will know its over.

  5. I don’t really care what the Dem Senators are saying under their breath. Every one of them went into the tank for him not once but twice. They all participated in the grotesque perversion of democracy that was the one party ram through of Obamacare. They all suck up to the fundraising trough when Obama jets all over the country on my dime raising money for their elections. None of them have enough courage to speak their minds when the red light goes on. They are all losers. If there is a God, these gutless Dems will lose the Senate soon. It will be a spectacle to see Obama have to veto all the bills that will actually move through the Senate once Harry Reid is not the Majority Leader. I guess I can dream, right?

  6. They may no longer like Obama — his presence that is. They will take the money being raised, and they will follow to a T a full fledged “progressive” redistribution,social justice, open borders, amnesty, anti war, anti religion, national healthcare and “free stuff” agenda — The Democrat Party is all in on this and no amount of muttering when the light is off will change that.

    The party and the bureaucracy is almost hopelessly corrupt and authoritarian.

  7. Among Panetta’s criticisms are that Obama acts like a law professor rather than a president

    Well that would be above his pay grade since he never managed to make it that far up the ladder. Twelve years in academia, yet he never earned the promotion to ‘associate professor’.

    1. For all the little tidbits we’re allowed to know about MrO’s past, I doubt he spent much time anywhere earning a living.
      The impression is that MrsO was the breadwinner, while the Mr was playing ‘community organizer’.
      As for his teaching days, that too sounded like he was a ‘guest’ lecturer, and probably was paid peanuts, if anything at all for the job.
      Nonetheless, you may be right about his years in academia, but we’ll not know for sure until someone spills the beans.

      1. Pretty much I think Obama’s defining characteristics are lazy and spoiled and petulant. Entitled. Whether he is brilliant or merely walking and chewing gum at the same time will not alter that foundation.

      2. I did read some tidbits about his time spent as Lecturer (and I wish people would stop believing the Professor title, because he never was). According to the few University staffers who would speak to it, Obama dropped in on occasion, spoke to a few classrooms, and shunned everyone else. He produced no academic research whatsoever, which of course was exactly like his token assignment at the Harvard law Review.

        These are people who worked for decades to achieve the real titles of Associate, Assistant, and eventually Full Professors (regardless of their ideology) and resent the implication that this guy was anything close to a “Constitutional Professor”.

        But if I run for office, my team can say I was King of Siam and I’d guess half the people would buy into it.

  8. If there truly is such thing as a “centrist/moderate Dem” why didn’t they primary Obama in 2012 ? BO is so much worse than Carter.

    For the youngsters, look up the 1980 Dem Primary, Teddy Kennedy primaried Jimmy Carter all the way to the convention floor and weakened Carter considerably which gave us Reagan. (love him or hate him, RR was an improvement!) That should have happened in ’12, and we would be whining about Romney and dissing Ann’s clothes now ;)

  9. Joe The Bloviator. Joe The Egomaniac. Joe The When I Was In Office.

    Scarborough first and foremost hates Bush the younger. Goes after him every chance he gets, this morning was no exception. Joe also likes to hear his own voice and is convinced the mirror is telling him he’s the fairest in the land.

    I watch the show for the first half hour-40 minutes but mute when Joe goes on a self-serving rant.

    1. Joe (and his ignorant cohort) ARE the poster children for self aggrandizing blow hards. These people are so tiresome to anyone with even half a brain.

        1. Star, my comment was not addressed to you personally. I am so completely disgusted with most of our pandering media and faux journalists and irresponsible, selfish government representatives…well, I let my disgust run rampant and make statements that include sweeping generalizations. Sorry dear. I appreciate those who lend a listening ear to all media outlets. I rarely listen to any of them any more…including FOX.

    2. But the one voice we’ll never hear from again is Lori Klausutis, the aide that just fell and hit her head in his Florida office and wound up dead while a now disgraced medical examiner ruled it an accident.
      That same year Scarborough conveniently resigned from Congress, 9/11 hit a couple months after Klausutis’ death and to date there has still never been a full, open and honest investigation of just what happened.
      I watch Morning Joe only to get a sense of where the establishment talking points for the day are. Can’t stand listening to his egotribes but it’s the price to pay for getting Halperin and others.

        1. As for establishment talking pts–he and the others are very critical of the admin these days–sometimes I can’t believe they are on MSNBC. Oh, well–anyone can go watch Lauer or the ditz with the orange thights on F&F if they prefer.

          1. Star: I can’t stand Fox and Friends. Won’t ever watch Today or GMA and am cooling on CBS This Morning. Lately Norah has been way too it’s all about me me me, Charlie frowns, and Gayle giggles. I watch Morning Joe because of their panel and like Goeff, I feel it is important to hear what the liberal mindset is saying.

          2. About where I stand, NYer. It’s a more interesting show–at least to me. And more intelligent. Just bec I don’t agree with someone does not mean I think they stink like rotten chicken or whatever someone said. I rarely agree with ANYONE on that show–but the amazing thing is, I do sometimes–and it’s MSNBC. And they read the headlines and op-eds–I get a flavor. Can no longer afford a paper. Or even read one well with my eyes.

          1. I read the memoirs of Imus’s sidekick Artie Lange–what a sad, hopeless mess of a druggie. He threw away chance after chance. It’s called TOO FAT TO FISH.

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