As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Friday October 10, 2014

10:40 am PT || Attends a DNC fundraiser; private residence, Los Angeles
12:40 pm PT || Delivers remarks at Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park; San Dimas, California
2:20 pm PT || Departs Los Angeles
3:30 pm PT || Arrives San Francisco
7:05 pm PT || Delivers remarks at a DNC fundraiser; San Francisco

74 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday October 10, 2014

  1. Help!!!!! I live 15 minutes east of Bonelli Part and 8 minutes east of the private airport where he will probably land. He’s declaring some land north of there a national monument – what a joke. Guess he needed that to pay the airfare. It was only announced in the paper this morning that the declaration had been made. Glad I refilled the tea trolley today; I’m stayin’ in my bunker. Think kind thoughts.

  2. Did someone like Prime Minister Cameron get to go to this many fundraisers or ralleys, or bingo games in one week? What is so sad, is the fact we see this, and so does the world.

    • Yes “we see this” (High-Info Voters/Patriots of WHD)…
      But the sycophant, weak-willed ‘media’ REFUSE to report or look into all of Obama’s “fundraisers”.

  3. Every one of these donors is responsible for the decline of America. The fact that they continue this support is an indication of how unashamed they are to perpetuate this destruction of America.

    If for no other reason to deny them access I hope the Republicans sweep the Senate, the House and the Presidency in 2016. And then perhaps we can put Eric Holder and Valerie Jarrett in jail.

      • But will a ‘republican congress’ have the GUTS! or BALLS! to go after Dear Socialist Leader Obama…???

        (…looking at that punk Boehner & cowards in republican senate leadership…)

    • Reminds me of the “businessmen” in Atlas Shrugged. They don’t care what happens to the country as long as they can ride it out and make a lot of money in the meantime.

  4. Just checked Google Earth to see where Frank G. Bonelli Regional Park ia in San Dimas, and I noticed a Golf Course there. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. I wonder if he’ll screw up traffic again or take Marine 1 on the short flight

  5. Frank Boneli. I knew the family in Saugus CA. They owned any oil under our properties. They had an awesome home near Saugus Speedway. Kind 4-H family. We had fun 4-H parties at their house.

  6. If someone would attend these remarks and video it on their phone, we can see what wisdom is granted to the hoi polloi in return for paying for the fund raising costs.


  7. San Dimas? Isn’t that where Bill and Ted’s Excellent Aventure took place? Remember the phone booth time machine? I’ll bet Dictator Eobama will be racing around in the presidential limo stopping at every phone booth hoping he will find one that will take him back to the time when many Americans were still fooled by his phony BS and hadn’t yet realized what a worthless, evil, lazy, incompetent communist clown he really is and he didn’t actually have to face reality. Of course this stop in San Dimas is just an excuse to be able to charge the tab for this fundraising event on the taxpayers. What an evil and extremely evil creature!

  8. Meanwhile, Obama fiddles with his celeb cash cow pals, Ferguson, MO burns. Sharing a quote from FB, which I agree with ……

    As a community, #Ferguson, Missouri is dead. You can thank Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder and the elite press corps for its demise. Of course, none of these race hustlers will reap the results of the hostility, vandalism, thuggery and racial animus they fomented.

    Nice job, guys. Hope you’re proud.

    • This is a real breakdown of law and order. Ferguson will be mini Detroit. It’s terrible for decent people who live there. If it were possible they should leave the town to the rabble. And, and of course, sadly, they cannot. It’s a real shame. And what’s worse is the liberal media has abdicated its responsibility to expose this with any amount of truth.

      They should have a big sign renaming the town Obamaville, founded by Eric Holder and the US DOJ.

  9. First thing the Republicans should do if they take the Senate is pass a bill that for the 45th President going forward if any political events are scheduled the same trip as an “official” event, then the political party picks up the full tab.
    They won’t, but they SHOULD!

    • I would agree to that bill ! But they ALL do it, so no one will give up that perk.

      Of course, Obama’s taken it to an all new level as Chief Snake Oil Salesman for the Dems. He sells the same old tired line over and over, “Republicans bad, Me Trying Hard”. It’s almost as though he may be getting a cut of the action.

  10. I assume that Obama will be staying in CA this weekend to get in some golf. After all his hard work, picking pockets of dimwits, he is exhausted.

    • Well, actually today the increasingly irrelevant Obama is back on the “Close Gitmo” rant. Because , of course, there is no threat from terrorist in today’s world.

      Looks like Kobani has fallen and the US and it’s “allies” including Turkey are responsible not only for that but the resulting massacre as well.

      • As well we have the F. H. shooter praising the maniacs, and sending a letter to the Pope. If he would have been labled a terrorist, would he still have had the right to mail letters to any religious person, (of any faith)?
        As far as the Gitmo issue, I cannot believe American citizens, have such a short memory. Everyone should be against is push for the closure.
        Kobani, I mentioned that earlier as I read BBC information, and listened to Fox. One road in and out, believed to be taken by the maniacs.

  11. I think that it is time for an informed someone to publish an ongoing tally of the costs associated with the President’s political fund raising travels. The “associated official presidential appearances” and audiences could be noted. I suspect that the Bonelli Regional Park in San Dimas, CA did not draw a crowd representative of, or address issues of import to the nation. We are pay for the costs of hiding him. In addiction language, we taxpayers are enabling the president, and his party, to engage is harmful behaviors.