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One Ketchup for Your Burger

Under First Lady Michelle Obama’s new healthy lunches, students in Austintown, Ohio are allowed one ketchup packet for their burgers, because two would make the sandwich unhealthy.

According to a local newspaper,

The federal law sets nutrient requirements, such as snack items being 200 calories or less and entrees at 350 calories or less.

It also sets limits on sodium and sugar intake.

The reason Austintown schools are mandated to follow these rules is because they participate in the National School Lunch Program.

“Kids can’t take two ketchup packets [for burgers] because that would set them over on calories” for that item, said Natalie Winkle, district food-service secretary and assistant. Brooks added, “It’s science; it’s really what food service is. … You have to constantly re-invent.”

But the switch to healthier options has led to increased costs for the food-service department.

Stories are now becoming legion of students running off campus to get lunch, skipping lunch altogether, and loading garbages with nutrition-rich but untasted food while lunch services losing money because healthier alternatives cost more and kids aren’t buying the new flavor-free lunches.

But one ketchup? This has now reached crisis proportions. Because if kids can’t put enough ketchup on stuff, they’re just not going to eat it.

H/T Weaselzippers.

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          1. Let’s hope we can prove them wrong!

            Although I must say when I hear these college kids saying America is more a threat than ISIS it is easy to lose heart. Lots of them will change with time — when they get to work, settle down — after trying and failing and trying again — want to start a family (after multiple abortions adoptions and who knows– purchasing designer test tube babies). That’s natural. But times are different now and I don’t think that maturation time that past generations have had will be available before the “State” takes over.

          2. Hopefully at some point they will emerge from Mom & Dad’s basement. That is if they find a job (that is not taken by someone here illegally) and become tax payers.

          3. Yup, forget how we rebuilt Europe after WW2, and all the foreign aid, disaster relief, etc., etc.
            The really scary thing? They’re being taught these Hare brain ideas at a U. that was started as a religious institution.

  1. Lunatics.

    One has to wonder if Moosh actually raised her own daughters. It’s really clear she has no idea how kids think, and how to motivate the kids to do what you want them to do rather than resist every step of the way. Obviously just TELLING them that these food options are “good for them” has no effect. We’ve seen how well that works even on adults for decades. An intelligent and creative program would use more healthful food options that actually taste good and look appetizing. And really, there are some mountains not worth dying on. One of those would be catsup. If a kid wants to put two packages of catsup on his vegetables, or he is going to toss them rather than eat them, a wise parent or program administrator will give him three packages! Apparently Moosh would rather see the food end up in the garbage. Have to say, though, that really does reduce the kids’ calorie intake. They may be hungry and headachy after not eating lunch, but by golly they didn’t get even one extra calorie!

    1. Hah, when my daughter was in elementary school in the 70s, they would have McDonald’s bring in hamburgers once a month and a pizza day too. “Moosh” missed her time and race: she should have been one of those Nazis trying to get the most work out of the camps with the minimum expenditure on food.

      1. When I was in elementary school we had, brace yourselves for the HORROR, HOT DOG DAY! Every Tuesday! With unlimited catsup!!! How did I ever surVIVE????

    2. If the food options are good for them, then why not for her daughters ?
      Why not for the White House ?
      Makes you wonder why Barry escapes to burger joints.
      It’s obvious that Michelle isn’t starving.

        1. Google “Sidwell Friends School,” which has a helpful link to their cafeteria menus. There, you can see what the privileged spawn of Mooch-hell get to grub on. That school is about to hire a barrista to make lattes for the special snowflakes that attend, too.

          Nevermind. I just spent 10 minutes trying to find a link on their website…it is no longer there. They, like Preezy Obola himself, are good at hiding embarrassing stuff.

        2. I’m sure she doesn’t use ketchup (yes, I spell it either way. I’m a renaissance man). Sam Kass probably makes a special sauce for her that looks and tastes just LIKE ketchup but is called something WAY fancier.

  2. “Everybody just stay calm. Ebola is not a threat to the American public and never will be, until I say otherwise.”

    – Barack Obama

    Not real, as you point out, but closer to the truth than is comfortable!

