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The Obama Morning News || October 9, 2014

States to cancel noncompliant plans . . . Fox News
More than a dozen states plan to cancel health care policies not in compliance with ObamaCare in the coming weeks, affecting thousands of people just before the midterm elections.

Next edition of unveiled . . . Fox News
The Obama administration unveiled a new version of on Wednesday, with some improvements as well as at least one early mistake and a new challenge.

Pentagon sees Baghdad at risk . . . Washington Times
The Pentagon said more towns in Syria and Iraq will fall to the Islamic State in the coming weeks and that air power alone is not going to be enough to prevent the fall of the Syrian city of Kobani near the Turkish border.

U.S. seeks to block ISIS volunteers . . . New York Times
Mr. Khan was the 10th person the Justice Department has charged with trying to travel abroad to aid terrorists this year

DHS denies ISIS coming over border . . . Politico
Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson is pushing back against a claim made by Rep. Duncan Hunter that at least 10 ISIS fighters were apprehended trying to come into the U.S. from Mexico.

Obama targeting millennials . . . Associated Press
Obama is targeting his midterm election economic message to young people born after 1980, a cohort that has shown itself to be reluctant to vote in nonpresidential contests.

Obama says he wants to fix sequestration . . . Examiner
Obama Wednesday called on Congress to work with his administration to avoid up to $50 billion in annual cuts to defense spending required by a 2011 law designed to reduce the federal budget deficit.

Cruz-Paul clash could reshape GOP . . . Washington Times
Though nearly equal in their fanfare, Rand Paul of Kentucky and Ted Cruz of Texas are romancing Republican and independent voters in radically different ways.

Senate Dems running from Reid . . . Daily Caller
Virginia Democratic Sen. Mark Warner was asked if Harry Reid is the best person to lead the Senate Democrats. “Listen, I think we could perhaps do better in both parties,” he replied.

House Dems running from Pelosi . . . National Journal
She has long been among Republicans’ top targets, but some of her own now see value in turning against their leader.

Even Jimmy Carter bashes Obama . . . Politico
Jimmy Carter is criticizing Obama’s Middle East policy, saying he has shifting policies and waited too long to take action against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

17 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || October 9, 2014”

  1. If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Joke!
    Everyone who voted for this trash, without reading it, should be in the same postion as thousands of citizens.

  2. Sadly, the real problem isn’t Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, or even Obama and Jarrett.
    The real cancer destroying the nation are the millions of ignorants who will still vote for the democrat candidates who lie through their teeth saying they will be “independent” and “stand up to” and “do the right thing”.
    Considering the current state of the electorate, voting should be getting harder, not easier. Every voter should have to present either a military ID showing that you are defending the nation you’re voting for or a “pass” card indicating you scored at least 60% on the citizenship test we require of new citizens.
    Idiots voting for the sake of “stuff” has put this nation on the brink of economic and social disaster. We either stop it now or forever pay the price.

    1. That’s very true. And the other problem is the vast agencies that go about their business with absolutely no congressional oversight. Congress keeps paying the bills but they have no idea who or what these agencies are doing. We need a congress that will not fund anything until every penny is justified to them.

    2. Plus, the illegals come for stuff. They get it and they stay. It will overwhelm the system — uncurtailed.

      And I personally believe the 2nd presidential election win was fraudlent and I expect the same in 2016.

  3. ISIS volunteers:
    What crime have these potential volunteers been charged with by our Justice Dept? The NYT doesn’t say what the crime is, but only that these people are flying to a foreign country and intend to join an organization there.
    Just as MrJohnson claims that no known terrorists have illegally crossed our borders when evidence proves different, the DOJ is pretending to be alert for potential terrorists.

    The news that certain insurance policies will be cancelled due to Obamacare regulations won’t make a blip in the upcoming elections. The damage is already done, and the damage done to 100,000 or so families who will be affected won’t make the national news cycle.

    What will cause concern in these elections will be the ongoing panic about new virus or serious pathogens causing great harm, and even death, to children. The cause is unknown, but the blame is put directly on the illegal immigrants who are suspected of bringing this illness to the US. Add to that the ebola panic, and we have a population that is getting more afraid of foreigners than we’ve ever seen before. Who’s to blame – MrObama. That’s the word.

    1. There is at least one volunteer fighting with the Kurds. He was wounded in the foot and is now in a Syrian hospital. I just mention him because those fighting for ISIS will be welcomed back to the US because they are American citizens, but this poor fellow, if he comes back, will probably have the book thrown at him if I know the Obama administration.

    2. Srdem regarding the Volunteers. This religion issue, has to be put aside. In other words, (he) don’t want to step on anyone’s toes (religion). Now the maniac who attack those women, at the plant, I don’t care what his religion is. He can believe that a tamatoe is is God, he still joined a cult, to kill fellow Americans.
      It was made clear several times in discussions on Fox yesterday, that yes we are a caring Country, helping many around the world for years. However is first job is to Protect US.

    3. I have a question on this airport temperature taking gambit. Even Dr Emanuel (why they trot him out, I don’t know) said on MoJoe that Duncan would not have been tagged by this–his fever came later after he was in the country. Emanuel said this was “to reasssure.” Well, it is is ineffective, is anyone going to question herding people close to each other, having them talk to each other at close quarters in line–and how are they taking temps–with those things they slide over your forehead? wouldn’t that spread sweat to people if some TSA worker was not prudent in using it? I smell unintended consequences. What if someone does have a fever–will there be a quarantine ward at the airport or will more EMTs be exposed or will they be herded someplace under guard?

      1. It is a foolhardy as well as empty move. As Hannity has said a couple of times, if you’re coming into this country and know you have a fever, wouldn’t you swallow a bottle of aspirin or something and fill up with ice water an hour or so ahead of landing?

      2. Good points. How are they going to handle this? Baby Johnny has fever because he’s teething, I have a residual fever from a bout with the flu, and any number of things that might cause an elevated temp.
        If they do find a feverish person, do they also quarantine everyone around him, his seatmate, the whole plane, what?

        I think it’s like their lame calming nonsense that everything is under control. It’s their idea of “doing something”.

  4. ot– That Pentagon spokesman — dark hair slight build can’t remember his name — is kind of not reassuring or commanding — rocks alot, dark hair, darting eyes, licks his lips.

    But on second thought — perfect rep for Hagel.

    1. Adm. or Asst. Adm. Kirby. Mandy thinks he looks sardonic. I think he looks like a deer in the headlights. Well, it’s not an enviable job: the military hate Obama’s guts but they still have to convey the illlusion that he is their Commander-in-Chief.

      1. Lord God, when will any of these people find the guts to tell the simple truth?
        We are becoming a nation of self serving cowards.
        That’s right – chicken livered cowards!

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