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Grimes Won’t Even Say If She Voted for Obama

Kentucky Democratic Senate candidate Alison Grimes, who is hoping to unseat Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, refused today to say whether she voted for President Obama.

Grimes, who was seeking the endorsement from the Louisville Courier-Journal editorial board, repeatedly dodged the question.

Sure, it’s a sad commentary on Obama. But it is also, quite simply, one of the most craven performances I have ever seen on the campaign trail.

Through his fundraising for the DNC and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Obama has raised hundred of thousands if not millions of dollars for her campaign.

Grimes must assume that having character is not a qualification Kentucky voters are interested in.

19 thoughts on “Grimes Won’t Even Say If She Voted for Obama”

  1. Just like Jim Clyburn wouldn’t say that he voted for Alvin Greene in the 2010 South Carolina Democrat primary for US Senate.

  2. I’m sorry – but if someone can’t answer a very simple “yes” or “no” question – why would the citizens of ANY state want someone representing them??? Besides – I was always taught that refusing to answer a very basic question was actually a very clear answer…….

  3. A loyal Dem running for a high office won’t be forced to have an “O” tattooed on her forehead if she admits she voted for MrO in the last election, or the first election. Of course she did vote for him, and of course she supports all the programs and agendas of the national Dems. If she didn’t follow the Dem party line, she would be running on some other party’s platform.

    What a demeaning end to the Obama administration .- A candidate for the US Senate is ashamed or afraid to admit that she supported her own party’s leader for fear it would cost her a chance for victory..
    MrObama was right; he IS on every ballot next month.

    ot: somewhat
    How does the POTUS, the leader of our government, even get out of bed every morning when he knows that the vast majority of the people he was elected to lead don’t want him there at the helm, anymore. How does he push forward any program, agenda, or EO that he knows the people of his country don’t want?

  4. I think they should all read the entire O Crud out loud, all together, and pay for a tv spot to do so, before anyone considers them again in office.

  5. Wow. The Clintons have their claws in her pretty deep. And yet, as bad a candidate as she is, I still fear she will get a lot of votes because she is a woman and she is not McConnell.

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