  3. Oh yeah, hold those little imps to the calorie, while the people who set the bar so low “follow the law” whenever they can, lose thousands of e-mails, lie about everything, and generally have no morals or a single ethical atom in their being.
    For pete’s sake Cafeteria Lady, give the kids their ketchup. It’s not going to make them fat, but might get them to eat the drab meal on their tray.

  4. Lunch Nazi. Telling taxpayers what their kids will eat then jets off to Aspen for the slopes.

    The only good thing that happened in this area during Obama was that that Twinkie was saved from bankruptcy.

    1. Killed the union jobs, but saved the Twinkie.
      Stole the investors money, but saved GM.
      Dried up the farms, but saved the darting minnow.
      Killed the coal industry, but saved, well, nothing.
      Stopped the tea party, but lost Congress.
      Won the election, but lost the country.

      1. Srdem65 if I had the guts to wear tha printed on a T-Shirt, in this wonderful FREE Country, I would have that printed on it.
        By the way, you would think the T-Shirt places would start printing shirts with different things such as your comment, and maybe one for each thing on THE LIST. They would make a fortune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Here is one: “I need more ketchup” or “I have the right as an American, for more ketchup”.

          1. One time in Canada I noticed two spellings of the word on one package or bottle: catsup and ketchup. I wonder which one is the French word.

          2. Generally we call it ketchup, which is the same in English and French. The label on my bottle of Heinz reads, “Tomato Ketchup aux Tomates”. No cats up here!

      2. So true it is just mind boggling! Srdem65
        Disclosure: I don’t even use very much catsup/ketchup but I am going to hoard my limited supplies now that it is being monitored.

  5. As far as the ketchup package packet, there is hardly any it anymore.
    The best thing I can suggest is every family get up 1/2 early and have a big breakfast. Didn’t someone here list a menu the other day for either the house or the kids lunch menu?

    1. Michelle Malkin had this bunch figured out years earlier in her book, “Culture of Corruption.” And the left and the media (but, I repeat myself) lampooned her for it.

  6. Gender Inclusiveness (the rest if you stomach reading it at NRO).

    A Nebraska school district has instructed its teachers to stop referring to students by “gendered expressions” such as “boys and girls,” and use “gender inclusive” ones such as “purple penguins” instead.

    “Don’t use phrases such as ‘boys and girls,’ ‘you guys,’ ‘ladies and gentlemen,’ and similarly gendered expressions to get kids’ attention,” instructs a training document given to middle-school teachers at the Lincoln Public Schools.

    1. As long as local citizens continue to vote for the crazies the crazies will rule. I no longer feel sorry for these people who refuse to fight for their kids. I know it’s tough and perhaps embarrassing, but some of this stuff is just plain crazy. Stupid. And harmful to a child’s psyche and development.

    2. What I find amazing is that it happened in Nebraska !
      The heart of the midwest.
      Coming from somewhere in Oregon I would not be surprised.

    3. Just reminded me. WAYYYYYYYYYYYY back when I was in the USAF, I’m guessing about 1980, it was decided that all regulations and technical manuals would be rewritten to replace the words “he” and “him” with “he/she” and “him/her”, respectively. Now hold on there before anyone says that it was still sexist since “he” and “him” still were used first. The Air Force thought of that too. They alternated “she/he” and “her/him” so every thing was equal. Now I don’t know how many of you have ever read an Air Force technical manual but those preposterous prepositions made it almost impossible to pay attention to the actual text of the instructions you were attempting to follow.

        1. Enlisted in October ’68, Maybe we crossed paths. If we were Marines I’d say “Semper Fi” but the AF doesn’t have anything like that. I tell people it was sorta like being in the military. But you served your country during the War in Vietnam and I thank you for your service. I never got spat upon, but that’s just ’cause they missed!

          1. Semper Fi is Latin for always faithful.
            The Marines use it, but they don’t own it.
            Once a Marine, always a Marine.
            Once an Airman, always an Airman.
            Semper Fi.

    1. Very good point. I made a suggestion for all parents to find the time to feed their kids a good breakfast. Some kids however are given less at home than at school. Young boys and girls who play sports as well, will burn off that one pack of ketchup in a heartbeat!

  7. Not only is the old shrew hateful – she is pretty dumb. At this rate, she is turning our young kids into future Republican voters. Way to go, Michelle!

  8. O/T and the importance (sometimes, not always) of reading the comment section.

    Reply 29 – Posted by: gone2pot, 10/3/2014 5:50:33 PM (No. 10030644)
    It´s us. We are the reason for the panic. We vote for it, educate our kids with it, watch it on TV, “like” and “follow” it, and listen to its music. Here´s anecdotal evidence; my wife´s hospital is caddy corner to Dallas Presby, home of the ebola incident. The docs at her hospital left Presby to start a new, less screwed up system. So, they know Presby and keep in contact with former colleagues. Well, according to the old Presby docs, the thirty-something Dallas Presby nurse´s answer to the CDC was, “He said he was from Liberia, not Africa.” So, next time you want to believe the tin foil hat conspiracy theory answer, remember instead that we ARE that stupid and our stupidity is why we create the cases for panic.

    1. My first thought when it was discovered the ebola patient said he had been visiting Liberia, or was from Liberia was that the first responders in the hospital who heard his statement probably thought there was a town in Texas called Liberia. Or, that his girlfriend was named Liberia.
      There are millions of us who don’t know who Joe Biden is or what he does, who still think that Obamacare is free medical care, or that we have military troops stationed in Germany and Japan.
      They know the name of the West/Kardashian child, how well their football/baseball team is doing so far this year, but have no interest in anything said on the evening news.
      Ha, I probably couldn’t point out Liberia on a world map, didn’t even know there was a country called “Liberia” until the ebola crisis put it in the news.
      In the patient’s mind, and that of his countrymen here in the US, if he said he was ill, and was from Liberia, giant fireworks should have gone off in the emergency room spelling out EBOLA, but the overworked, busy ER people didn’t make the connection.

      I’m not defending or accusing anyone, it’s just that so many of our fellow Americans are just not interested in anything that doesn’t concern them directly.

      1. Just as a reminder, Liberia is a country originally created to be a place where freed slaves could return. Worked out really well, didn’t it? That’s too cynical even for me. It should have worked but look at the rest of the countries in Africa. They have tremendous natural resources yet they are starving. Except for the elites/strongmen of course. Hmm, are we taking a cue from THEM?

  9. There is no such thing as a free lunch. If you accept the money from the government, you must play by their rules. Like it or not.

  10. Actually, I am glad that Mooch has created and implemented this lunch program. The text books and A.P. government and sociology teachers could not teach all these students a lesson in Socialism than this.

    When big brother is taking food out of there mouth at lunch. Excuse me, breakfast and lunch for some students. When a government tries to tell a child that they can’t have a packet of ketchup for hamburger and one for fries something they have done all their lives. Of course,some kids eat 10 packets and it has happened since we were kids.This is hitting people at home. Parents are questioning why their child can’t have two packets. Every school board will point at the federal government and Mooch.

    The next lesson in Socialism will hit in three weeks when everyone will open their paycheck and their will be a notice from work canceling their Health Policy in 90 days or their premiums will increase by 25%. Good Bye Christmas for some and because they won’t be able to afford it. Some people will les their jobs over this as well.

    Mmmmmm, let ‘s see whose spiritual is famous for saying “The Chickens have come home to roost”!

  11. Michelle loves her french fries…I dare say more than one ketchup is allowed for FLOTUS.

    So weary of this woman and her “do as I say, not as I do” reign.

  12. Pssst, kid, ‘wanna couple packs catsup ?
    Ok, first ones are free, but next time its ‘gonna cost you.
    Don’t forget to tell your friends, I’ll be here tomorrow, but on the other corner.
    Now scram !

    1. LOL. First they get you hooked on the catsup, then it’s mustard, then mayo and before you know it your mainlining relish under the seats at the football field. Another life wasted!

  13. I suggest they pick school districts at random from around the country and have the White House chefs cook and serve only what is on those menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the First Family and White House staff dining facilities. If it is good enough for the school children, it should be good enough for them as well.

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  15. I think everyone should mail a package of ketchup to Michelle at the White House ! I’ll bet John Kerry is real pleased, since his wife has Heinz Ketchup !

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